Hawk Nelson Posts Kickstarter!

Hawk Nelson Posts Kickstarter!

Hawk Nelson

I think a lot of us saw this coming, but Hawk Nelson has gone with kickstarter to fund their next album, with guitarist Jon Steingard taking over lead vocals. They are looking for $35,000 with an estimated release date of early 2013. Will you be supporting this campaign?

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17 Comments to “Hawk Nelson Posts Kickstarter!”

  1. Does that mean that Tooth & Nail gave them the boot?

  2. Possible but I doubt it. It’s almost become a tradition for bigger T&N bands to leave the label in favor of Kickstarter.

    • It’s happening a lot, huh? I’m guessing because it’s working. I wonder how indie labels are adapting to the kickstarter craze

      • Well, maybe not a LOT, but Thousand Foot Krutch and The Classic Crime are former Tooth & Nail acts that went to Kickstarter, so that’s a trio that did it in under 12 months.

  3. I don’t know if i’m going to support. I hated Crazy love and thought Live Life Loud was OK.

    • well…I have a feeling it will be completely different…I think people should check out Jon Steingard’s solo album that he put out as “Fox Run” to hear how he sounds

  4. 8,000 dollars for a tour around a town? and you have to pay for travel, accommodations, and everything else? These guys must be really full of themselves

    • a lot of times on these things bands will throw up weird, fun things for a lot of money. I guess there’s always someone who doesn’t get the joke.

      • I guess there’s always someone to defend one of their favorite bands. Someone already bought the 2,500 dollar one, which is also a rip off. You’re basically paying 2,500 dollars for 3 hours in a studio and then the rest of the trip (all the accommodations) you have to pay for. Look at bands like Showbread, they have expensive packages, but they’re totally worth it. You can call it a joke, but odds are they don’t mean it as a joke (I could be wrong, I don’t know)

        • Showbread had a package where you would spend the weekend w/ them and they’d take you to church and I saw people ripping on them for that. it’s kind of assumed that if you get one of those packages that you either live close by or you are willing to take a vacation there to do it. plus, there’s a thing called supply and demand: if someone is willing to pay for it, then they’re great salesmen! haha

  5. Heck yes I backed them!!! I am totally ecstatic about this new album!! The little bit of the songs they played on their kickstarter video sound AMAZING!!!

  6. Nah, I didn’t really care much for their last two albums, save for maybe 3-5 songs between the two. I’m not one to offer money for Kickstarter, partially because I hate online monetary transactions.

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