Gungor – Ghosts Upon The Earth (Review)

Gungor – Ghosts Upon The Earth (Review)


Label: Brash Music
Releases September 20, 2011

Some groups slowly mature over time making subtle changes with each album. Five albums later the band has evolved into something bigger and greater. Gungor successfully makes this jump in one album. Their first album as “Gungor” (which was Grammy nominated) had some of the elements you’ll hear on Ghosts Upon The Earth, but it was pretty much a worship album.

Has anyone else made a chamber pop album in Christian music? Gungor does it and hits a home run in the process. It’s like Sufjan, Sigur Ros, & Bon Iver came to church. Innovative lush melodies are bathed in strings and given legs with insightful lyrics.  There’s just so many instruments used on this album.

Ghosts starts off with the song Let There Be with Michael’s wife Lisa singing.  She seemed to play a more complementary role in the past. Now, she’s opening the album & plays a more crucial role.  This first song seems to be a story of Creation.

The only song that’s probably suited to be a single is Brother Moon. When they reach the line “You are everything good, You are everything beautiful”, you’ve already made an amazing journey in just a few short minutes. Ghosts Upon The Earth is an album, not a collection of catchy singles.  When you listen to this album, do it all at once. If you try to pick and choose singles off itunes, you’ll miss the experience.

It’s one of the best albums of the year, if not the best. Worship leaders looking for that next anthem to sing at church aren’t going to find it here. Although, it would be amazing to hear churches incorporate these songs into their sets.

Gungor will be playing Ghosts in it’s entirety at album release shows in Atlanta & Nashville this week.

You can buy Ghosts at Christian retailers, itunes & amazon. You can also listen on spotify. Gungor is on twitter and facebook or at

1. Let There Be
2. Brother Moon
3. Crags & Clay
4. The Fall
5. When Death Dies
6. Church Bells
7. Wake Up Sleeper
8. Ezekiel
9. Vous Etes Mon Coure (You Are My Heart)
10. This Is Not The End
11. You Are The Beauty
12. Every Breath










6 Comments to “Gungor – Ghosts Upon The Earth (Review)”

  1. Gungor is the greatest worship band of our time. That is all.

    • wow, bold statement there Lucas. who would you say is number dos?

      • I’m sorry I usually try to refrain from statements like that but I’m so enamored with their new album right now. :)
        David Crowder*Band is a close second for me. There’s just something about Gungor though.. there’s such a worshipful tone in their music but it’s all done so well and so beautifully that it’s hard to even call it “worship music”. Even though it’s more worshipful to me then pretty much anything else out there. Their arrangements are some of the most brilliant I’ve heard from any band (including secular) and their melodies are fantastic. I think if they were more popular it wouldn’t be such a bold thing to say they’re the best of our time.. but I think every band in the Christian music industry can learn something from them.

        • I also think Phil Wickham, Jars of Clay, John Mark McMillian, Jon Foreman, downhere, Caedmon’s Call (tragically underrated), and Leeland are all good examples of good worship music. But it’s all a matter of opinion I guess. I really do think Gungor could turn the entire Christian music industry around if they get big enough though. I feel like we need more worship artists who aren’t afraid to stretch themselves musically and Gungor (along with DC*B) is the poster child for creativity in the Christian music industry. I’m sorry to keep gushing like a little fangirl.. but I’m in love with this band. :)

        • no need to apologize for having a strong opinion :)

          you should get a gravatar for your picture at

  2. I’d have to say, “This is Not the End” is there true single of the album if there was to be one, though “Brother Moon” is a close second. Just look on iTunes, and it can easily be seen that “This is Not the End” is more often bought/played. However, I don’t understand this because the album is thousands of times better listened to in an entire sitting. I may have listened to it 6 whole times now :D

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