Christian Music Zine Interview With Kutless!

Christian Music Zine Interview With Kutless!

Check out this interview that Clay Morgan did with Kutless for Christian Music Zine at Creation Festival East!

Clay Morgan is a writer, professor and music hound from Pittsburgh, PA. His book, Undead: Revived, Resuscitated, and Reborn—a combination of pop culture, spirituality, and humor, will be out fall 2012 (Abingdon). You can reach him through his website:

You never know exactly what direction interviews are going to go in. And when the men of Kutless are at the table, anything can happen. Clay Morgan chatted with the band at Creation 2012 in a conversation that included sports, touring, and more.

CM: I am here at Creation with Kutless, and they’re getting ready to just about kick off the festival. Okay, my first question is who handles the Twitter?

James: [Motioning to Nick and Dave] The three of us kind of do.

Dave: Yeah.

CM: So I was looking on there, and you guys must be heading to Maryland because you’re looking for a connection to get some Baltimore Orioles tickets.

[Laughter around the table].

Nick: [Raising his hand] Sorry.

CM: So are you guys big fans? You try to get out and check out baseball games?

Jon Micah: We love baseball.

James: We’re big fans of baseball, and we all have our teams that we like.

CM: Are any of you Pirates fans? Because I’m from Pittsburgh…

[Everyone shakes their head no. Nick actually winces.]

James: I don’t think anyone…

CM: Anyone in the world?

James: …is a Pirates fan?

Nick: I like your logo.

Jon Micah: I think any team from Pittsburgh is frowned upon in this establishment.

CM: Oh no!

James: I like the Penguins.

Jon Micah: Okay, so we got one team.

CM: And I got a Flyers fan on the camera here, so I’m out numbered so I lose.

[More laughter].

CM: Alright, so is baseball number one then?

James: I don’t know about for all of us.

[In a jumble of responses, the guys of Kutless basically each have a different favorite sport including Jon Micah calling himself a "soccer guy."]

Kyle: I’m leaning more basketball.

CM: Basketball? What do you think of Lebron winning the title?

Kyle: No comment.

CM: Yeah, I was, um, rooting for that to not happen. In Jesus’ name.

[Laughing again around the table].

James: As was Kyle.

CM: Okay, so you guys are out on tour, it’s the Believer tour, how’s it going?

Jon Micah: Believer tour hasn’t started yet. That’s coming up in the fall. We are doing festivals right now, so it’s not really our tour because it’s like Creation festival, Ichthus festival…

CM: Right, it’s the festival season.

James: Tonight we’re having Chris Tomlin headline our tour.

Jon Micah: Yeah.

[Everyone laughing].

CM: That’s a good move.

Jon Micah: It’s really nice of him to do that for us.

James: [In a surfer voice] Our fans are stoked.

CM: Now when you guys first played Creation were you on the main stage or did they put you over with the rockers?

James: [To Jon Micah] I think our first time was main stage.

Jon Micah: No, I think we played fringe stage the first year.

James: I think it was main stage because I totally tried to jump up on the drum set thinking ‘I’m all cool. I’m on main stage my first year!’ And I crashed into the drums and hurt my ribs and my legs.

Jon Micah: I feel like I vaguely remember one year over there and then that happening over here, but I could be wrong because we’re talking like 8-9 years ago.

CM: The reason I ask is because I think a lot of people see Kutless now, the awards you’re getting nominated for, the type of music you’re playing that’s really been successful.

James: Nominated…

Jon Micah: We’re getting nominated for awards?!


CM: For like best band ever.

Jon Micah: We don’t win ‘em.

CM: So a lot of people forget that you guys started off in a different genre. A lot of people don’t know you from that side of things. So when you’re at the festival, and there’s like 40 artists around do you still like to sneak over and check out…

James and Nick: Yeah, yeah totally.

CM: I don’t know if a lot of your fans picture Kutless just rocking out to Disciple.

Jon Micah: But we’ve toured with Disciple a ton. Probably more than any other band, and we’re good friends with those guys. So for us the festivals are a lot of hanging out with our friends. Because there are so many bands that are here just for the weekend that there’s a lot of guys we haven’t seen in a long time that we get to see while we’re here. I would say it’s less about us going to find bands because we wanna see this style of music. We gotta go see our buddies and watch them play. Occasionally there will be a band we just haven’t run into and we just wanna see them, but most of the time it’s friends of ours.

CM: Just around the table, is there any artist that you haven’t seen live yet, and you’re looking forward to checking out this summer?

Dave: I haven’t seen Rhett Walker yet.

CM: Rhett Walker?

Dave: Yeah. He’s going on tour with us, so I’ll get to, but I missed him at the last festival, and I wanted to see him.

James: I would love to try and catch The Violet Burning.

Nick: We got to play with Switchfoot. Normally we don’t get to play with those guys.

CM: Did they headline your tour for you too?

Dave: Yup.

James: They headlined our tour when we were at Ichthus festival.

Nick: They’re always one of our favorites to just be amazed by.

CM: So what’s gonna happen now, after this summer season then the tour does start?

Jon Micah: Yes.

James: We got Hyland.

CM: Nice.

James: We got Rhett Walker Band like Dave said. And then Fireflight who are friends of ours. We’ve toured with them before.

CM: Well, you guys really do bring a message of hope to a lot of people. Good talking to you.

Everyone: Thanks.

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