Anberlin – “Vital (Review)

Anberlin – “Vital (Review)



Released October 16th 2012

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

When it comes to hearing the news that a new Anberlin album will be released, there are a lot of thoughts, emotions and expectations that come along with the alternative pop rock band originally out of Florida, but the one thing that you can always count on is the unexpected.

Just a little more than two years since their last release, Anberlin is putting out their sixth LP, Vital, which brings elements of all their prior albums and fuses them into one cohesive unit and spices it up with a splash of dance rock to go along with the standard driving guitars and angst filled lyricism they’ve been known for since the beginning.

Vital starts off with a bang, including mostly the faster alternative radio tracks like “self-starter” and “someone anyone” taking center stage, with only “Other Side” giving us a breather of a ballad among the first half of the album. It becomes apparent pretty quickly that this album is simply the brighter (more exciting, less depressing) version of 2010′s Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place.

At the mid-point of the album, things slow down a notch or three with “Innocent”, winding down with more reflective songs until we get to the epic album closer that Anberlin has done so well in the past, this time finishing things off with “God, Sex & Drugs”.

In typical Anberlin fashion, Vital took awhile for me to comprehend and warm up to, but naturally several listens later and it grew on me, leading me to believe that it nicely ties together the band’s discography, making it an important piece to their collection. Although the band will always have to live up to the masterful effort they put together on Cities way back in 2007 and they may never match it for many people, Vital holds up well on it’s own and shouldn’t be missed.

Score: 4.25/5

Track list:

  1. Self-Starter
  2. Little Tyrants
  3. Other Side
  4. Someone Anyone
  5. Intentions
  6. Innocent
  7. Desires
  8. Type Three
  9. Orpheum
  10. Modern Age,
  11. God, Drugs and Sex

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