$5 Free Amazonmp3 Credit!

$5 Free Amazonmp3 Credit!


Thanks to our friends over at The Free Christian Music Blog for finding this!

You can get $5 in Amazonmp3 credit for signing up for a newsletter from Scott paper towels!

I just did it and it worked easily! Go do it and then come back to tell us all what you picked up with your free money!

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15 Comments to “$5 Free Amazonmp3 Credit!”

  1. I just signed up, but didn’t see anything about the credit after I was done. What am I missing?

    • I don’t know what to tell you, it seemed pretty smooth and easy for me, not sure what you’re looking at

    • After you sign up, it shows you an add click no thanks. then it shows a page with a list of products that they want you to check if you use. scroll down, click you agree w/ terms, and type in the captcha then click submit…

  2. Used mine to pick up a few singles on this weeks Top 30 that I didn’t have yet…

    Disciple – Draw The Line
    Flyleaf – New Horizions
    Adelaine – Take Heart
    Abandon Kansas – Turn To Gold
    Skyhawk Drive – Whisper

    Thanks for the heads up on this…

  3. Picked up most of the songs I was missing from Jenny & Tyler’s Open Your Doors.

  4. I got some of The Vesper’s The Fourth Wall :)

  5. Keith Fillmore // September 13, 2012 at 4:17 pm // Reply

    Haha! I had a little trouble until I realized my oldest daughter used my spam email to create an account for herself. Went fine after that.

  6. There isnt a certain date you have to spend it by, is there?

  7. So far I’ve gotten:

    Come Wind – Rend Your Heart (If you don’t know this song do yourself a favor and look it up!)
    Flyleaf – New Horizons
    The Vocal Few – Mexico
    Twenty One Pilots – Guns For Hands

    Not sure what I’m gonna use my last $1 on

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