1st & Ten: 10 Reasons Why DC Talk Must Get Back Together

1st & Ten: 10 Reasons Why DC Talk Must Get Back Together

DC Talk

DC Talk needs to re-unite. Now. Here’s why.

10. Because everyone would go to their show. You would go. I would go. That guy who listened to them when he grew up in the church, but hasn’t given a second thought to God in fifteen years would go.

9. Because no one else can get away with songs like this:

8. Because Michael Tait singing Jesus Freak with the Newsboys is just not the same (even though it’s still kinda awesome).

7. Because the thought of Kevin Max fronting Audio Adrenaline is even stranger.

6. Because everyone and their mama agrees with everything this post is saying.

5. Because Jesus Freak was dope!

4. Because Tobymac won’t be making a new album for three or four years anyway.

3. Because we didn’t get a proper goodbye.

2. Because it’s the easiest reunion decision of all time, I’ll even support the Kickstarter that you don’t need!

1. Because you called it an intermission!

Tell DC Talk your reasons for why they need to get back together in the comments below.

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18 Comments to “1st & Ten: 10 Reasons Why DC Talk Must Get Back Together”

  1. I was laughing, and almost in tears at each one of the 10 reasons, particularly 1-6! Bring on the Kickstarter!

    They could call the new band “Audioboys and the Diverse City Band”! lol!

  2. Because DC Talk >Toby Mac, The Michael Tait fronted Newsboys, and this odd K-Max Audio A pairing.

  3. 11. Because it would be the highest selling album in CCM history.

    • could be, could be… you mean highest, or quickest selling? I’d imagine an album would hit the top of the billboard charts, and do much better than how Eye On It did on its opening week!

  4. I remember people always talked about wanting a DC Talk reunion, then a couple years ago KMax mentioned something about reuniting (?idk), and everybody was like nooooo. I could never figure it out. But yeah a DC Talk reunion would be fine with me. According to TobyMac the only reason they haven’t yet is because they’re busy. So I guess sometime when Newsboys take a break (they’re releasing projects like twice a year now so they gotta eventually), AudioA takes a break, and Toby takes a break…maybe it’ll happen. Wonder what they’d sound like.

  5. Newsboys,Tobymac, Audio Adrenaline in concert with a classic dc Talk show to end the night. That would be an awesome tour…. They should do it now!!!!!

  6. Brotha I’d pay money, to buy plane tickets to go from Cayman where I’m at now, to wherever that reunion concert would be held. I kid not. This top 10 speaks FACTS.

  7. This list is hilarious! It was probably a good decision to keep “Because the Tait and K Max solo records were proof that Toby was the talent” just off this list at reason #11.

    • shhhhhhhh if they hear you this may never happen. let’s just say toby is michael jordan and he makes those around him better. tait and max are pippen and rodman. they have their own skills that they bring to the table, but mj was the man.

    • I like Kevin’s solo stuff just as much, if not more, as Toby’s. I also thought the two Tait albums were both pretty good, with some solid songs on both.

  8. Yeah, um…Michael Tait singing Jesus Freak with the Newsboys is not awesome at all. It’s borderline blasphemous. Other than that, I pretty much agree.

  9. Loser of Greatness // October 11, 2012 at 7:27 am // Reply

    Interesting timing on the question, as all three of them are separately headlining acts (assuming that the Audio Adrenaline franchise still has some life, which I think it does). I think that it would be hard to break away from the current success.

    Let’s just hope that when they do get back together it won’t be recording live reunion tour album, then a worship album, then re-record Jesus Freak, then a live worship album, then a hymns album.

  10. Now, what we need is a tour with audio adrenaline, newsboys and tobymac with solo acts from michael & kevin and a dctalk reunion set…People would pay at least $80 to go see that tour….

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