Becoming The Archetype – The Time Bender (Official Music Video)

Becoming The Archetype – The Time Bender (Official Music Video)

Becoming The Archetype I Am Album Cover

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Metal provocateurs BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE are excited to share their new music video for “The Time Bender.” The video – debuting exclusively via Metal Injection –  comes less than a week before the release of the band’s anticipated fifth album, I AM - set to drop in stores and online September 18th from Solid State Records.

“The video is consistent with the look and feel of the photos for this album,” explains ARCHETYPE mastermind Seth Hecox. ”Both are dark, grimy, inner-city. I was really drawn to the atmosphere created in Sin City, and that vibe worked perfectly with the sound that was captured on I AM.”

Watch ‘The Time Bender’ at Metal Injection:

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  1. “…tap into a huge cross-section of metal fans who previously might have balked at BTA’s unbridled, manic creativity?”
    I think metal needs as much creativity as it can get and BTA used to have it in spades. I like heavy and technical metal as much as the next guy but for the band to drop that makes them very similar to every other band in this overblown genre. Anyway, I’m still excited to review this album! And yeah, the video is pretty good too =)

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