1st & 10: These Are My 10 Favorite Bands

1st & 10: These Are My 10 Favorite Bands


These are my favorite bands. You tell me your favorite active bands and artists, then we can either high five or make fun of each other, let’s be friends like that. No ties, if I see any ties, you’re grounded.

1. Relient K

2. Emery

3. House of Heroes

4. The Classic Crime

5. Children 18:3

6. Anberlin

7. The Wedding

8. Ruth

9. Write This Down

10. Abandon Kansas

About Tyler Hess

Tyler Hess has been running Christian Music Zine since he created the site in 2008. His favorite bands are Relient K, Bleach, Emery, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3 and Anberlin. Twitter = @tylerscotthess More Posts

68 Comments to “1st & 10: These Are My 10 Favorite Bands”

  1. Here are my favourite 10 bands/artists:
    1. Newsboys
    2. MercyMe
    3. Britt Nicole
    4. Natalie Grant
    5. Matthew West
    6. Chris Tomlin
    7. Tim Hughes
    8. Third Day
    9. Building 429
    10. Meredith Andrews

    5 that missed out:
    Tenth Avenue North
    Jeremy Camp
    Kerrie Roberts
    Steven Curtis Chapman
    Francesca Battistelli

  2. My favorite 10 bands:
    1. Pillar
    2. Sent By Ravens
    3. Disciple
    4. Decyfer Down
    5. The Letter Black
    6. Thousand Foot Krutch
    7. Wolves At The Gate
    8. Red
    9. tobyMac
    10. The Wedding

    • Nice list! Mine is very alike.TFK goes in 1st place though! :p

    • Don’t know how I missed Wolves at the Gate and Sent By Ravens! Fantastic bands. (just saw SBR live a couple nights ago and they were INCREDIBLE!)

      • Yeah, but they’re not REALLY active right now, are they? They’re supposed to be going on an extended hiatus after that tour, no?

        • The show I saw this weekend was their next to last so I guess they’re officially inactive. Sad days…had no idea how awesome they were until I saw them live and met them in person.

    • We could be friends with that list. Excellent choices.

  3. Tyler, only one band on here was a surprise – I’ll let you guess which one. The rest you give regular praise to, so I believe you. But where’s the Px?

    Jonathan, are you talking Tait Newsboys at #1 or any era Boys? Minus the earliest records of course, boys just shouldn’t have been boyz back then. Nobody likes those albums!

    • I’m talking about the era between step up to the microphone til in the hands of god- peter furler’s era is hard to beat!

      tait’s newsboys is ok too- new genre and different focus altogether, yet powerful music too nonetheless. but my favourite newsboys era would be from 1998-2009!

  4. Here’s my list:
    Third Day
    Britt Nicole
    Natalie Grant
    Tenth Avenue North
    Building 429
    Matthew West
    Chris Tomlin

    5 that missed out:
    Michael W Smith
    Francesca Battistelli
    Meredith Andrews
    Matt Redman
    Paul Baloche

  5. 1. Children 18:3
    2. Falling Up
    3. Leigh Nash/Sixpence
    4. Run Kid Run
    5. Wedding
    6. House Of Heroes
    7. Manafest
    8. Toby Mac
    9. Fireflight
    10. Skillet

    8 – 10 can easily be changed around with the following groups depending on the day….

    Family Force 5
    Capital Lights
    Owl City
    Thousand Foot Krutch

    • tyler guest // August 27, 2012 at 7:10 am // Reply

      1. tenth avenue north
      2. building 429
      3. Third Day
      4. For King and Country
      5. Needtobreathe
      6. Anberlin
      7. Toby mac
      8. Rhett walker band
      9. owl city
      10. switchfoot

  6. Top 11 “Christian” bands:
    Falling Up
    Relient K
    The Classic Crime
    Josh Garrels
    House of Heroes
    Secret & Whisper

    No CCM artists for me.

  7. 1. Anberlin (always and forever)

    2. House of Heroes

    3. Relient K

    4. Switchfoot

    5. David Crowder*Band

    6. Flyleaf

    7. Thrice

    8. Caedmon’s Call

    9. The Classic Crime

    10. As Cities Burn

    Also mewithoutYou would typically be #3 or #4 on the list but left them off since not everyone considers them Christian. Also would have put Nickel Creek, but they’ve been inactive for a while and weren’t ever covered much by Christian media for some reason.

    Other honorable mentions: Mae, Emery, Oh, Sleeper, Gungor, Future of Forestry, SONS, Deas Vail, Falling Up, My Epic, The Chariot, Owl City, Brooke Fraser, Fair, and Copeland.

    And when I DO listen to secular music: Mew, Circa Survive, Manchester Orchestra, Death Cab, Imogen Heap, and John Mayer. That pretty much covers my music. :)

    • Surprised to see someone list Caedmon’s Call. I love them, although their last album didn’t do it for me.

      • I grew up on Caedmon’s. As for their latest album I really love parts of it. A few of the songs reminded me so much of 40 Acres and their self-titled. (my two favorite albums by them) But a few of the songs were very forgettable, and I wasn’t huge on Danielle Young taking vocals for half the record.

  8. Sigur Ros
    The American Dollar
    Project 86
    The Appleseed Cast
    The Rocketboys
    Moving Mountains
    Pianos Become the Teeth

    However, if we are going with just “Christian” bands, the list look different.

    Project 86
    Watashi Wa / Lakes
    The Classic Crime
    John Mark McMillan
    Ashes Remain
    Your Memorial

  9. In no particular order and what my favorites are right now (they change a alot)
    1.The Wedding
    2.Wolves at the Gate
    4.Relient K
    8.Haste the Day (always will be)
    9.The Classic Crime
    10.Blood and Water

  10. Mine would be:
    1. Blood and Water
    2. Jenny and Tyler
    3. All Sons and Daughters
    4. The Homecoming
    5. Great Awakening
    6. Jay Tholen
    7. For King and Country
    8. Jonathan Jones
    9. B. Reith
    10. Standing Small
    (after the first three it really isn’t in order)

  11. love your list :)

  12. 1 Thousand Foot Krutch
    2 Wolves At The Gate
    3 Children 18:3
    4 RED
    5 Oh Sleeper
    6 FF5
    7 Ashes Remain
    8 Skillet
    9 Lecrae
    10 tobymac

    • I thought a little more about it so here is my improved list

      1 Thousand Foot Krutch
      2 Wolves At The Gate
      3 Children 18:3
      4 RED
      5 Oh Sleeper
      6 FF5
      7 Nine Lashes
      8 Ashes Remain
      9 Skillet
      10 Write This Down
      Bands that missed: UnderOath, The Overseer, tobyMac, Lecrae,The Letter Black, Manafest, P86, and To Speak of Wolves

  13. 1. Switchfoot
    2. Red
    3. Relient K
    4. House of Heroes
    5. Caedmon’s Call
    6. Chevelle
    7. Skillet
    8. Jimmy Eat World
    9. Thousand Foot Krutch
    10. Anberlin

    Missing the cut: Owl City, Lifehouse, Yellowcard

  14. Really tough to narrow it down to 10

    1. Anberlin
    2. Needtobreathe
    3. Mat Kearney
    4. Lecrae
    5. Run Kid Run
    6. House of Heroes
    7. Divided By Friday
    8. Relient K
    9. Mae (RIP)
    10. This Beautiful Republic (RIP)

  15. 1. Emery
    2. Sleep For Sleepers
    3. Project 86
    4. Future Of Forestry
    5. Sleeping Giant
    6. Gungor
    7. P.O.D.
    8. Owl City
    9. Life In Your Way
    10. MewithoutYou

    These bands were close:
    For Today
    Aaron Gillespie
    I Am Alpha And Omega
    Vocal Few
    Waking Ashland

  16. LOVE your list man, except maybe children 18:3.. I’d probably throw in Switchfoot because their live show has made me cry 2 of 2 times I’ve seen them, which was awesome. then I’d switch out Ruth (Just because I don’t listen to them much) and WTD for Sent By Ravens (tear) and SONS. I usually don’t consider a band to be a “favorite” if they only have one album, but SONS “Keep Quiet” IS SO FREAKING AMAZING. Oh, and DEAS VAIL.

    • SBR isn’t “active”, sadly :-/
      SONS at least did have an EP before their album, so that is two releases
      I really like deas vail, i just can’t listen to them very much because they put me to sleep w/ their lullabies

    • Agreed about Keep Quiet! It is still currently my favorite album of the year. And ironically SBR and SONS are also the only two bands I’ve heard live this year. Good choices!

  17. I Don’t have ten but….
    1. Demon Hunter
    2. Thousand Foot Krutch
    3. Skillet
    4. The Classic Crime
    5. Red
    6. Flyleaf

    • only six? are you new to the scene or you didnt think anyone else belonged on a favorites list? stick around here long enough and maybe we can find four more for ya :)

      • I feel really bad because I forgot Disciple, they would be my 3rd or 4th. I’ve been into Christian rock/metal for about a year now, so I know many bands. I just need to be more adventurous. Plus I’m bad at making lists. :P

  18. 1. Disciple
    2. TFK
    3. The Protest
    4. Red
    5. Family Force 5
    6. Write This Down
    7. Project 86
    8. Skillet
    9. Nine Lashes
    10. Sent By Ravens (Rip)

  19. 1. Hawk Nelson (surprised they aren’t on anyone else’s lists…)
    2. Sanctus Real
    3. Newsboys (the Peter Fuller era, only)
    4. Skillet
    5. Kutless
    6. Relient K
    7. Jason Dunn (formerly of Hawk Nelson)
    8. Stellar Kart
    9. Switchfoot (The Legend of Chin through Nothing Is Sound)
    10. Mercy Me (their old stuff mostly, although some of their new stuff is pretty good. Especially their newest album.)

  20. 1. Thousand Foot Krutch
    2. FM Static
    3. Oddball
    4. Manafest.
    5. Hawk Nelson
    Oh, seems that in my top 5 there are only Canadian bands

  21. I only have 1 favorite band and it’s Thousand Foot Krutch, i don’t need any other band TFK fills all i need in life!

  22. Trevor Harris // August 27, 2012 at 6:05 pm // Reply

    My top 10:
    1.Relient K
    2.Deas Vail
    5.Brad Paisley
    6.Young the Giant
    7.House of Heroes
    8.The Classic Crime
    10.Run Kid Run

  23. My Top 10 would be:
    1. Switchfoot
    2. Sanctus Real
    3. Relient K
    5. House of Heroes
    6. for King and Country
    7.Jon Foreman
    8. Hawk Nelson
    9. Kari Jobe
    10. Chris Tomlin

    Close to the top 10: Casting Crowns, Hillsong, Desperation Band, Fiction Family, FM Static, The Fray, Leeland, Newsong, Jeremy Camp, Tenth Avenue North, Rush of Fools, Planetshakers, Kutless, Lifehouse, and MercyMe. :)

  24. Narrowing down my list to only include active bands and expanding my list to include metal bands:

    1. Relient K
    2. House of Heroes
    3. The Classic Crime
    4. Project 86
    5. Anberlin
    6. Five Iron Frenzy
    7. Ruth
    8. Children 18:3
    9. Sent By Ravens
    10. Future of Forestry

    1. Demon Hunter
    2. War of Ages
    3. Norma Jean
    4. The Chariot
    5. Oh, Sleeper
    6. August Burns Red
    7. Underoath
    8. Living Sacrifice
    9. For Today
    10. Sleeping Giant

    • War of Ages as #2? I must say that’s surprising.

      • The band that introduced me to Christian music and christian metal. They hold a special place on that list for that reason alone, despite not being very innovative.

    • wow no showbread? your avatar has been that “fear of god” avatar forever ha I thought for sure they would have showed up in your lists

  25. In no particular order:
    1. Future of Forestry
    2. Mat Kearney
    3. Sara Groves
    4. Jason Gray
    5. Switchfoot
    6. David Crowder Band
    7. Matthew Perryman Jones
    8. House of Heroes
    9. Elenowen
    10. Phil Wickham
    11. Audrey Assad
    12. Trent Dabbs

    Honorable Mention: The Gloomcatchers, Amy Stroup, Group 1 Crew, The Hawk in Paris, The Civil Wars, Heath McNease, Kye Kye, Esterlyn, Plumb, Seabird, Sarah MacIntosh, Act of Congress, Falling Up, FF5, Canopy Climbers

  26. Tyler, your list is rather unsurprising. I’ve not listened to much of the Wedding, but I think they’re pretty good. Ruth’s the only one I don’t know, and all of those others are bands I’d consider the better non-heavy bands I listen to.

    I will be a bit upsetting to you by saying that of those (outside of Ruth), Relient K is the one I like least. I’ve liked a few songs here and there, but I’ve just not gotten deeply into listening to them.

    Now my list, which will differ from everyone else, as it often does, haha:

    1. Underoath
    2. Wolves at the Gate
    3. The Devil Wears Prada
    4. The Classic Crime
    5. Switchfoot
    6. Memphis May Fire
    7. Anberlin
    8. Oh, Sleeper
    9. Demon Hunter
    10. Write this Down

    If Haste the Day was active, they’d be #2/3, just saying…I miss them.

    Also, I didn’t really put a deep amount of though into this. It would probably be a bit different, outside of the top-4, if I put an hour into it.

  27. This will be hard, but here I go….

    1. Relient K
    2.House of Heroes
    3.Deas Vail
    4. Emery
    5. Anberlin
    7. Switchfoot
    8.Owl City.
    9. Mae
    10. Built to be Broken.

    I know Mae isn’t active. :-( So, I’ll replace them with Write this Down, I guess.

    Bands that didn’t make it: Copeland, Wesley Blaylock, Attack Cat, Anchor & Braille, Capital Lights, Sent By Ravens, The Fray, Skillet, A Rotterdam November.

  28. Ok this is hard but here it goes…
    1) Anberlin
    2) House of Heroes
    3) Needtobreathe
    4) Relient K
    5) Switchfoot
    6) Rend Collective Experiement
    7) Shane and Shane
    8) Abandon Kansas
    9) Young Oceans
    10) Chris August

    Honorable Mentions: Project 86, TobyMac, Audrey Assad, 10th Ave. North, Jars of Clay

  29. 1. Paper Route
    2. The Classic Crime
    3. Anberlin
    4. House of Heroes
    5. Josh Garrels
    6. Falling Up/The River Empires
    7. SONS/Aaron Newberry
    8. The Wedding
    9. Youth Lagoon/My Paper Camera/Your Friend, Peter Giles
    10. AsOfLate

    Narrowly missed this list:
    Sleep for Sleepers
    The Rocketboys
    The Lighthouse and the Whaler

  30. This is the best I can do so here goes….

    1. Switchfoot
    2. Relient K
    3. Anberlin
    4. Haste The Day
    5. The Classic Crime
    6. Emery
    7. Blood And Water
    8. Underoath
    9. August Burns Red
    10. Thrice

    (11, 12, and 13 would’ve been House Of Heroes, Oh, Sleeper, As Cites Burn.)

  31. Well, it’s supposed to be active bands, so Haste the Day doesn’t count, even if I agree wit you that they’re great. I don’t know Blood and Water, and I guess Thrice isn’t supposed to count from a hiatus, but I’m not sure how strict these rules are.

    Regardless, I think that this is my favorite list outside of my own.

    • I knew about the active bands rule but I chose to make a exception for Haste The Day. :) Thrice is technically on hiatus but they still have yet to put out their farewell Anthology live record so their not done quite yet. Blood and Water is a awesome pop punk band on Slospeak Records. If your into Relient K, Children 18:3, or Run Kid Run you’d love this band. Their record In Character is in a class of its own. One of the most perfect records I’ve ever heard.

  32. 1. Red
    2. Nine Lashes
    3. Skillet
    4. Thousand Foot Krutch
    5. Lecrae
    6. 12 Stones
    7. Demon Hunter
    8. Switchfoot
    9. tobyMac
    10. P.O.D.

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