CMZ Tourney Madness Center Page!

CMZ Tourney Madness Center Page!

You will be able to keep track of all the brackets throughout the entire CMZ Tourney Madness schedule day by day on this page. Here is the schedule for the tournament with one game being played each day until we have crowned a new champion!


1/30 – Tournament Brackets Announced

1/31-3/2 : First Round Games

3/3-3/18 : Second Round Games

3/19-3/26 : Sweet Sixteen Round Games

3/27-3/30 : Elite Eight Round Games

3/31-4/1 : Final Four Round Games

4/2-4/4 Championship Game!


Elite Eight

East Bracket

North Bracket

South Bracket

West Bracket

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28 Comments to “CMZ Tourney Madness Center Page!”

  1. This is gonna be an interesting tournament!

  2. there is no reason Skillet should have beat such a talented artist as Aaron Gillespie.

      • ouch man, sorry if my comment was rude toward the skillet guys, I appreciate what they do, taking the message of Christ to a particular music market, even though it is one I’m not a fan of… I completely realize its a popularity contest,(cool idea with the brackets by the way) but why shouldn’t Aaron be as popular as skillet? He is incredibly experienced, multi-talented, good at composition, his new album is even more mainstream, he has an avid following, granted some may have dropped off a bit on the praise album… but still. He has appealed to a wide genre of music fans christian and secular, wheras I feel Skillet caters to one particular audience, but all in all this bracket idea is pretty cool, and CMZ is just a pretty awesome thing, so keep up the good work.

        • haha no offense was taken, at least by me :) the reason why Aaron isn’t as popular as Skillet is simple: name recognition. remember that Aaron was in an incredibly popular band by the name of Underoath, so his talent is not unknown, but when he transitioned to The Almost not everyone knew about it and when he came out with solo stuff not everyone made the connection (or wanted to make the transition from metalcore to alt rock to pop worship). plus I believe Aaron is a bit of a weekend warrior these days, flying out for one offs on the weekend while serving at a home church in Florida during the week (not sure if this is still true, but he mentioned it at one point in time) and it is important to go on the road to let people know you’re still doing stuff because not everyone is as super awesome as our readers who follow this stuff super closely like we do :)

          thanks for reading man! I appreciate it!

    • Skillet has a lot of experience too… They’ve been around since 96 and John’s been in music even before that. I don’t know as much about Aaron. I love his music though.

  3. Do Relient K and Family Force 5 really have to meet in the second round?!

  4. Gah! The East bracket is horrible! All of those four bands are awesome!! While I’m hoping for Stellar Kart or Skillet, just cause out of those they’re my favs, I’m guessing Switchfoot will win that one.
    Hoping for Hawk Nelson to win the entire thing, but if they can win at least their bracket I’ll be happy!

  5. Baw McManus // March 10, 2012 at 3:10 pm // Reply

    NO DEAS VAIL!?!?!? Replace Jamie Grace with them at least!

  6. Baw McManus // March 11, 2012 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    I’m so sad now. :-( But this is an awesome bracket and I enjoy it.

  7. How many ppl think FM static will go all the way?

  8. I don’t believe the Stellar Kart beat out Switchfoot. XD lol Oh well. I really like this tourny though. Cool idea. :D

  9. Just a question why isn’t ashes remain in this tourney????

  10. Five Iron Frenzy should have been on this…with their Kickstarter following, they would have been a shoe-in to the Final 4.

  11. Adderhunter // March 27, 2012 at 9:51 am // Reply

    I want to know why there is not Wolves at the gate?!?!

  12. Christina Cooper // March 31, 2012 at 11:44 am // Reply

    I really wish Thousand Foot Krutch would win. I think they totally deserve it.

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