CMZ Artists and Repertoire: Watchers and Hunters

CMZ Artists and Repertoire: Watchers and Hunters

CMZ Artist’s and Repertoire is a weekly series that I, Adrian Garza, started up to give some smaller bands some exposure. These are bands that are actually working hard, pushing forward, and going great lengths; and that’s just what catches my eye when I’m looking for new bands to listen to on my own. That’s what it takes for bands to get anywhere, genuine hard work (coupled with great music, of course). So without further ado, here’s the latest addition:

This week’s A&R pick is Watchers and Hunters, a metalcore band hailing from northern California. The group really has that jumpy west coast melodic hardcore sound to them that really motivates listeners want to actually participate to the music. You know, that Sleeping Giant or Stick To Your Guns feel?

What The Band Has Been Up To:

You’d be surprised to find out that the group has The band embarked on a tour with Palace in Ruins just earlier this month. The five-piece released their EP, titled Hope on April 13th backed by their single, “Abused” which the band recently released a music video for [embedded below]. The band has an upcoming set at this year’s Joshua Fest, along with a short run of west coast dates with Sounds and Sciences in July.

My Thoughts:

This music makes me want to move. It might not be as innovative as other bands within the scene, but lyrically, it’s golden. Some of the songs are worshipful, others are more full of justified anger, it’s somewhere of a mix between Close Your Eyes and For Today considering all of the riffs and gang vocals that one could find within theses songs. This might not be the most polished recording, but if you look past that you’ll find some of the best underground hardcore that Cali has to offer.

The Verdict:

This music is very solid, and can prove to be pretty worthwhile. I would work with this band if I had the opportunity, and put them with a metal producer that’s capable of beefing up their sound so much more than what it’s at right now along with making some effort to get them an opening slot on a tour with some bigger Cali bands.

For Fans Of: Hundredth/Sleeping Giant/The Guns Show/Stick to Your Guns/For the Fallen Dreams

Find more at:

Watchers and Hunters Facebook

Watchers and Hunters Bandcamp



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3 Comments to “CMZ Artists and Repertoire: Watchers and Hunters”

  1. I’m about to check them out, but I figured I’d let you know that there is a typo under the “What The Band Has Been Up To:” section. It seems you were deciding between opening lines for the paragraph, but forgot to remove one.

  2. They’re pretty good. I like the guitar in it, it seems to have some difference from what I’ve come to expect from someone like For Today, who I think is a good comparison.

    I don’t care for the lack of clean vocals (something in metalcore I’ve always liked), and the screams are a little on theb bland side. They’re in that For Today style that I enjoy, but never having a real craving for (as opposing to something like what Oh, Sleeper will give you). It works, but it doesn’t blow you away.

    They’re a good band, no doubt about it. They have something (the guitar work) that I feel seprates them a bit from someone like For Today, so there isn’t a sense that they’re a straight copycat band, which can occur whenever comparisons are made.

    • Adrian Garza // July 2, 2012 at 2:32 pm // Reply

      Thanks for the head’s up! I was comparing them lyrically more than anything, but I know where you’re coming from when you say that.

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