1st and 10: Ten Great Workout Albums

1st and 10: Ten Great Workout Albums

I’m keeping things pretty simple here this week. I don’t always work out, but when I do, these are some albums that I like to play when I’m working out. There’s a lot of pop rock in there for cardio and some slightly heavier stuff for when I’m pumping iron. How about your exercisers, what do you play when you’re getting a sweat going?

Hawk Nelson – Letters to the President

FM Static – My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go

Bleach – Again, For The First Time

Relient K – Five Score And Seven Years Ago

MxPx – Panic

Emery – In Shallow Seas We Sail

Family Force 5 – Business Up Front, Party In The Back

Run Kid Run – This Is Who Are

Tobymac – Tonight

The Wedding – The Wedding

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Tyler Hess has been running Christian Music Zine since he created the site in 2008. His favorite bands are Relient K, Bleach, Emery, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3 and Anberlin. Twitter = @tylerscotthess More Posts

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  1. I set up a playlist for bed and put about 5 songs from that FF5 album in it, along with “Inside Our Skin” and “The Poor and the Prevalaent” from that particular Emery album. Close enough.

    Also, I’m up at 6:32 AM and not especially happy about it, but at least I’m listening to good music while my awake mind won’t let my tired body rest.

  2. Here’s my list (mostly dance/pop/rock):

    Group 1 Crew- Outta Space Love
    Britt Nicole- Gold
    Stellar Kart- Everything Is Different Now
    Superchick- Rock What You Got
    Mandisa- What If We Were Real
    TobyMac- Tonight
    Newsboys- Go
    Jars of Clay- The Long Fall Back To Earth
    Vota- Vota
    Abandon- Control

    5 that missed out:
    Third Day- Move
    Jimmy Needham- Clear The Stage
    Beckah Shae- Life
    Krystal Meyers- Make Some Noise
    Zoegirl- Room To Breathe

  3. Here are my top 10 workout albums:

    Mandisa: What If We Were Real
    Zoegirl: Different Kind of Free
    Newsboys: Born Again
    Beckah Shae: Destiny
    TobyMac: Portable Sounds
    Stellar Kart: Expect the Impossible
    Group 1 Crew: Outta Space Love
    Britt Nicole: Gold
    Superchick: Rock What You Got
    Abandon: Control

    Five that missed out:
    Peter Furler: On Fire
    Vota: Vota
    Third Day: Revelation
    Krystal Meyers: Make Some Noise
    An Epic, No Less: Echo of Love

  4. 1.Anberlin-Cities
    2.Anberlin-Never Take Friendship Personal
    3.TFK-The End is Where We Begin
    4.I Am Empire-Kings
    5.Sent By Ravens-Our Graceful Words
    6.Sent By Ravens-Mean What You Say
    7.The Classic Crime-Albatross
    8.Disciple-Scars Remain
    9.Forever Changed-The Need To Feel Alive
    10.Search The City-A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It

    Pretty much anything high energy!

    • I really liked The Need to Feel Alive. I wish that Forever Changed was still around.

      • Wow, I didn’t think anyone would know Forever Changed! As good as they were, I didn’t think they got very popular in the short time they were around.

    • I have definitely worked out to many of those albums…sadly I think Albatross trails off at the end, I like their last two albums more because of it

      • The last song’s an obligatory slow jam, but one one before, “We All Look Elsewhere,” is one of their better songs, in my opinion. That’s, as always, a fan of heavy music leaning towards some of the heavier songs in their repertoire (“The Poet” and “Abracadavers” joining in).

      • I did like The Silver Cord more than Albatross, but Albatross seemed to be more upbeat of an album, the kind you would work out to. Can’t wait for Phoenix though!

  5. I prefer to pick individual running songs to full albums since whole albums don’t always have the same beat throughout, but here are a few albums:
    1. Rebecca St. James – Transform
    2. FM Static – My Brain Says Stop…
    3. David Crowder Band – Church Music & Give Us Rest
    4. House of Heroes – various songs & albums

    Top 12 songs to workout to (besides what is listed above):
    1. Plumb – Hang On
    2. Switchfoot – Stars
    3. Mandisa – Definition of Me
    4. Future of Forestry – Hills of Indigo Blue & Protection
    5. Rodrigo y Gabriela – Hanuman (Instrumental)
    6. Charmaine – Run
    7. Danyew – Silver Lining
    8. Esterlyn – Freedom is Here
    9. Natalie Grant – I Will Not Be Moved
    10. Eleventyseven – The Best I can
    11. Fireflight – Desperate
    12. J-Rus – Bounce

    I have more on my list, but these are some of my favorites. I’d like to see other people’s lists of individual songs they like to run to.

    • Thanks for mentioning “Stars.” I haven’t heard that song in years. I totally forgot that it existed. I’m not much of a fan of Nothing is Sound, but that’s probably a top-5 Switchfoot song of mine, and I totally forgot about it.

      I need to remember it for the future.

  6. I should add Abandon – Control to my album list too.

  7. What I don’t get is why not many people like New Surrender by Anberlin. It is my favorite Anberlin album. There are some songs that are really bad but songs like Feel Good Drag, Breaking, The Resistance, Blame Me Blame Me!, Disappear, and Retrace are all really good songs. True Faith is my favorite Anberlin song by far. Could someone explain what’s wrong with the album. Thanks

    • it just doesn’t have a great flow as album…even Stephen Christian has said that he felt too pressured to write an album for the label that it didn’t come out like he had hoped

    • Well, “Feel Good Drag” was a fine song and all, but the original version on Never Take Friendship Personal was much better, in my opinion. I liked New Surrender a lot as well, but not for the exact same songs. For me, I’d point out:

      “The Resistance”
      “Feel Good Drag”
      “Haight Street”
      “Soft Skeletons”
      “Said and Done”

      Yeah, that’s half the album, but its the half that I really like.

      • Anberlin is my favorite band, but I don’t think New Surrender was a very well rounded album at all in comparison to it’s predecessors. I actually think most of the songs are great, but every time I get to “Miserabile Visu” I think, “How is this even on the same record as ‘Feel Good Drag’ or ‘Younglife’ and how are those on the same record?” It just seemed like they had so many different ideas going at once. Also it did say a lot about the album for me when mt favorite song (“Disappear”) sounded like it came right off of Cities. I’d still give that album a 4/5 in my book because honestly I like everything Anberlin puts out, but it’s definitely a cut below the rest of their work. (except maybe Blueprints)
        Also have to point out that “True Faith” is a cover song and not an original.

        • I think I liked more songs on New Surrender a lot than Dark is the Way, Light is a Place. Of course, New Surrender also have 4 more songs. I have a tough time ranking the albums, but I think I might put New Surrender at #2 or #3.

          • I loved Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place. The production was fantastic and I actually thought musically it sounded more like Anberlin than New Surrender did. (I know I’m in the minority there)
            That said I just recently have been listening to New Surrender and I still find it very enjoyable, but when Vital comes out it might get lost in the band’s discography for me.

          • whoa whoa whoa
            I like you Keith, and i’m a let you finish, but this opinion of yours is wrong.

          • If my opinion conformed to the world, I’d be concerned. I’m often in the minority.

          • did you just call me the world?

          • Well if Cities is your #1 Anberlin record you might as well go all the way!

          • I should go away if Cities is my #1? I thought Cities is EVERYONE’S #1. Not saying it’s mine, just that I dont’ follow.

            And no, Tyler, I’m saying that New Surrender tends to get dogged. That, and I don’t really fit into any niche of people with my musical preferences, haha.

          • Hahaha!! No I didn’t say, “go away!” I said if Cities is your #1 you might as well “go all the way” in being like the world and hold the opinion that New Surrender is inferior. It was a silly comment regardless. :)

          • Ah, I misread it. I dont’ know which is my favorite, really. I never thoguht to hard on it. It probably is Cities, but there were a few songs I was “meh” on.

  8. ah aiming to please gone wrong. Still has some great songs

  9. Am I the only one who works out with Demon Hunter?
    What more do you need? :)

    • I’ll do just about anything while listening to Demon Hunter. I mean, I’ve mowed the grass to the Storm the Gates of Hell album.

  10. I make tons of playlists (helps me not get bored while I run) but sometimes I will bust out full albums that I haven’t spun fully in a while like

    Anberlin “Cities”, “NTFP”, & “DITWLITP”
    The Classic Crime “Silver Chord”
    Oh Sleeper “Son of The Morning”
    Blindside “Silence” & “WSHWW”
    Falling Up-Any cd by them
    Chasing Victory “FIends”
    Foster the People “Torches”
    HOH “s/t”
    Ivorline “There Came a Lion”
    Showbread-Any cd except WCKI?
    Secret & Whisper-either cd

  11. Secret and Whisper – Teenage Fantasy (those guitars REALLY get me going!)

    Anberlin – Never Take Friendship Personal

    Capital Lights – This Is an Outrage!

    Jonezetta – Popularity (only time I really listen to this record)

    Oh, Sleeper – Son of the Morning

    House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End

    Brooke Fraser – Flags (for some reason I love biking to this record)

    Underoath – Lost In the Sound of Seperation

    Thousand Foot Krutch – Welcome to the Masquerade

    Emery – …In Shallow Seas We Sail

    Relient K – MMHMM

    Sent By Ravens – Mean What You Say

    • Also pretty much anything by Falling Up, The Classic Crime, or Flyleaf. :)

      • “Also pretty much anything by Falling Up..”
        Fangs! and Your Sparkling Death Cometh included?
        I’d say Crashings and Dawn Escapes for sure, but FU’s latest two albums wouldn’t pump me up for exercise!

        • Not so much Fangs! maybe but especially Your Sparkling Death Cometh. Honestly as long as it is, hardly anything gets me as pumped up as “Circadian”. I also like a break in the fast paced from time to time when I work out. All depend on my mood. :)

          • don’t know how you can workout to the last 3 Falling UP albums…they’re more like lullabyes to me

          • I don’t think Captiva is very lullaby-ish, but like I said I really enjoy a lot of slower paced stuff when I’m working out. TOO much intensity just stresses me out when I’m running! That’s why I had to add some Brooke Fraser in the mix when I was running to Oh, Sleeper. :)

  12. Albums
    Icon For Hire – Scripted
    Rhema Soul – Red
    Owl City – Ocean Eyes
    Annie Moses Band – Through the Looking Glass
    TobyMac – Tonight
    Group 1 Crew – Outta Space Love
    Royal Tailor – Black and White

    Jump 5 – Spinnin’ Around
    Matt Maher – Rise up
    Brit Nicole – Welcome to the Show
    Chris Tomlin – No Chains on Me
    Flame, Lecrae, Reilly – Joyful Noise

  13. I totally forgot Royal Tailor and Anthem Lights! They’d be up there for sure! :)

  14. I don’t pick Albums to work out to, instead I make playlists of whatever songs I’m feeling at the moment, which is usually changing. However, here are some that are usually staples:
    Anberlin- “Disappear” “The Resistance” “Never Take Friendship Personal” “Feel Good Drag” “To the Wolves” and “Day Late Friend”
    HOH- “Lose Control” “Elevator” “In the Valley of the Dying Sun” “Field of Daggers” “She Mighty, Mighty” ” God Save the Foolish Kings”
    TFK- “Welcome to the Masquerade” “Falls Apart” “Absolute”
    Project 86- “Fall Goliath Fall” “Spy Hunter” ” My Will be a Dead Man”
    I also think Icon for Hires album is full of good work out songs, but I haven’t had them on any workout lists yet

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