Future of Forestry – Young Man Follow (Review)

Future of Forestry – Young Man Follow (Review)

Sound Swan Records

Released July 10, 2012

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

A genre of film I hold very dear is science-fiction. Not surprisingly one of my favorite films so far this year is Prometheus. So the cover of Future of Forestry’s first full-length in 6 years naturally triggered images of Prometheus and the film’s search for mankind’s origins. But unlike Ridley Scott’s prequel “but not really” to Alien, Eric Owyoung’s album is a hopeful and encouraging album exploring the Divine Creator. This hopeful nature is clearly evident since Owyoung wrote the album specifically for fans and listeners of good music. And if you fall into either of these categories, Young Man Follow will not disappoint.

Instead of continuing the musical themes of Travel EPs, FoF has mostly went back to their roots and signature sound of atmospheric and soaring anthems (ex. “As It Was” & “Things That We Should Say”). The only notable traces of the Travel EPs are the increased use of synthesizers, xylophones, and hand-claps which are used so well that their debut album pales in comparison creatively and in song progression. One such example is the highlight “Someone,” which incorporates so many elements and builds to a satisfying conclusion. It should’ve been a closer had it not been for “Love Be Your Mantra” which takes the cake as the most creative instrumentation (including polka horns?) and is the most fun song on the album.

After 5 EPs, including the volumes of Advent Christmas, it was about time for Future of Forestry to create a full-length. And while I wasn’t astounded by Travel III, Eric Owyoung has crafted one of the most enjoyable and near-perfect rock albums so far this year.

Grade: 4.5


  1. Young Man Follow
  2. Come Alive
  3. Someone
  4. As It Was
  5. Would You Come Home
  6. Feeling
  7. Chariots
  8. You
  9. Things That We Should Say
  10. Love Be Your Mantra

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  1. So good. I do feel like this album is like the direct follow up to Twilight in terms of overall sound, although the growth and experimentation during the Travel series is more than evident. I also think he incorporates a lot from Travel III onto this record (bass and drums especially) which is a major plus for me because that’s my favorite work of his. :)

    All in all really love this record. After all that “September 2011″ talk and then silence I thought we’d never get another FoF album. Such a wonderful surprise!

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