CMZ Comic #6: Tyler Gets Steamed

comic 6

This is how I react when a tour I want to see doesn’t come to the west coast. That is hot chocolate in the mug, not coffee, because coffee is stupid. Rage!!!

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11 Comments to “CMZ Comic #6: Tyler Gets Steamed”

  1. You know what gets ME steamed? When almost every single artist that is worth seeing live skips Iowa and South Dakota completely! :\

  2. That picture was my reaction when Mat Kearney actually came to play here in Alaska last week at my university and all the tickets sold out before I could get some for my family. *sad face*

  3. it’s not really something I get ‘steamed’ over, but i do get frustrated sometimes as artists rarely tour Australia, and when they do, sometimes they don’t tour Sydney… :(

    Ah well, at least I can say I’ve been to see Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Michael W Smith, Newsboys, Hawk Nelson, Superchick, Delirious?, Hillsong, and Passion in concert in Aus (nto all on the same night, lol!)

  4. I listen to rock and metal bands mostly, and when they tour, they tour with other bands. Bands that I don’t want to see. Like at Winter Jam where I wanted to see Red, but there were no other bands that I liked.

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