Abandon Kansas – Turn It To Gold (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Abandon Kansas – Turn It To Gold (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Abandon Kansas Turn It To Gold

Abandon Kansas is releasing a brand new single tomorrow titled “Turn It To Gold”, check out a brand new lyric video for the song!

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6 Comments to “Abandon Kansas – Turn It To Gold (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)”

  1. Is it me or with this song and Chariot, they seem to have more of a radio friendly sound? I was never really a fan until Chariot, and I enjoy this one as well. I hope more of their stuff sounds like this.

    • singles usually are the most radio friendly, but…maybe?

      • True. Good point. But I’ve never heard anything from them that sounded as radio friendly as these two songs. If the rest of their album sounds like this, they could become one of my favorite artists, even though I could name about 35 that already are in my favorites :)

  2. I have absolutely no idea what to think of this band. I was so sure I’d love Ad Astra Per Aspera when I heard “The Golden State” (such a good song), but the album as a whole bored me to tears. It was actually a chore to get through just once which is rare for me. (heck I even listened to Skillet’s Awake about five times, granted I was hoping it’d get better)
    It’s just so weird because Abandon Kansas really has the type of sound that I’d typically like. Maybe it’s his voice? I really don’t have a good explanation…I do enjoy this song a bit though.

    • I liked the album, but it was admittedly boring. My favorite track from it was the bonus “Don’t Forget Where You Came From.” I think that the songs on the EP are all better than what the full-length release offered, though.

  3. Grown men and sidewalk chalk. I didn’t think it would get weirder…then dude started doing the worm through the chalk.

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