1st & Ten: The 10 Best Albums of 2012: January – June

1st & Ten: The 10 Best Albums of 2012: January – June

Somehow we are half way through the year already, so I thought I’d make my top 10 list so far, including LP’s and EP’s, these are my favorite album releases so far, with a song lyric that I feel justifies my selection (or that I just really like). This is only January through June, so if something is coming out after June, it didn’t make my list, even if I’ve already heard it and it’s amazing.

10. Tobymac – Dubbed & Freq’d: “We wanna rise / We wanna touch the other side / It starts tonight!  / We wanna soar / We wanna reach right out for more  / Cause it starts tonight!”

9. Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin: Wait, it’s just about to break / its more than I can take / Everything’s about to change / I feel it in my veins, its not going away / Everything’s about to change,

8. Lecrae – Church Clothes: “Bookstore pimpin’ them hope books / Like God don’t know how broke looks / And telling me that I’m gon’ reap a meal / If I sow into these low crooks”

7.  MxPx – Plans Within Plans: “I sat there in silence / All those memories crossed my mind / I love life now / But those were the best of times”

6.The Fray – Scars & Stories: “If you forget the way to go / And lose where you came from / If no one is standing beside you / Be still and know I am”

5. Sent By Ravens – Mean What You Say: “I Don’t, Need To / Hurt With My Hands. / I could, Find some value / Destroy It With My Mouth / Hey, Could You Ever Love Again? / I Regret The Things I Said / Hey, Could You Ever Love Again?”

4. Trip Lee – The Good Life: “I am not your robot, I am not a clone / You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone / Got a new master and I follow Him alone / I want a good life till I’m gone”

3. Ruth – Payola: “Cus man / you’ve changed / I really , really hate to say it but I like the old you so much better.”

2. Children 18:3 – On The Run: “Born free is a criminal lie / Hold your breath and look the other way / Giving in to a chemical fixer / Raise the glass and swallow the pain / Never to blame, never to blame, shove it and walk away”

1. Write This Down – Lost Weekend: “Judging by the look on your face / You don’t get it / Like every word I said was abandoned grace / Staring at me like you’re amazed / My bad habits are holding me up and away from you”

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  1. Nice list Tyler! I’m excluding EP’s on my list =)

    10) Rend Collective Experiment- Homemade Worship by Handmade People: While it suffers a bit in the middle section, this organic and creative worship album is a joy to listen to.

    9) Children 18:3- On The Run: This would be higher on the list but I haven’t listened to it as much as the others. One things for sure: They’ve continued to grow while still showing us they haven’t gone soft!

    8) Demon Hunter- True Defiance: While it can’t beat Summer of Darkness, their return to roots is completely satisfying.

    7) Lovelite- In Three Persons: Their best work to date, this concept album blends 80′s europop and worship and pushes the limits of the genre.

    6) Beautiful Eulogy- Satellite Kite: The most musically creative hip hop album this year. The production by Courtland Urbano is fantastic and the emcees kill their verses.

    5) Sent By Ravens- Mean What You Say: While I’ve worn out their debut album, it’s quickly become my favorite rock album this year.

    4) Swoope- Wake Up: A creative concept album by the “Christopher Nolan of rhyme” has flawless imagery and wordplay.

    3) Lecrae- Church Clothes: A perfect example that proves how Christian rap can impact the mainstream and secular audience. It’s a Lecrae we haven’t seen before.

    2) Stephen The Levite- The Last Missionary: It’s been 6 years but Stephen’s still got it. Genuine & truthful rhymes with a style that mixes underground and throwback hip hop that shows theological rap at its finest.

    1) Trip Lee- The Good Life: His best album. His use of allegory, musical growth, and execution of theme is perfect.

    • wow, hip hop took your top 4? I guess it’s a good year for hip hop fans! and lecrae’s real album hasn’t even come out yet.

      the new SBR got me back into them…and even made me like their first album more…I couldn’t quite figure out what to make of them at first and I felt like this one cleared it up a bit for me

  2. Here is my top 10 (from 10 to 1), with my favourite lyrics attached:

    10. Moriah Peters- I Choose Jesus: He chose to love me when I felt unlovable, He chose to reach me when I felt unreachable, He carried me out of my fear and doubt, how I want the world to know I choose Jesus
    9. Starfield- The Kingdom: I can heal your heart, I can comfort you, don’t resist my love, just surrender
    8. Jimmy Needham- Clear the Stage: Just when I think I’ve seen You like a stone thrown into the ocean water, I could search Your depths and never hit rock bottom
    7. Bellarive- The Heartbeat: Ocean sings
    Your melodies, the Composer’s heart indeed, painted skies rest at Your feet, the earth surrenders a masterpiece, so we breathe in deep this love
    6. Britt Nicole- Gold: I’m not ever sellin’ out, a love out loud is what it’s all about, givin’ everything to see the lost get found, yeah, it’s goin’ down
    5. MercyMe- The Hurt and the Healer: Jesus come and break my fear, awake my heart and take my tears, find Your glory even here when the hurt and the healer collide
    4. Kari Jobe- Where I Find You: I will find You in the place I’m in, find you when I’m at my end, find you when there’s nothing left of me to offer You except for brokenness
    3. Kingdom- Bluetree: On the cross blood and water flowed, the son of man was lifted high, His body broken, broken for the world, this is love
    2. Paul Baloche- The Same Love: King of heaven come down, King of heaven come now, let your glory reign shining light the day, king of heaven come
    1. Christy Nockels- Into the Glorious: Great God, wrap Your arms around this world tonight, around the world tonight, and when You hear our cries, sing through the night, so we can join in Your song and sing along

    The 5 albums that missed out:
    1. For King and Country- Crave
    2. Audrey Assad- Heart
    3. Rend Collective Experiment- Homemade Worship by Handmade People
    4. Lindsay McCaul- If It Leads Me Back
    5. Kutless- Believer

  3. here’s my top ten (with lyrics from my fav songs as well!):

    10. Moriah Peters- I Choose Jesus [I’m taking a risk and leaving it all; not knowing what I’ll go through, but I’m not alone as long as I follow You]

    9. Bellarive- The Heartbeat- [I belong to the Maker and Heaven is in my reach; Your love is strong and I can feel it coming on
    It's coming after me]

    8. Bluetree- Kingdom [How mighty are Your ways, how awesome is Your Name; Your glory cannot be contained]

    7. Kari Jobe- Where I Find You [Freedom's found us, breakthrough's near- in Your presence, no more fear; our Savior's here]

    6. MercyMe- The Hurt and the Healer [You’re the One who walks through fire; You take the orphan’s hand, You are the One Messiah, You are I Am]

    5. Audrey Assad- Heart [There's something in Your laughter that keeps me running after, I'm breathing the beat of Your heart and leaving the world behind; no turning back

    4. Paul Baloche- The Same Love [My hope is built on nothing less than Your great love, Your righteousness; I will not walk another way, I trust Your heart, I trust Your name; I’m holdin’ on, I’m holdin’ on, to You]

    3. Kutless- Believer [You are God and we will bless You as the Good and Faithful One;
    You are God and we will bless You even if the healing, even if the healing doesn’t come]

    2. Britt Nicole- Gold [I know You're here, I know You're for me, I know that joy comes in the morning; God, I believe it now, God, I believe You now]

    1. Christy Nockels- Into The Glorious [Waiting here for you with our hands lifted high in praise, and it's You we adore, we're singing Alleluia]

    Here’s 5 that just missed out:
    Jimmy Needham- Clear the Stage
    Desperation Band- Center of It All
    Lindsay McCaul- If It Leads Me Back
    Starfield- The Kingdom
    Fireflight- Now

    • I told you our lists would be completely different haha…that Jimmy Needham album was okay, but my wife likes it more than I do. Fireflight was kind of a disappointment for me, but I should give it another chance sometime.

      • Ha ha, well It’s good we have different tastes! lol :) Maybe for the end of year best of albums there will be some overlaps!! Maybe Group 1 Crew or Tobymac?

  4. 15. MyChildren MyBride – MyChildren MyBride [they've added some fresh experimentation to their usually boring brand of metal]

    14. Precious Remedies – The Welcome Wagon [quirky indie folk and no secret about the One it is written for...love it :)]

    13. Heart – Audrey Assad [haven't given this one the amount of listens that it warrants, but yeah she's pretty cool]

    12. Strange Dialect – Come What May [a little known band with a A LOT of musical talent similar to The Chariot]

    11. The End Is Where We Begin – Thousand Foot Krutch [not as good as Masquerade, but comes pretty darn close]

    10. Mean What You Say – Sent By Ravens [Nickelback needs to find these guys and take note...this is how you do radio rock]

    9. Challenger – Memphis May Fire [well done metalcore with some super catchy choruses]

    8. Raise the Stars – Skyhook [if Anberlin ever decided to become a worship band it'd sound like Skyhook and apparently be fantastic]

    7. Symphony Lifespan – Second Story Feedback [delightfully original pop rock. these guys show so much maturity in their writing it's a wonder they're still teenagers]

    6. On the Run – Children 18:3 [FINALLY! A Children 18:3 album accessible enough for me to appreciate it AND enjoy it immensely!)

    5. All Creatures - ElisaRay [beautiful, God honoring, folk music...and they've got a cello :)]

    4. Find Your Worth, Come Home – To Speak of Wolves [an amazing metalcore album showcasing incredible talent and raw emotion]

    3. Ten Stories – mewithoutYou [because Aaron Weiss is still the most brilliant lyricist this side of the universe]

    2. Give Us Rest – David Crowder*Band [one of the best worship albums (and one of the biggest albums period) that I've ever heard. the 100 minute thing does put a damper on it's replay value though]

    1. Keep Quiet – SONS [brilliant indie rock album from start to finish with absolutely NO song that warrants skipping over. these are the types of albums that make my all-time list]

    Also I still haven’t listened to The Overseer, MercyMe, Rend Collective, Lovelite, or Write This Down. I have a feeling at least a couple of those would be on my list.

  5. I’m having a hard time finding 10 albums from 2012 that I’ve actually taken a liking to. I’ll try my best. I’ll include a favorite song, rather than lyric.

    1. Memphis May Fire–Challenger: “Vices”
    2. Write This Down–Lost Weekend: “Touch and Go”
    3. Sent By Ravens–Mean What You Say: “Rebuild, Release”
    4. To Speak of Wolves–Find Your Worth, Come Home: “Dialysis Dreams”
    5. Thousand Foot Krutch–The End is Where We Begin: “Fly on the Wall”
    6. The Overseer–We Search, We Dig: Undecided, as I need to get more familiar with their stuff.
    7. Demon Hunter–True Defiance: “Resistance”
    7. Before Their Eyes–Redemption: “Revival”
    9. For Today–Immortal: “Fearless”
    10. 12 Stones–Beneath the Scars: “Infected”

    I know they’re not promoted as a Christian band, but if you listen to Memphis May Fire’s lyrics, it’s clear that there is a STRONG influence from God in the writing.

  6. Here’s my list… Although, after writing this all down, I realize my likes are much different than most on here…

    #10. 12 Stones – Beneath The Scars – Truthfully, haven’t listened to it as much as I’d like to, but it’s a somewhat solid album from them…

    #9. Toby Mac – Dubbed & Freq’d – Overall, I really like this album more than putting it at #9, but the fact that a huge chunk of this album was available previously ruined it just a bit. A good album overall.

    #8. Write This Down – Lost Weekend – Not my normal style of music, and thought it was just so/so at first. Saw them play live and performing some of these songs as well as knowing the backstory of the whole thing made me appreciate it much more.

    #7. Love And Death – Chemicals EP – Again, not my normal style of music, but just 2 songs, 2 remixes and a cover song add up to a pretty great EP. Excited to hear this live!

    #6. Fireflight – Now – I want to like this album more than I do… but sadly, it’s just kinda more of the same ole same ole from them. Not denying that there are some amazing songs, but it just appears to be the same formula/sound of the last album.

    #5. Switchfoot – Vice Reverses – Vice Verses really made me relove Switchfoot again, after several sub-par albums in my opinion, this one really was good. Then toss in this remix album, and boy, it gets better. Only fault is not having one of the amazing remixes for “Afterlife” included on it.

    #4. Manafest – Fighter – Another solid album for Mana. He really shines on the rap/rock stuff, but sadly, lacks the voice to pull it off in concert. In a true show of loving someone though, I go to his concerts everytime, singing right along, cringing when he tries to cover Trevors parts, but loving him and the music even more.

    #3. Falling Up – Mnemos – What is this? That’s what most people would say. A remix project that takes Your Sparkling Death Cometh (My favorite album of last year) and makes an amazing companion piece. Jessy is very underappreciated, and many times I don’t have a clue what the meanings of songs are, but then again, there is the art of it all.

    #2. Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin – This is the first time that TFK has released an album, I listened all the way through, and wanted to do it all over again. They nailed it with this album. Catchy songs, with solid lyrics make this one just stellar. The kids in my youth group are always fighting over this cd, and this will be one of the highlights for us all next week at SonShine.

    #1. Children 18:3 – On The Run – Whoa buddy! One of my favorite bands of all time, and they deliver yet again with this one. While only being out just a few weeks, I’ve already played this close to 30 times. “Always On The Run” is a game changer for them – wondering how it will do on AC if they release it, which they definetly should. So many potential singles as well. Excited as well to see them next week and jam out to all these new great songs.

    • not really all that different, actually, just different than some of the early commenters on this post :) those artists are for the most part pretty popular around here :)

  7. Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    This has been a weak year for me musically. These are the only albums that I am listing because nothing else seems good enough to be considered.

    Destine – Illuminate
    Memphis May Fire – Challenger
    KJ-52 – Dangerous
    Thousand Foot Krutch – The End is Where We Begin
    Rhema Soul – RED
    Sent by Ravens – Mean What You Say
    The Overseer – We Search, We Dig

    • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 12:35 pm // Reply

      At the beginning of the year, TFK and SBR were the only ones on that list that I was looking forward to. The rest were all pleasant surprises.

      The last half of the year looks more promising. These have the potential to end up on my list for the year:
      House of Heroes
      Capital Lights
      Lecrae (not the mixtape)
      Owl City
      Tenth Avenue North
      Group 1 Crew
      Paper Route
      Everyday Sunday
      Relient K?
      Mac Powell?
      Third Day?
      (those with ? aren’t confirmed to release this year that I have seen)

      • Anberlin has confirmed that their new album, Vital, will be out in the fall (no specific date yet). The Classic Crime have an album out in August as well. I’m not sure if you like them, but I figured I’ld mention them just because I like both and actually bought TCC’s The Silver Cor about the same time as Anberlin’s New Surrender.

        • i am excited for Anberlin as well…but Silver Cord (TCC’s best album) is way better than New Surrender (Anberlin’s worst album)

          • I liked New Surrender. It might have been their wost album, I don’t know for sure. I agree that The Silver Cord was a really good album, though. It was better than New Surrender for sure, but both were good.

          • The Silver Cord is phenomenal. It still gets better to me every time I listen.
            I do think Blueprints is weaker than New Surrender though. New Surrender had great songs but it was a very uneven album which is why I think it was slightly forgettable. But Anberlin’s my favorite band so they really haven’t put out anything I don’t like.

    • Did you listen to Write This Down? I’m jsut curious, because it took me a bit to really get into it. I liked it at the start, but I’ve REALLY started listening to it a lot over the past 2 weeks or so. Even “Crash and Burn,” which I thought sounded bad at first, has grown a lot on me.

      Overall, I agree that I’ve been a bit underwhelmed so far. There are only 4 bands who have released really good things I consistently listen to this year (Write This Down, Memphis Fire, To Speak of Wolves, and Sent By Ravens).

      • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 4:11 pm // Reply

        Yeah you can add TCC to one that may be on my list at the end of the year, based on the clips that I’ve heard so far. And I haven’t listened to Write This Down’s album yet. I wasn’t too impressed with their first one, and haven’t had a chance to listen to the new one. I use Spotify for most of my music and it’s not on there for some reason.

        • uhhhh sure it is, I own the wtd album, but i listen to it on spotify at work, not sure why you wouldn’t be able to see it, that’s weird. I’m excited for new TCC as well and anyone who wants new TCC should also be excited for new HOH out next week

          • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 8:10 pm //

            It is now. I promise though for a few weeks that album was not showing up, but now I can listen to it!

          • I’m a little hesitant on House of Heroes. I’m bigger on heavy music, so I leaned towards the faster songs in their library. Since they’ve got their videos private on YouTube, I can’t hear how they are, but “Touch This Light,” was a slower song (though still decent). I don’t doubt it’ll be good, but it might not be a top-3 or top-5 album for me.

            Again, I’m more into heavy music, so I tend to rate heavy albums more highly on my list. Maybe that bias alone lowers my expectations, but I hope to be wrong.

        • Too bad Write This Down wasn’t on there. YouTube doesn’t have individual songs, but there is a full album of it on there, it’s 42 minutes long. It’s definitely a different sound, but it somehow manages to work REALLY well. “Touch and Go,” turned out to be my favorite from it, though my expected favorite (“The Florida Rage”) is also really good.

          The only songs I didn’t care much for were the slow ones (“Minnesota Interlude” and “Cheap Affairs”), and that is because I mostly listen to music while driving. I don’t care to listen to slow stuff like it while driving, I like fast stuff.

          • Cheap Affairs is my favorite song on there, nothing wrong with a ballad or two to mix things up

          • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 10:10 pm //

            I’m listening to it now. They must have just added it to Spotify or something was wrong with mine. It’s not bad. Probably not something I would listen to a lot though.

  8. I have been surprised by a lot of releases so far this year, but here’s my top 10 in no particular order. With favorite song attached.

    10.Beautiful Eulogy-Satellite Kite “Motive 1,2″
    9.The Overseer-We Search,We Dig “Dredge”
    8.Blessed by a Broken Heart-Feel the Power “Love Nightmare”(still surprised this is never talked about)
    7.Lecrae-Church Clothes “Misconception”
    6.Sons-Keep Quiet “Caution”
    5.Demon Hunter-True Defiance “Resistance”
    4.Thousand Foot Krutch-The End is Where We Begin “Fly on The Wall”
    3.Trip Lee-The Good Life “War”
    2.To Speak of Wolves “Dialysis Dreams”
    1.Children 18:3-On the Run “All in Your Head”

    • We seem to have a few similarities with To Speak of Wolves, Demon Hunter, and THousand Foot Krutch. I have the same favorite songs as you with those. I liked “Dredge,” by The Overseer, but since I haven’t gotten to listen to them a lot (REALLY stuck listening to Mempehis May Fire and Write This Down), I’m not sure it’s my favorite.

      Also, I haven’t gotten to listen to Children 18:3 yet. I like them, but they’re not a band I’m crazy for, so I haven’t gone and gotten their CD yet, despite it being the only one I want to buy that actually got sold in this crappy town (To Speak of Wolves and Write This Down weren’t).

      Oh, and I think that Blessed By a Broken Heart isn’t brought up because they’re not a Christian band, despite being on Tooth & Nail. That’s just what I heard, nothing confirmational.

      • Yeah I keep hearing that too but some of their songs are clearly christian influenced. I disagree with the whole reason for not covering them. Sure they’re not a christian band but their made up of christians which should be enough to cover them. They have positive feel good lyrics, nothing to judge them about.

        • Well, it’s the same with We Came As Romans. They’ve said they aren’t all Christians, but Christianity influences the music, and their music is very positive. They’re still not covered here, as this is a Christian site. It also goes for Memphis May Fire, who aren’t a Christian band. They’re not covered here, yet if you listen to their second and theird albums (the third especially), you hear several open references to God.

          • i don’t know anything about we came as romans…so i can’t speak on them. i’ve only recently been hearing people talk of Memphis May Fire and i know that IVM covers them, I just don’t know anything about them. I’ve seen no reason to not cover BBABH here

          • I’ve never heard of IVM. A quick Internet search led to some…unwanted results, so I stopped looking.

            We Came As Romans is something of a tough comparison for Christian music. They’re a heavy band that mixes screaming with autotuned vocals. The closest comparison I can think of in a Christian market is Before Their Eyes’ newer stuff, but it doesn’t sound the same. Just the combination of heavy instrumentals, screaming, and clearly-computerized vocals.

            Memphis May Fire’s a better band. They have a single vocalist who handles screaming and singing (We Came As Romans has a screamer and a singer). Since their vocalist took over, Memphis May Fire’s been leaning more and more towards a Christian-influenced lyrical style.

            I’m not sure if you consume much heavy music (Write This Down might be where you draw the line, I don’t know), but Wikipedia searches should give a little background on each band’s influences (I know it’s well-addressed on Wikipedia with We Came As Romans).

            I can’t think of any We Came As Romans that is explicitly Christian, they’re just a very positive band. However, if you just look at the lyrics to some Memphis May Fire (“The Sinner,” “Vices,” and “Losing Sight” are good ones, in case you want to read or listen), their singer’s faith shines through more than many bands I’ve listened to who are openly Christian.

          • haha oh wow… http://www.indievisionmusic.com they’re a Christian music site like CMZ, they focus a lot on indie bands

            heavy music is definitely not my forte, thats why I have other people write about that stuff…Emery is about where I draw the line

          • Which Emery? Emery doesn’t like to sit in one pocket, that’s for sure.

          • the hardest emery haha. i also listen to underoath, so really underoath is the hardest, but i dont listen to bands similar to uo so i didnt want to mention that at first

          • I see, nothing wrong with that. I listen to a lot of stuff on the less-heavy side, a mix is always nice.

      • We have interviewed BBABH…as has RadioU…they might not be heavily promoted in the Christian music industry, but we do cover them

        • I never took the time to listen to their full-length. The song “Deathwish” was on a Tooth & Nail sampler last year, and it was a good song. It was different, kind of a nice change.

          Really, it seems that there is a LOT of variety on the label now, even though people keep saying they’re going downhill (untrue) and that they’ve lost a lot of their best bands (somewhat true).

      • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 10:11 pm // Reply

        BBABH should be on my list. I forgot it was released this year. Good stuff.

        • Thats what i meant by people not talking about it. I meant that its never on anybodys lists or anything. Sorry for the confusion.

  9. Tyler have you heard Children 18:3′s debut EPs Songs of Desperation and Places I Don’t Want to Go?

    • Only one song frin SoD, “Don’t Even Try”, which they gave away for free on purevolume years ago…I wish they’d put those albums up on amazonmp3.

      • I was just at creation Ne and Dave Hostetter sold me a copy of SOD if you just ask he has a box of them with the rest of their merch

        • yea…I just don’t deal with CD’s anymore haha

          • Gavin R // July 3, 2012 at 1:09 pm //

            lol but I’d rather have a physical cd than not have it at all :P but its pretty good it has the demo versions of LCM, homemade valentine, and You Know We’re All So Fond Of Dying, plus 5 other tracks http://bit.ly/P43P3h but i think don’t even try is from places I don’t want to go

  10. I’d contest that Write This Down’s album was better than Children 18:3′s. Also, how did Rhema Soul not make the list and Dubbed & Freq’d did?

    • That’s his list. Post yours, and we’ll ask how you chose things as well.

      Not that I disagree, Write This Down released a great album. I haven’t heard Children 18:3′s yet.

    • I have six months to change my mind on the WTD vs C183 showdown for the end of the year list, though you better watch out cus HOH is coming out with Cold Hard Want in a week…so neither one will be #1 anyway *spoiler*…

      I didn’t listen to Rhema Soul, just didn’t sound interesting to me for some reason, maybe I’ll have to Spotify that.

      • I don’t know, it’s looking pretty impossible for someone to beat Wolves at the Gate, in my opinion. They put a short trailier up today (41 seconds, just one song clip, I think), and they keep making me more and more excited.

        Honestly, the last time I was close to this excited for an album was probably before Underoath’s Lost in the Sound of Separation, and that was October of 2008.

        • Ive been listening to Captors all day on AOL music…Just thought youd like to know

          • Really? I’m mad because I’m sitting here listening to the 7-minute preview of The Classic Crime’s Phoenix again. Why? Well, the stupid AOL site isn’t letting me listen to stuff right now, for whatever reason.

          • Well your not alone…i’ve listened to the TCC previews 100 times in the past week.

    • Ronnie Hamilton // July 2, 2012 at 10:08 pm // Reply

      I really enjoyed Rhema Soul’s new album. It’s on my list.

  11. Here’s my top 10 songs of the year so far:

    10. Escape – Fireflight
    9. Stand Alone Complex – To Speak of Wolves
    8. Foxden – ElisaRay
    7. After All (Holy) – David Crowder*Band
    6. Keep Quiet – SONS
    5. Peace of Mind – Second Story Feedback
    4. Rearview Memories – To Speak of Wolves
    3. Alive in the Lights – Memphis May Fire
    2. Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume – mewithoutYou
    1. Ghosts – SONS

    (If I put all of DC*B’s “Sequence” tracks together that’d easily be #1 or #2)

    • What kind of bands is SONS? I’ve seen them mentioned, but haven’t ever listened to them. I’ll have to at some point, I guess.

      Also, nice choices with To Speak of Wolves and Memphis May Fire. I had different choices, but both albums have a lot of great songs (I chose “Dialysis Dreams” and “Vices).

    • After all (holy) is one my top ten favorite songs of the year also.

  12. My favorite albums so far this year, with my three favorite songs from each:

    10. Lecrae – Church Clothes: Huge fan of Lecrae, but not really of this style of Hip-Hop; still appreciate the message and the impact it has had though (No Regrets, Special, APB)
    9. Manafest – Fighter: really like the direction Manafest has taken on his recent albums (Human, Never Let You Go, Fighter)
    8. Jimmy Needham – Clear the Stage: Solid overall album (Stay, If I Ever Needed Grace, My Victory)
    7. Trip Lee – The Good Life: I liked Between Two Worlds a lot better as a whole, but there are still some good songs on this one (I’m Good, Robot, One Sixteen)
    6. Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin: Not their best, but still a really good album (All I Need To Know, The End Is Where We Begin, Courtesy Call)
    5. Fireflight – Now: I know most differ with my opinion, but this is my favorite album of theirs (Stronger Than You Think, Keeping Me Alive, Dying For Your Love)
    4. Mike Mains and the Branches – Home: Technically it’s a rerelease of a 2010 album, but I didn’t have the original so it’s 2012 to me. (Stereo, Rush You, Stop the Car)
    3. Pioneer – Pioneer: Surprised no one has mentioned this yet; love this album (Dreams, Lights, Better Days)
    2. World We View – Nine Lashes: Another album I’m surprised no one listed. (Anthem of the Lonely, Afterglow, Our Darkest Day)
    1. Mean What You Say – Sent by Ravens: Liked their debut and this one exceeded all my expectations (Learn from the Night, Best in Me, Rebuild Release)

  13. By the way, just a suggesiotn in case you don’t already plan to, you should do your next 1st & Ten on your pre-release top-10 for the second half of the year.

  14. I’ll put my favorite song from each. I only have a few but…

    5) Love & Death – Chemicals EP (Paralyzed)
    Pretty good. But Chemicals & Whip It were just ok for me.

    4) Britt Nicole – Gold (Gold)
    Very solid album. Not quite as memorable as The Lost Get Found but still good.

    3) Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin (Fly On The Wall) Another very solid album. Their best since Phenomenon, not as good as Phenomenon, but still a great album.

    2) John Schlitt – The Greater Cause (Love Won’t Leave Me Alone) This album needs more coverage here. Unless I missed it. He’s 62 & sounds this good!

    1) Sent By Ravens – Mean What You Say (Learn From The Night) This album is amazing. Very deep lyrically & musically. An album to listen to over and over.

    I plan on getting Children 18:3′s. I just recently started listening to The Fray & am gonna buy their self-titled, they’re amazing!

  15. Looking back at my list, only one of those albums I listed remains in my top 13 of the year so far. July/August were great months musically. September has started off well too.

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