Guess Who’s Making a Christmas Album?

Guess Who’s Making a Christmas Album?

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There have been tons of artists recently making a Christmas album! As you can see from the above tweets, Steven Curtis Chapman is the latest to put his name in the ring, alongside artists MIKESCHAIR (tentative), Kari Jobe, Josh Wilson, Mandisa, Jason Gray, Francesca Battistelli and Jeremy Camp. All of these albums should be out later this year.

Which one are you picking up?

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Joshua Andre lives in Sydney, Australia and is a news reporter, reviewer and interviewer for Christian Music Zine, covering pop/rock/CCM and worship music. His favorite Christian artists are Newsboys, Natalie Grant, Third Day, Switchfoot, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Sanctus Real, Britt Nicole and Matthew West. His hobbies include watching cricket, spending time with friends, cooking, and reading. His favourite TV shows include One Tree Hill, Monk, Psych, Parenthood, Castle, Life On Mars, Once Upon a Time, Suits, The Newsroom and Person Of Interest. He also is a member of the sound production team at his local church, GracePoint Christian Church. More Posts

16 Comments to “Guess Who’s Making a Christmas Album?”

  1. if i were to pick one, it’ll probably be Josh Wilson’s album!

    Love his rendition of noel:

    Also interested in Christmas albums by Kari Jobe, Jason Gray, Francesca Battistelli and Steven Curtis Chapman!

  2. good gravy have you been favoriting these and waiting for a post? we are only about 3 months away from receiving these for review, i’m gonna try to forget I saw this until then

    • ha ha, nah, i just recently saw SCC’s tweet about the Christmas album, and thought, why not write an article about these albums, as these tweets show- it is current up to date information! :)

  3. Am I the only one who hates christmas albums? I love Christmas, but hate all these albums. As a huge fan of Christian music, I can honestly say the only Christmas cd I’ve ever purchased was Family Force 5′s – and that was just for my youth kids at church as they are die hard fans. With so many people doing them, it’s just overkill. Honestly is SCC going to bring anything new to “O Holy Night” ??? Just venting….

  4. All these artists are pretty much the same genre. I want to see an experimental Christmas album from bands like Flyleaf, Skillet, or Children 18:3 (now THAT would be epic).

    • August Burns Red is making one.

      • they always have great Christmas songs and I’m not even a huge fan of the genre…the T&N Christmas samplers are always good for us alternative music fans

    • Ronnie Hamilton // June 25, 2012 at 1:25 pm // Reply

      I agree. When I saw this list, I didn’t care much for any of them. Nothing seemed like it would be anything different than what we already have. I would love to see Christmas albums from those that you posted, as long as they don’t go too generic or Adult Contemporary with them.

    • Flyleaf does have a Christmas song…”what’s this?” a cover of the nightmare before christmas song…and its awesome

  5. Ronnie Hamilton // June 25, 2012 at 3:15 pm // Reply

    How about an entire House of Heroes Christmas album? I wouldn’t even care if they were all covers or originals. It would be good either way. Others I want to hear:

    Another Relient K
    Lifehouse (this would probably be amazing)
    Owl City
    Needtobreathe (another one that would be just beautiful)
    Five Iron
    Another FF5
    and a hip hop one, maybe Lecrae and the whole 116 group. If they did a collaboration like they did on the Man Up EP, that would be sick.

    • i’ll co-sign on HOH, Anberlin and RK.2!

    • needtobreathe, Owl City, and Lecrae would definitely be interesting…

      I remember a tweet from Group 1 Crew a while back saying they would do a Christmas album in the future. It was during one of their twitter q&a times (but nothing official and set in stone)…

  6. I co-sign Anberlin making one. I’ve always wanted Skillet and Red to do Christmas releases. Maybe not entire albums, but EPs? Come on guys! Do it! :D

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