Brittany Pierre – EP 1 (Review)

Brittany Pierre – EP 1 (Review)

Catapult Records

Release Date: April 28th 2012

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

Brittany Pierre- EP 1 (iTunes)

From the moment I heard “Run This Race” last year, I was enthralled by new artist Brittany Pierre‘s spin on worship. With the release of her debut EP recently, I was eager to hear a taste of what she has to offer, given the wide variety of instruments Brittany plays, including bass guitar, flute, trumpet, saxophone, violin, oboe, piano and drums. Brittany’s versatility in instrument playing had pulled me into her heart for Jesus, her passion for the Kingdom of God and His presence. As said by Brittany, “I don’t want to write empty songs that don’t mean anything. I want to write songs straight from the Throne Room that God needs His people to hear. I have seen firsthand that power of worship and desire for that presence to cover the Earth and bring the heart of man back to our first love.” It is clear what a devoted faith to Jesus Brittany has! Serving at New Life Christian Fellowship in Texas; this short but punchy batch of songs has given me a yearning to hear more. Look out labels, Brittany Pierre is coming!

First up is the fast paced rock track “Run This Race”, driven heavily by the guitar. A testimonial track of sorts, this inspiring and uplifting song has encourage me in my own walk with Jesus, as Brittany has cleverly used the chorus to reveal some very important eternal truths. ‘…I will run this race, keep up the pace, Lord I’m running to declare Your name, to make You famous…’ has me reminded of 1 Corinthians 9:23-25. Life is a race, and the destination is heaven. Along the way, our purpose, our primary goal, is to glorify God and point the direction so that more people know the change apparent in our lives, and the sacrifice Jesus has made for us, so that more can come to Him. With a pop radio sound and soaring electric guitar riffs throughout; Brittany has crafted a track worthy for both contemplation and energetic dancing!

The poignant and stripped down ballad “Meet Me Here” is next. Essentially a cry out desperation and ultimate surrender to God, Brittany vulnerably sings ‘…seeking your face, my only desire, on my knees, I cry Lord, meet me here, with a dry and thirsty soul…’, a tear jerking, soothing and comforting chorus that has the power to impact many. The emotion presented by Brittany and guest singer Nina Grace, who lend her sublime and gorgeous vocals in the bridge and as backing; layered across the strings, guitars and big drum beats creates an honest and stirring song where God can move and is present. This slower offering is a perfect track after the rocky opener, and is also a brilliant entree to “The Cadence”.

With a large anthemic sound, and the feeling of a stadium setting given by the booming guitars, keys and drums; this EP closer showcases Brittany at her vocal best, with the topic of the spiritual warfare and God’s provision tackled and quite evident. With a captivating and absorbing guitar solo in the middle of this track, as well as Brittany crying out to God ‘…I will pray all season, I will pray never ending, I will pray eternally…’, “The Cadence” is a well thought out closer that is sure to place Brittany on the map.

With a full length album releasing at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013, Brittany’s array of instrumental gifts as well as her energetic and infectious desire to spread Jesus’ name and fame all over this Earth, has won me over. I am eagerly anticipating Brittany’s debut! Well done on a smart and effective EP!

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  1. Run This Race
  2. Meet Me Here
  3. The Cadence

Favourite Tracks: Run This Race, Meet Me Here


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  1. brittany pierre // June 25, 2012 at 7:06 am // Reply

    Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words!
    Blessings and favor on you and your family!

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