FLAME- The 6th (Review)

FLAME- The 6th (Review)

Clear Sight Music

Released March 6, 2012

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

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Ever since 2004, FLAME has been bringing out his own unique sound to hip-hop. But while he kills every verse he puts out on other emcees’ albums, ironically his own albums have their ups and downs mainly in the production side. When he’s got the right beat & hook, magic happens (ex. Joyful Noise, Put On, Goodness to Repentness). If not his songs tend to be moderately successful due to his lyrics. Such is the case with his appropriately named album The 6th, FLAME’s 2nd album on his label Clear Sight Music.

The first track, Try Me, is a potential highlight but is bogged down due to an incredibly annoying hook that ultimately brings down the song an entire notch. However things go quickly uphill with the good but not fantastic title track, the great storytelling of the fall of man in The Great Deception, and Show Out which the best track on the album. Seriously, Lecrae kills this song that is almost on par with FLAME’s Put On and Tedashii’s Dum Dum. And when there’s a song is called Trap Money, you can expect Thi’sl to destroy his verse on this track that begs to be played with your bass turned up. Even the short interlude Man, which lists all the accomplishments of man despite our need of salvation, deserves to be an entire song.

Then FLAME goes in a different and slightly satisfactory direction with the Group 1 Crew-esque Caught In The Lights (which slowly grows on you) and the club track He Did It Again. If the vocal-effect laden flow of FLAME on the previous song isn’t working for you, worry not because in Scripture Alone FLAME goes into beast-mode. Unfortunately things go downhill with the resurgence of the repetitive hook on Running, the mellow Against the World & Devil’s Bread (one of the better slowed-down tracks), and the weakest songs on the album: Christ Alone and Let Go. The former has almost corny-reverse vocals played throughout the song and while the dubstep in the third half of the song tries its best, it doesn’t turn things around. Finally the last track’s mix of inspirational rock and hip-hop doesn’t end the album quite like it should have.

Compared to his best album, Captured, The 6th is a moderate success that despite its flaws is still a good album nonetheless. While some could say I’m just being picky on a few hooks and song styles, as a long time fan I know FLAME has and can do better to make another masterpiece.

Grade: 4

  1. Try Me ft. Young Noah
  2. The 6th Day ft. Chris Lee
  3. The Great Deception
  4. Show Out ft. Lecrae
  5. Trap Money ft. Thi’sl & Young Noah
  6. Man
  7. Caught In The Lights ft. V.Rose
  8. He Did It Again ft. AD3
  9. Scripture Alone
  10. Running ft. Steve T
  11. Against The World ft. V.Rose
  12. Devil’s Bread Intro
  13. Devil’s Bread
  14. Christ Alone
  15. Let Go ft. DecembeRadio

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Anthony Peronto lives in Eagle River, Alaska with his wife and daughter and is a reviewer who loves all genres but focuses on hip-hop and metal. He recently received an associates and is now studying for his bachelors in business administration with the hopes of opening a Christian music store. While he has an equal passion about movies, his favorites bands/artists include: Relient K, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3, and Anberlin (Rock); Demon Hunter, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Showbread, and Oh, Sleeper (Metal); and Lecrae, Braille, theBreax, K-Drama, and Yaves (Hip-Hop). More Posts

8 Comments to “FLAME- The 6th (Review)”

  1. “But while he kills every verse he puts out on other emcees’ albums, ironically his own albums have their ups and downs”

    Exactly my thoughts. Flame is best in small doses on other artists’ tracks. I like Captured, but I find Flame’s music just a little bit cheesy. That being said, I’m probably not going to buy this album right away, but your review piqued my interest.

    • Anthony Peronto // March 5, 2012 at 11:20 am // Reply

      Glad to hear your feedback! At least check out The Great Deception, Show Out, and Scripture Alone if you can since they’re probably the best tracks on this album for a casual Flame fan

    • Wow! I’m surprised at your comment! Flame is one of the top Christian rappers in the industry for a reason. If he was only “best in small doses” then that wouldn’t explain his crazy popularity and record sales. You should definitely listen to the entire album and you will change your mind. It isn’t cheesy at all! Since he was #1 on iTunes HipHop and #8 on iTunes overall Top Albums (with Adele & Bruce Springsteen) he attracted a lot of secular attention. All that to say, there are non-believers hearing about him for the first time and leaving rave reviews on iTunes…and they don’t even like Jesus!! That just speaks to the superior quality of the album. You can easily hear any of these songs on secular radio. I think it fits right in…sonically of course!

    • Okay, first off, Flame is totally awesome! I love all his music. And I dont agree with the review when it says that ‘Let go’ wasn’t good. I thought that that song was one of the coolest I’ve ever heard! And the video that goes with it is so inspirational. Love it!

  2. I gave this a couple listens so far and while Anthony is our hip hop writer for a good reason i’ll throw in my two cents and say i did enjoy this style

  3. HipHopLover // March 5, 2012 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    I love FLAME!! His music is awesome! I find him to be better than the rest in CHH. I actually feel the opposite of this review. I feel like his hooks are a breath of fresh air. I’m sick of most Christian rappers screaming about the same “unashamed” “I’ll die for for Jesus” loud, ignorant hooks. I feel like when I listen to Flame he brings something different and something needed to the table. His music is always thought provoking and articulate. I find his lyrics to be deeper than most people. I say go to iTunes and listen to the clips yourself. I have “The 6th” and I think it is one of his BEST albums.

  4. Real FLAME Fan // March 8, 2012 at 5:35 pm // Reply

    I absolutely love this album!!!! I actually think it’s one of his best projects, if not the best!! For you to say that “Captured” was his best shows that you’re a recent FLAME fan. I’m not denying the artistic ability of “Captured” because I love that project as well. However, his first album set the mark high for the rest of his projects. I understand that you were slightly bothered with the “repetitive” and “annoying” hooks of “Running” and “Try Me,” but those are the exact tracks that are going to be huge hits. That repetition is what’s relevant in rap today and in the past. A part of being successful is remaining relevant to the industry and to the audience. If every other rapper can be on “repeat-mode” and it’s a hit, this is definitely not any different. I think that “Let Go” was an awesome way to end the album as it reminds us that we can find rest in Jesus. In the end, “The 6th” is a must-have as this is definitely FLAME at his best!!!!!

    • Thanks for you opinion, but I gotta correct you. I’m far from a recent FLAME fan. I got into him after he released Rewind =)

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