1st & 10: The Ten Most Anticipated Albums For The Rest of 2012

1st & 10: The Ten Most Anticipated Albums For The Rest of 2012

Last week I took a look at my favorite albums for the first half of 2012, so naturally I wanted to talk about what I’m looking forward to for the last half of the year. You can leave your own list in the comments!

10. Hyland – After coming out with a solid pop rock debut Tooth & Nail release in 2011, the boys are back quickly with an expected October release for their sophomore album.

9. Esterlyn – Sometimes playing pop rock music, sometimes kickin’ it worship style, these fine young gentlemen are coming out with a new album titled “Woven” in September.

8. The Wedding – Finally! Long awaited? Check. Highly anticipated? Check? Full length? You betcha! It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like we’ll finally get an LP with The Wedding’s current line up in September!

7. Poema – The day is coming in September, when the sister sister duo will release their debut full length album after a solid start with a regular EP and following it up with a Christmas EP.

6. Tobymac – This is actually a relatively quick release for Tobymac, taking less than three years since Tonight came out, marking a busy 12 months for the main eventer who released a Christmas album just last year and a remix album earlier this year. His album, Eye On It, will be out in late August!

5. Capital Lights – ┬áCan you believe they made a comeback? As surprising as this was when it was announced, the change in pace that they’ve demonstrated on this new album is something you should definitely check out for a good time in just a couple weeks.

4. The Classic Crime – Taking the independent/kickstarter route for the first time, we’ll get to hear what the band wants us to hear without any outside pressure, what will we get when Phoenix is released? Probably great music, just a guess.

3. Anberlin – They know the name, they know the release date, they’re just not telling us yet! Queue the people asking for Cities II.

2. Relient K – Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please come out with this album this year. It’s been way too long. Sincerely, everyone.

1. House of Heroes – Cold Hard Want comes out tomorrow. It will probably be the album of the year. It rocks. Buy it. Give them all your monies.


There’s plenty more coming out in 2012, what are you looking forward to?

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55 Comments to “1st & 10: The Ten Most Anticipated Albums For The Rest of 2012”

  1. here are my top 15 anticipated albums:

    Esterlyn- Woven
    Mark Schultz- All Things Possible
    Jonathan Thulin- The White Room
    Remedy Drive- Resuscitate
    Tobymac- Eye On It
    Plumb- Faster Than a Bullet
    Luminate- Welcome to Daylight
    Marlene Brehm- Reach The Sky
    An Epic No Less- Echo of Love
    Chris August- The Upside of Down
    Group 1 Crew- Fearless
    Karyn Williams- Only You
    Matthew West- Into The Light
    Kerrie Roberts- Time For the Show
    Tenth Avenue North- The Struggle

    And some TBA releases:
    The Afters TBA
    Superchick TBA
    Sanctus Real TBA
    Third Day TBA
    Chris Tomlin TBA

  2. Lainie Conway // July 9, 2012 at 4:33 am // Reply

    O God Save Us All – Disciple!!!

  3. Owl City – The Midsummer Station

  4. here are my top anticipated releases:
    tenth avenue north- the struggle
    matthew west- into the light
    plumb- faster than a bullet
    an epic no less- echo of love
    the wrecking- so much for love
    kerrie roberts- time for the show
    karyn williams- only you
    group 1 crew- fearless
    meredith andrews- new worship album 2012
    third day- TBA
    remedy drive- resuscitate
    wow hits 2013
    josh wilson- noel
    tobymac- eye on it
    luminate- welcome to daylight
    chris august- the upside of down
    chris tomlin- TBA
    sanctus real- TBA
    the afters- TBA
    nikki fletcher- full album 2012/13
    martin smith- God’s great dance floor EP 3 and 4 (full album 2013!)
    all sons and daughters- new EP 2012/13
    barlowgirl- TBA 2012/13
    paul colman- new studio album 2013

  5. All I can really say is Anberlin’s “Vital”. “Back with Aaron Sprinkle”, “most aggressive album yet”, “best thing we’ve ever done”. Sure they say every album is their best but I think I may believe them this time. :)

  6. My top-10:

    1. Wolves at the Gate–Captors: It already came out (it was in that gap between 1st & 10s), and it was immediately my favorite album of the year.
    2. Anberlin–Vital: Great band, plain and simple.
    3. The Classic Crime–Phoenix: I wasn’t AS zy about Vagabonds (though I still liked it), but the first two albums were awesome, and I’d bet that this is as well.
    4 House of Heroes-Hard Want: I’ve liked all of their stuff, but none of it has really gripped me (I usually stop listening after a couple of months), and I’m hoping that will change.
    5. The Almost–Fear Inside Our Bones: It’s not a guarantee that this will be out in 2012, but it’s SUPPOSED to be, and I love the work of Aaron Gillespie (though I wans’t fond of the worship album; just not my style of music). The first two albums were so different that I really don’t know what to expect, but I know that I will like it regardless.
    6. As I Lay Dying–Awakened: They’re not a band I’ve ever gotten into (The Powerless Rise is the only album I’ve listened to more than once or twice), but I liked that last album, and the first single sounds pretty good, so I’ll be waiting.
    7. A Bullet for Pretty Boy–Symbiosis: The first album was all right, but the clean vocals were kind of bad, but their first song off the new album was good, and I’m hoping for more of the same.
    8. The Chariot–One Wing: Long Live was good, but it’s more that the fascination of what they will do than a real love for this band that has me interested.
    9. I Am Empire–Untitled: Kings was fairly different from anything else I have vocally, and it was a good album. My preference for heavy bands is the main reason they’re not higher on the list.
    10. Flyleaf–New Horizons: I keep saying I’ll give this band a chance, so I will try to upon the release of this new album.

    Note: Underoath CLAIMED to want an album out in 2012, but I’ve heard nothing along the lines of an update in a long time, so I’m not expecting it. If this comes to fruition, it would slot in at #2.

  7. My top 5 most anticipated.

    1. Lecrae
    2. Flyleaf
    3. Love and Death
    4. Group 1 Crew
    5. KB

    • I thought Love and Death already released their album.

      • That was just the EP teasing the album. The full album is coming later this year.

        And how could I forget Disciple? They’re definitely #6 on my list.

  8. Ronnie Hamilton // July 9, 2012 at 3:08 pm // Reply

    1. House of Heroes
    1. Skillet?
    1. Relient K
    4. Anberlin
    5. Capital Lights
    6. Tobymac
    7. POD
    8. Lecrae
    9. Everyday Sunday
    10. Paper Route
    11. Group 1 Crew (this is probably higer, I just don’t want to retype the others or move them)
    12. Owl City

    • Ronnie Hamilton // July 12, 2012 at 11:01 am // Reply

      I have to edit mine and put Yellowcard just after Anberlin. I didn’t realize they were coming out with an album already. Another that I am excited about but wouldn’t place above any of these would be Muse. Just saw they have one coming out.

      On a side note, am I one of the few on here that listens to secular music? The only band I can think of that was mentioned by someone else that I don’t think is Christian is Imagine Dragons. Or is it just that this is a Christian site and therefore we don’t mention anything else?

      • Yeah, the new Muse might be great or terrible. I heard a clip of it, and what was played was essentially instrumental dubstep. Yeah, dubstep played on actual instruments. I love what Muse has done, but that concerns me quite a bit.

        I listen to a few secular bands. Most have Christian influence (Memphis May Fire, We Came As Romans). There are a few that don’t, but since they don’t come up on this site, I don’t mention them. There’s never really a place to do so in these articles, and I kind of thought that maybe I shouldn’t. I’ve been on a forum where it was against the rules to discuss secular music.

        • Ronnie Hamilton // July 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm // Reply

          Interesting. Every time I do mention a secular band, it’s usually in a topic like this that lends itself to it, but I’m always wondering if I shouldn’t.

          Since we already mentioned it, the new Muse song for the Olympics, Survival, is good. I’ve heard some people have hated it, but I like it.

      • I listen to a lot of secular music, just not much of the current stuff.

    • So far, Owl City, POD, Yellowcard and Capital Lights have not disappointed. Also, loving the new ones from The Classic Crime, An Epic No Less, and Project 86.

  9. Ronnie Hamilton // July 9, 2012 at 3:10 pm // Reply

    And I don’t know why I keep forgetting them, but I should add The Classic Crime to that list.

  10. I forgot Lecrae and that was dumb.

    Skillet and Flyleaf might have made it if I were sure they were releasing something THIS year, which I hope they do.

  11. it’s sad that we’ve given up on a bleach record

  12. I also forgot about the new WSTM album, stoked for that as well

  13. I noticed that Seabird is missing from this list and I feel like it shouldn’t be :)

  14. Ronnie Hamilton // July 10, 2012 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Speaking of The Wedding, can anyone confirm that they are signed to Tooth and Nail? On JFH’s release page, that’s the label they have listed on it.

    • It hasn’t been announced, so I haven’t posted anything…but I can confirm that there is solid evidence to believe that the answer to that is “yes”, which is great, great news in my opinion and something I’ve clamored for over the years

    • I just got back from Creation West and The Wedding filled in for Hyland on the Fringe stage (mainly Tooth and nail bands). Thats pretty big confirmation. Oh and i was talking to Andrew from I am Empire for 30 minutes after the show and he confirmed it too.

  15. New Wedding album in September? FINALLY! My most anticipated so far would probably be..

    The Wedding
    The O.C. Supertones
    The Insyderz
    The Classic Crime
    Michael Sweet
    I Am Empire

    ^Some of those may be 2013

  16. Joe Mieden // July 11, 2012 at 2:55 pm // Reply

    1) The Classic Crime- Phoenix (still holding out for another Silver Cord)
    2) Anberlin- Vital (I just have a good feeling about this one)
    3) Owl City- Midsummer Station (LOVE the new direction present on EP)
    4) Relient K-
    5) The Wedding-

  17. 1. Paper Route – The Peace of Wild Things (It has been a long wait but everything I have heard so far has cemented this as my number 1.)
    2. The Classic Crime – Phoenix (Helped the guys fund this and it sounds so good, they really listened to the fan input.)
    3. The Wedding – Untitled (Been a Wedding fan since the Beginning and every release so far has been solid.)
    4. Capital Lights – Rhythms ‘N’ Moves (I was unbelievably happy when I heard they were getting back together to make another album.)
    5. Imagine Dragons – Night Visions (These guys have been on my radar for a while and have just recently started to receive major recognition.)
    6. Anberlin – Vital (I want to get my hopes up but I will wait till I hear the first single.)
    7. I Am Empire – Untitled (I just love these guys sound.)

    (And a few I’m not sure about)
    The River Empires – Mars/Brighton Part II
    Wavorly – Untitled full length
    Aaron Sprinkle (I heard he was recording a new solo album a while back, hope it still happens.)

    • I’d love for Wavorly to put out a new full-length album. I didn’t listen to The EP, but I loved a lot of Conquering the Fear (especially the intro guitar on “Part One”). Hopefully they stick to that sound.

    • Ronnie Hamilton // July 12, 2012 at 10:25 am // Reply

      I’m on the fence on Imagine Dragons. I like their current single, but haven’t really gotten into the other songs on the EP. I’m with you on Paper Route though, been looking forward to that one for a long time.

    • I don’t know how I forgot Paper route. I Love them and the new songs.

  18. tyler guest // July 19, 2012 at 7:14 am // Reply

    My top 5 most anticipated albums are as follows

    1. Tenth avenue north “the Struggle”
    2. Owl City ” The midsummer station”
    3. Toby Mac “eye on it”
    4. Chris August ” Upside of down”
    5. Brandon Heath ” Blue Mountain”

  19. Ronnie Hamilton // July 19, 2012 at 6:12 pm // Reply

    It looks like August 14-Sept 11 is going to be an awesome few weeks in Christian music. Just look at this now (This isn’t a complete list, just albums I want to listen to):

    The Classic Crime
    Owl City
    An Epic, No Less (I’m curious about anything BEC puts out)

    Project 86
    Chris August
    Tenth Avenue North



    Group 1 Crew
    Paper Route

  20. tyler guest // July 20, 2012 at 6:54 am // Reply

    I really cant wait for TAN’s new album. There my favorite band and i cant wait. Im a huge fan.

  21. Lecrae-Gravity
    TobyMac-Eye On It
    Disciple-O God Save Us All
    Project 86-Wait for the Siren
    August Burns Red-untitled
    The Classic Crime-Phoenix

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