CMZ Artists and Repertoire: Set Apart

CMZ Artists and Repertoire: Set Apart

Before the article actually starts, I’d like to say that I’m going to be changing up the style of this column after this week. From now on, you’ll find a new band on the basis of which I find them. I really like doing these every week, but I’ve been becoming more and more burnt out from doing this, it almost feels like a chore. So in an effort to keep things fresh and genuine, I’ll be posting something new every now and then with things like interviews and whatnot.

Keep it classy, guys.

Photo credits to Haley Parris; taken from band’s facebook page.


This week’s A&R pick is Set Apart. The band is based out of Marietta, GA, and has more than a bit of a buzz going for them in the south. But why is it? Is it the catchy hooks or breakdowns that this post hardcore band has to show? Is it the off the walls live shows? Who knows, but what there is to know is that this band is coming up in the scene, and you’re among the early few to catch them. The band released an ep titled Fear & Trembling back on November 11th, that was met with great reception.

What I Think & The Verdict:

This holds up very well compared to some of the bigger bands in the Christian music scene. The range behind Beef Hagemen’s voice is amazing. The guitar work is pretty different and the lyrics are pretty deep and relatable in some ways. I would totally work with this band if they were to just stay busier with their work by playing shows, staying in touch with fans, and putting out more music.

***UPDATE: I wrote of this piece about 2 weeks ago, at the beginning of this week, the band announced their impending break up on August 24th after a Marietta, GA show. If you want to check them out while they’re still around, that would be your best shot.


For Fans Of: To Speak of Wolves/Before Their Eyes/Inhale Exhale/The Chariot

*All images above have been borrowed from Set Apart’s Facebook page.

Find more at: 

Set Apart’s Facebook

Fear & Trembling EP on Bandcamp


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  1. Just stumbled upon this. I got to see Set Apart at their last show in Marietta when they played with Sent By Ravens who was on their second to last show. My friend and I went for Sent By Ravens and honestly had no idea who Set Apart was, but the six opening bands were going on and on about them. When they took the stage I COMPLETELY understood why. Never witnessed such humility at a concert (I actually felt humbled after the show) and the band was fantastic! Also since it was a goodbye show (for both them and SBR) it was a very cool thing to be apart of. Definitely shed a tear!

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