First & Ten: 10 Things I’d Like To See At A Concert

First & Ten: 10 Things I’d Like To See At A Concert

If you go to enough shows, they eventually all start to seem the same, from the big name bands playing sold out stadiums to the indie rockers playing in front of their friends at a local venue.

What if something cooler happened at a show than just the usual pandering and shocking encore to end the night, what if something different happened?

I have a few ideas.

  1. What if the lead singer started the show by standing in the crowd without anyone noticing?
  2. What if everyone in the crowd played a trick on the band by turning their backs on them for the first song? What if the band returned the favor?
  3. What if everyone turned off their smart phones for four hours and just enjoyed being their, partying like it’s nineteen ninety nine?
  4. What if we didn’t have to endure a forty minute sound check for a six song set list?
  5. What if everyone at the show wore those ginormous sumo suits?
  6. What if security just let the kids have fun for one night? Crowd surfing, moshing, rushing the stage to sing along with the singer and everyone having super soakers filled with Nickelodeon green slime?
  7. What if my favorite band just played through their entire discography, from the first song on their first album to the last song on their upcoming unreleased album? I’m looking at you, Relient K.
  8. Jello. Wrestling.
  9. Reenacting Braveheart.
  10. What if instead of doing everything exactly the same as they have always been done, pretending that bands aren’t working on a broken music industry model, as if things could be afforded as they have been afforded for the last few decades, that our artists actually tried to do something creative and those of us who love their art showed it with our own efforts to do something new?

Just an idea. Do you have any bright ideas that you’d like to see happen at a show?

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7 Comments to “First & Ten: 10 Things I’d Like To See At A Concert”

  1. lol at no 7! that would be a super long night! some bands have hundreds of songs, and maybe they’d forget how to play a few, if they haven’t played a certain one for ages!!

    Is no 1 happening now? I know that sometimes the lead singer of a band goes into and interacts with the crowd… that certainly happened for Michael Tait in Newsboys in one of their concerts back in 2010!

    At no 4: or one band disrupting another band’s set list… (MercyMe went on stage in 2012, when they were supposed to go on, but due to the Holy Spirit moving, MWS hadn’t finished yet…)

    8 & 9- so funny!! They both crack me up! :)

  2. I seem to recall #1 is pretty much how Sanctus Real opened up their Winter Jam set.

  3. I love it! Especially numbers 3, 6, and 7. Security really DOES need to ease up sometimes. Band members crowdsurfing/moshing would be fun too. Can’t think of anything brilliant to add, but I’m sure there are some good ones. I’ve seen a few bands (Like Third Day, and Mike Donehey from 10th Ave. N.) who go out into the crowd at least briefly, but it seems like a rare phenomenon.

    (and I missed the opening part of Sanctus Real’s WJ set, but I’m sure it was good. I had a good excuse though…backstage hang time! Sorry-geek moment there.)

  4. i’ve seen dctalk do #1 as well

  5. I’ve seen #2 done as a ‘last night of the tour’ prank on the opening act.

    #7 I loved that Switchfoot did a tour where they were their own opening act. They played Hello Hurricane top to tail and then came back out and played their big hits and asked the crowd to request songs by throwing items on the stage with the song names on them. – I thought that was a smart way to deliver both the new and the older music.

    #2+#3 would be awesome

  6. Matt Mayer // June 25, 2012 at 10:54 am // Reply

    One time when I saw Switchfoot in a small venue in Philly, they did #1. Did Five Iron Frenzy do #5, or something like it? Bands need to get back to wearing uniforms…

  7. for something close to #7- Delirious? were their own support act in their final show in 2010- they called themselves the ‘Cutting Edge Band’ and they played hit songs from their first two albums (the albums prior to them being known as ‘Delirious?’); then for the main act, they played hits from the rest of their career!

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