Creature Clan- New Beginnings (Review)

Creature Clan- New Beginnings (Review)

One Route Entertainment

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Released February 14, 2012

At first glance, the logo for D-M.A.U.B. and Eric Cross’ new group Creature Clan resembles a football team’s logo mixed with a tribal tattoo. But I’m getting off track. When it was announced this particular group was forming  and releasing New Beginnings you could say I was excited. D-M.A.U.B. is one of my favorite emcees in CHH, able to spit verses so fast that only Canon could match his Speedy Gonzales raps. But do the pairing of these two talented rappers make a great and potentially classic album?

With a great introductory track, “Problem Child” ironically presents the first problem of the album, the repetitive hook. Repeating the line “I’m a problem” is a problem in itself and is clearly a minor discrepancy that I can look past. “I Go To Work” quickly fixes this and is a highlight to behold but things go down with the R&B filled “Take Control,” an interlude, a redo of the previously released “I’m a Creature,” and the smooth but forgettable “What’s It Gonna Be.” The most accessible song on the album is “The Light” which could rival many dance songs on the Itunes charts right now.

On every album there’s one song that is worth the price alone with New Beginning’s best track being the powerful, honest, and convicting “Images” which addresses what all men can identify with, the blessing and curse of sight and the temptations all around us in our broken world. After several passable songs, highlight #3 comes in “Let It Burn,” where flow, production, Pettidee’s verse, and the message make a complete head banger that begs to be played loud. Unfortunately, the album ends on a mellow note with “Thank You,” that is neither good nor bad as a song and an album closer.

D-M.A.U.B. & Eric Cross’s Creature Clan have made an album that while good doesn’t necessarily qualify as a future classic in Christian rap. While Maub holds his own, as usual, I was most surprised by Eric Cross who held his own and even stayed alongside Maub when the verses went fast. With some great songs but many good or even passable songs, New Beginnings is worth a look. Just don’t expect to find a diamond in the rough.

Grade: 3.5


  1. Look Out
  2. Problem Child
  3. I Go To Work
  4. Take Control ft. Kaboom
  5. The Explanation ft. DJ Klassy K
  6. I’m a CREATURE
  7. What’s It Gonna Be? ft. Willie “PDUB” Moore Jr. & Mr. G Reality
  8. The Light ft. Calandra Williams
  9. Images ft. Ciara Harper
  10. Pobody’s Nerfect ft. Chris Cobbins
  11. Know Pain, Know Gain ft. T. Haddy
  12. Right Now
  13. Let It Burn ft. Pettidee
  14. Thank You ft. Will Hagan & Chris Belmont

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