CMZ Artists and Repertoire: I Built the Cross

CMZ Artists and Repertoire: I Built the Cross

CMZ Artist’s and Repertoire is a weekly series that I, Adrian Garza, started up to give some smaller bands some exposure. These are bands that are actually working hard, pushing forward, and going great lengths; and that’s just what catches my eye when I’m looking for new bands to listen to on my own. That’s what it takes for bands to get anywhere, genuine hard work (coupled with great music, of course). So without further ado, here’s the latest addition:

This week’s A&R pick is a band called I Built the Cross. This band isn’t for the faint of heart, not for any real reason other than the fact that they might just be one of the heaviest bands that you’ll ever have the opportunity to listen to. The band is based out of Nevada.

What The Band Has Been Up To:

The group has been around for quite a while. 6 years, to be exact. In that time, they’ve only had two releases, the first of which being their highly regarded full length, Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Heart, and the latest being the Banish the Disconnect ep which was released just this past June.

My Thoughts:

I’m personally not the type to regularly listen to stuff this heavy, but it doesn’t hold me back from blasting these guys on occasion. They’re all around great musicians, they can even rock out pretty well acoustically. Sure the lyrics might be pretty hard to understand at times, but there’s still a great message behind the parts that I do understand and they speak a great depth not just to me, but to many others.

The Verdict:

To be completely honest, this is one of the first bands that I wouldn’t want to work with. This is solely because of the band’s lack of any actual tours. They do have a great social media presence, but that’s really not enough in today’s industry landscape. But none of that holds me back from supporting a band that tears it up as well as the best of the rest.

For Fans Of: Impending Doom/In the Midst of Lions

*All images above have been borrowed from IBTC’s Facebook page.

Find more at:

I Built the Cross on Facebook

I Built the Cross on Spotify

I Built the Cross on Youtube

I Built the Cross on iTunes



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4 Comments to “CMZ Artists and Repertoire: I Built the Cross”

  1. Agh, not one I care for. The growling is just too inaudible and unappealing to me. Not a good comparison, but I don’t listen to much of early The Devil Wears Prada because of that. I don’t think that there is a band I listen to that screams/growls full-time, though. Almost every song in my library has clean vocals in it at some point.

    • August Burns Red?

      • They’re an exception, but they even have cleans in some songs. The song that got me into them did, “Composure.”

        That, and August Burns Red has a lot of yelling-like scream, as opposed to the deeper screams of As I Lay Dying (among others).

  2. This doesn’t sound very musical to me…

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