Austin Archer – Venture To Breathe EP (Review)

Austin Archer – Venture To Breathe EP (Review)

Autumn + Colour

Release Date: September 20 2011

Reviewed by Megan Missler

Austin Archer – Venture to Breathe EP  iTunes


The sophomore EP by indie rock artist Austin Archer is available now on iTunes. Archer recently signed with Autumn + Colour Records. For this second recording, Archer was joined by Shane Cole and Lee Martin on guitars, Steven Cheek on bass, and Ike Thurston on drums. This band of five recorded five songs in six days at Marigolds and Monsters Studio (Atlanta) with Jeff Malpass. A label launch show is set for January 31st at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA.

The EP opens quietly with “Doubtful As They Come,” on the low side of Archer’s range. To be honest, it had me a little doubtful. The song didn’t grab my attention until the chorus. Just as the bridge starts to rock, it all ends. The next track, as the title track, was disappointing. Each time I listen to “Venture To Breathe” I find my mind wondering. The song ends and I have no idea what I’ve just listened to.

The midpoint of the EP, “Slurred Sobriety” is a poignant look at the Christian who longs for the depths of God but sees instant gratification all around. “My eyes have seen the glory, yet my body still it yearns for the peace in which cannot be found in her.” I love how this song gradually grows, I just wish it didn’t end so abruptly! “All In” is my favorite on this EP. The sweet guitar riffs compliment the vocals beautifully. The metaphor of life as a card game is brilliant.

The EP closes with “Tongue Tied.” This is the kind of song that reveals more meaning with each listen. The surface meaning seems to be about putting in a lot of hard work with little reward which results in feeling dissatisfied and uncomfortable. We must learn to rest in God while we are waiting on Him to validate our work. The lyrics themselves suggest confusion, “With hands in full stride, my feet tongue tied. Can my body rest before I go?[...]There’s hope in the waiting.” The music seems to add more meaning to the song. The rhythm feels odd, and I hope this is intentional because it seems to go along with the theme of the song.

Though the first couple of songs did not grab my attention, the last three redeemed this work. So if you’re looking for something to totally rock out to, maybe this isn’t your cup of tea. However, if you want to sit down with your favorite cup of tea, and need some new music, may I suggest purchasing this EP. It will definitely make you think!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended Tracks: All In, Slurred Sobriety, Tongue Tied

Track List
1. Doubtful As They Come
2. Venture To Breathe
3. Slurred Sobriety
4. All In
5. Tongue Tied

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