KB – Weight & Glory (Review)

KB – Weight & Glory (Review)

Reach Records

Released July 17, 2012

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Many music critics, when presented with an album to review, can easily listen to the record and instantly give out a complete opinion. But every once and awhile there is an album that requires multiple spins to get a clear picture. Such is the case with KB’s debut album, Weight and Glory, which I can safely say is the best Reach Records debut album I’ve ever heard. With that being said, it doesn’t mean the album is perfect.

A standout attribute of KB’s style is his musical progression evident so early-on in his career. This can be seen on “Weight Music,” “Go Off (Note: Tedashii steals the show on this track),” and “Zone Out” which blends the smooth during the chorus and the bass-heavy hip hop on the verses. And samples from Thi’sl’s “Let It Knock” and Trip Lee’s “Who is Like Him?” are used on “Zone Out” and “Angels” so effectively that it becomes part of the song. One of the more surprising songs on the album is “Don’t Mean Much,” which is a good blend of rock and hip hop with a chorus that would’ve been better sung by Paper Tongues’ Aswan North.

As far as weaknesses go, there are a few that are worth mentioning. Even with a killer verse by Lecrae on “Church Clap,” unless you’re accustomed to southern churches this fusion of gospel & hip hop just won’t connect with you as strongly as it should. “Mr. Pretender” taken from the POV of the “deceitfulness of sin” is pulled off well but doesn’t hold up to the superior and comparable “Indwelling Sin” by Lecrae. However KB does improve on a concept used many-a-time by KJ-52: The reading of fan letters. By bringing along Swoope’s lyricism, Trip Lee’s prayer/verse, and addressing topics rarely discussed in churches the song becomes one of the highlights despite the repetitive use of “war!” in the chorus.

After several rotations of this debut album I believe this is a solid record that is the best Reach Records debut album the label has ever put out. But based on what his labelmates have done before him, KB should be able to create a standout sophomore album that not only improves musically but also contains a stronger and well-executed theme.

Grade: 4


  1. Weight Music
  2. Zone Out ft. Chris Lee Cobbins
  3. Anomaly
  4. Don’t Mean Much ft. Sho Baraka
  5. Go Off ft. Andy Mineo & Tedashii
  6. Mr. Pretender
  7. Open Letter (Battlefield) ft. Swoope, Trip Lee, & Jai
  8. Heart Song ft. Jasmine Le’Shea
  9. Angels ft. FLAME
  10. Tear It Down
  11. Church Clap ft. Lecrae
  12. Hello ft. Suzy Rock
  13. Here We Go ft. PK
  14. Bonus Track: Zone Out (Amped Remix)

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Anthony Peronto lives in Eagle River, Alaska with his wife and daughter and is a reviewer who loves all genres but focuses on hip-hop and metal. He recently received an associates and is now studying for his bachelors in business administration with the hopes of opening a Christian music store. While he has an equal passion about movies, his favorites bands/artists include: Relient K, House of Heroes, The Classic Crime, Children 18:3, and Anberlin (Rock); Demon Hunter, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Showbread, and Oh, Sleeper (Metal); and Lecrae, Braille, theBreax, K-Drama, and Yaves (Hip-Hop). More Posts

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  1. After listening to the rapzilla stream i would have to agree

  2. Can’t wait to hear this album tomorrow. It feels like I’ve been waiting ages for his Reach debut.

  3. Shoot, I have had this forever and just now took the time to listen…what have I been doing with my life? To be fair this came out when my kid was just over a month old, I guess I got sidetracked. this is legit.

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