Get $2 Amazonmp3 Credit For Free!

Get $2 Amazonmp3 Credit For Free!


Go get $2 worth of Amazonmp3 credit for free! Then tell us what you use it on!

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Tyler Hess has been running Christian Music Zine since he created the site in 2008. His favorite bands are Relient K, Bleach, Emery, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3 and Anberlin. Twitter = @tylerscotthess More Posts

8 Comments to “Get $2 Amazonmp3 Credit For Free!”

  1. Ahh, I love Christian Music Zine! :D

      • OK, so last time I got free Amazonmp3 credit, I had to actually apply the credit or the offer to my purchase. Is that the same with this? Or is it automatic, and the next thing I buy, it will cost $2 less?

        • it SHOULD be automatically applied to your next mp3 purchase (it always does for me). if it doesn’t i would contact amazon support, they’re actually very helpful if you send them an email

          • good to know.
            this is unrelated, but i’m guessing you are aware of the new guvera website, Tyler? have you figured out how to get the weekly downloads? they took the My Soundtrack page off of facebook!

          • I hadn’t been on a couple weeks, this is all i could find:

            “How can I earn more downloads?
            You can earn more downloads by interacting with brands and advertisers on the Guvera website.
            Keep your eye out for special offers that have the addition of a free download! Once you have
            taken the action required (i.e. watched a video) your download will be available!”

  2. Ah I see. That’s too bad. It was way better the way they had it before, just clicking to get those 3 credits each week! :(

    • yea, let them work out the bugs and i’m sure you’ll figure something out eventually. their bigger problem was they stopped adding stuff from EMI on there, major bummer for me

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