Free Download! Tooth & Nail, BEC Summer Samplers

Free Download! Tooth & Nail, BEC Summer Samplers


You can now go to freetoothandnail, enter the code TNN2012SUMMERSAMPLER and your info and get free samplers from Tooth & Nail and BEC Recordings!


BEC Sampler:

Jessa Anderson – Now What I Thought

Manafest – Pushover

7eventh Time Down

Hawk Nelson – We’re Alright

Kutless – Need

KJ-52 – Brand New Day

Seventh Day Slumber – Knows My Name

Jeremy Camp – King Jesus

The Museum – Love Will Find You


Tooth & Nail/Solid State Sampler

Children 18:3 – Moment To Moment

Demon Hunter – This I Know

The Overseer – Amend

Rocky Loves Emily – Be Mine Tonight

Nine Lashes – Believe Your Eyes

Rapture Ruckus – Break The Line

Becoming The Archetype – Breathing Light

Family Force 5 – Can You Feel It

Capital Lights – Coldffront Heatstroke

Wolves At The Gate – Dead Man

Icon For Hire – Get Well


Oh, Sleeper – Hush Yael

To Speak Of Wolves – Je Suis Fini

Hyland – Jumping The Gun

The Letter Black – My Disease (Dirty Lazer Mix)

August Burns Red – Poor Millionaire

Write This Down – Red

Emery – Scissors

Blessed By A Broken Heart – Shut Up And Rock

I Am Empire – The Elevator

Sent By Ravens – We’re All Liars


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21 Comments to “Free Download! Tooth & Nail, BEC Summer Samplers”

  1. I’m downloading both now, and will have to listen to them later.

    • Same here…there seems to be a glitch with the T&N sampler, though. Doesn’t seem to be cooperating with my media player. (It plays, but it doesn’t register as an actual list of songs in Windows Media Player)

  2. Wow, I was wondering when T&N would release this! I got it back at the end of June at Creation Fest NE, when they were giving out the actual cards with the download code on it!

  3. What’s the track list?

  4. The download doesn’t work :(

  5. This download did not work for me either.

  6. Ugh why do they have to make it so complicated. I got as far as adding the first one to my cart (seriously?) and then it went to an error page. I hit back space and it asked me start all over.

  7. Am I the only one that had no problems downloading it!

  8. Keith Fillmore // August 16, 2012 at 11:21 am // Reply

    T&N needs to learn how to make these downloads user friendly. Seems to work if you download one of the samplers at a time, but not both (script errors that affect both Firefox and Chrome).

    • i downloaded both at the same time. now imagine me shrugging. i’m not in charge of their tech support haha

    • That’s what you get for using Firefox and Chrome. I had a dual-download work perfectly in IE9.

      • I have chrome and it worked fine

        • Keith Fillmore // August 18, 2012 at 7:24 am // Reply

          My comment was for T&N’s benefit, in case they have anyone out looking. I successfully downloaded both samplers, but had to do so separately because of the script errors. Script errors that aren’t related to a specific browser (adding that information gives detail to anyone trying to debug). I have noticed a definite trend over the years of T&N samplers giving people download problems, and another trend that some are successful the first time and others struggle. You don’t need half a dozen clicks to give something away. NoiseTrade works flawlessly, for example, and they get your email information (which seems to be what everyone is harvesting).

          • i’ve had minor hiccups w/ noisetrade, so i wouldn’t say it works flawlessly, but considering that the site’s main objective is downloading, it should work better than a label’s once a year download (which, again, worked fine for me). getting thousands of emails is a marketer’s dream…if executed well, those lists are worth gold.

  9. “Coldffront Heatstroke”. Looks like s-someone was c-c-cold when they t-t-typed that!

    • Forgive me…I notice random things and find humor in them. :) Love these samplers though! Can’t wait to download!!

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