CMZ Artists and Repertoire: My Maker and I

CMZ Artists and Repertoire: My Maker and I

CMZ Artist’s and Repertoire is a weekly series that I, Adrian Garza, started up to give some smaller bands some exposure. These are bands that are actually working hard, pushing forward, and going great lengths; and that’s just what catches my eye when I’m looking for new bands to listen to on my own. That’s what it takes for bands to get anywhere, genuine hard work (coupled with great music, of course). So without further ado, here’s the latest addition:

Photo retrieved from My Maker and I’s Facebook page. All rights reserved to the photographer.

My Maker and I have been pretty busy within the Maryland music scene. More specifically, a smaller town called Shady Side that’s situated nearly less than an hour’s drive from either Baltimore and Washington, DC. The band plays a style of hardcore with different heavier, melodic, and ambient tinges that remind me of bands like Hands, August Burns Red, and A Plea for Purging.

What The Band Has Been Up To:

Nearly 2 weeks ago, the band had digitally released Hundredfold, an EP that the band had released on Bandcamp. The EP features production work from Brian Hood, an emerging heavy music producer who also happens to be a former member of Mychildren Mybride.

My Thoughts:

Where can I start? This is some great music with a great message. Lyrically, this would come off as something that could be grouped in with the workings of For Today, Sleeping Giant, and The Great Commission. Being a debut EP, this music that was put out is of such a notable higher quality then the early workings of many of the already established bands within the music scene. The production isn’t repetitious, and many will pleasantly find that the vicious screams aren’t all too hard to understand.

The Verdict:

I would definitely work with these guys if I could. Any sort of changes that I might recommend would be to work with a producer who is well-rounded and experienced with  bands of all sorts of genres, this would probably result in a much more worthwhile album to the fans as opposed to something that merely aims to only be “metal”.

For Fans Of: Before There Was Rosalyn/A Plea for Purging/Hands/Fallstar

Find more at:

My Maker and I Facebook

My Maker and I: Hundredfold on Bandcamp


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  1. I downloaded the album, and I’m still trying to form an opinion on it. It’s a rather rough vocal band, a style I’m not usually into (in terms of the screams).

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