Free Download! Thousand Foot Krutch – Remixes!

Free Download! Thousand Foot Krutch – Remixes!


Hey! Remember when Thousand Foot Krutch promised that if their kickstarter was funded within 24 hours that they’d give out some free remix tracks? Guess what? They remembered too! Eventually. These things take time. Now you can get them for freeeeeee on NoiseTrade!


1. Let The Sparks Fly (Broken Sauce Remix)

2. Light Up The Sky (Solomon Olds Remix)

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7 Comments to “Free Download! Thousand Foot Krutch – Remixes!”

  1. Got them even before you put up this post!

    They’re not bad, sort of dubstep-ish.

  2. Me gusta! So dubstepy and dissonant. Those are my two least favorite songs on that album but those remixes are neat’oh.

    • They were really your two least favorite songs on the album?!? Wow, I can’t comprehend that! Let The Sparks Fly is decent, but I think Light Up The Sky is amazing! And they do them both live really well! I couldn’t believe how Trevor managed to sing Light Up The Sky live so close to how it sounds on the record!

      • I lied, I Get Wicked is actually my least favorite. But the album is amazing, and just because they are my least favorite doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I’m just saying if I had a chose, I’d listen to the remixes.

  3. My album info says they’re tracks 3 and 5, I wonder if that means there’ll be others. Or maybe these are just the only ones they picked for release. Or maybe album info is just being weird like always. Anyways, pretty good remixes of two of my favorite songs from the album, not a bad deal.

  4. Let The Sparks Fly sounds really good. I like it a lot. Light Up The Sky doesn’t really interest me in it’s original or remixed form. Even though Soul Glow remixed “Light Up…” it doesn’t seem to help it much.

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