KIROS – Lay Your Weapons Down (Review)

KIROS – Lay Your Weapons Down (Review)

Ain’t No Grave Records

Release Date: February 7 2012

Reviewed by Megan Missler

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When Calgary-based KIROS began this ambitious recording, they only had about 30 songs to choose from. With the help of Mark Lee Townsend, who has worked with the likes of Relient K, they were able to cut the list down to the ten that you should own after reading this review.

The album opens with “Broken State.” Upbeat musically, but filled to the brim with desperate questions and thought-provoking lines. Then things slow down a bit with melodic, introspective “One Thing.” Don’t worry, there is nothing lacking in the rock department. One thing I know, if you listen to the album this far, you will be “well passed the point of return.”

“Outlaws And Prodigals” is one of those songs with such well-written lyrics that I begin to quote one line, and soon I realize I’m quoting the entire song! With driving guitars and a gritty beat we are asked if we aren’t all outlaws and prodigals “with glimmers of a greater love and shadows of our fall.” This is then followed by huge rock anthem “Unshaken,” featuring screaming guitars and a beat that will make you want to jump up and pump both your rock fists.

This massive anthem is followed by an abruptly different acoustic ballad in “What Can Stop Me Now.” It just feels a little out of place and awkward against “Unshaken.” However, it is a heartfelt song about stepping out on faith in reckless trust, with beautiful strings filling out acoustic guitars.

The rock feel picks up again with “Good Intentions, Bad Directions.” “Passive Through” is an encouragement to enjoy life now, while keeping focused on eternity without being depressing. “Found Me” addresses the struggles of life with the realization that love is the one constant that will pursue us, though we run from it.

“Desperation Calls” brings the tempo back up to a fist pumping level. Though it starts out in struggle and imprisonment this song moves quickly to freedom in our Rescuer. The finale to this album is the rock ballad “Something Beautiful.” Lead Barry MacKichan’s voice soars with these words, “There is beautiful in broken things, hope that soars on fractured wings, design in all the chaos and found among the lost.” This is a song that will touch many. It will be one of those events at live shows that will at once bring the individual to intimacy with God and unite the entire room. We can sing this song together at the top of our lungs to the One who sees something beautiful in us all.

This album really has everything from a headbanging rock anthem to a hand raising rock ballad. The talent of the band keeps you listening start to finish, with challenges sprinkled throughout. Also, if you get a chance to see KIROS live, do it. Although they have a few recordings and some radio play under their belts, KIROS is truly a live band. Currently they are touring with the REDvolution Tour.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended Tracks: Broken State, Outlaws And Prodigals, Unshaken, What Can Stop Me Now, Passive Through, Something Beautiful
Track List:
1. Broken State
2. One Thing
3. Outlaws And Prodigals
4. Unshaken
5. What Can Stop Me Now
6. Good Intentions, Bad Directions
7. Passive Through
8. Found Me
9. Desperation Calls
10. Something Beautiful

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  1. This is a really good album and I find the songs on this release quite enjoyable.

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