1st & Ten: Top 10 Holidays For Listening To Music

1st & Ten: Top 10 Holidays For Listening To Music

Labor Day

Hey everyone, Happy Labor Day! For those of you who aren’t out camping or barbecuing or other shenanigans, I thought I’d toss out an article for you!  I think these are the best holidays for music, what do you think?

1. Christmas – Hey, I know, Christmas music can be a bit much, especially if you work in retail, but if you don’t enjoy that, you’d probably enjoy getting music or gift cards to buy new music on this very fine day!

2. Christmas Eve – The anticipation kills me, but music helps me with the wait!

3. New Year’s Eve – What’s a party without music?

4. New Year’s Day – What’s a day of football without music at half time?

5. Labor Day – It’s today and today today is a great day to listen to music, always.

6. Memorial Day – It’s Labor Day’s brother, but it marks the beginning of Summer instead of the end!

7. Valentine’s Day – A Christian can enjoy love songs, ya know.

8. Halloween – Spooky music and candy, friends.

9. April Fool’s Day – A day when you can listen to pop music and say you were just kidding.

10. Thanksgiving – You need something to sleep to after eating too much turkey!

What’s your favorite holiday for listening to music?

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8 Comments to “1st & Ten: Top 10 Holidays For Listening To Music”

  1. To be one hundred percent honest my music tastes do not change with Christmas or Halloween or thanksgiving. I just listen to whatever I got latest or my regular rotations of studio albums. However I would say I enjoy new years because people actually enjoy some of my party music(ff5, And Then There Were None :’( etc…)

  2. Hahaha!! What’s ironic is Easter and 4th of July popped into my mind first and those are the two holidays you didn’t mention. It’s a tradition now for me to blare “Independence Day for a Petty Thief” by HoH on 4th of July and starting last year I’ve decided to listen to Cool Hand Luke’s “Of Man” around (but not limited to) every Easter. That is such an amazing album!

  3. By the way, that list of yours just gets better and better as it goes on. Hahaha!! :)

  4. I have no break today from college…sooooo I am gonna say that this is for sure the highlight of my day so far. :P

  5. Christmas is my favorite, especially now with August Burns Red and Relient K and who knows what other Christmas albums. I love Christmas music. And that’s when I get to go home, so it’s gotten even worse.

    But Labor Day’s pretty good too. :D

  6. Every day. I actually listen to music LESS on major holidays. Not because I don’t like to listen to it, but because I have to be around family, and family makes you talk to them, rather than do something fun like listen to music.

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