KJ-52 “Dangerous” Second Opinion Review

KJ-52 “Dangerous” Second Opinion Review

KJ-52 “Dangerous” Second Opinion Review

Seven years ago, you may of heard of a KJ-52 as being the controversial creator of the song “Dear Slim”. It brought a little national spotlight when it was featured by VH1. Nowadays, KJ-52 doesn’t need the persecution of secular television for his name to be known. His consistency as one of the best rappers in the Christian community and, more importantly, his consistency of keeping Christ as the focus of his verses has made his music very familiar to our ears. His seventh (yeah seventh!) solo album, “Dangerous” brings with it every reason why he is still at the top of his game.

“It’s Goin Down” starts the album as a powerful, ‘Party Rock’ alternative that you wouldn’t be ashamed of if someone were to hear it blaring from your speakers. I don’t know if KJ is secretly sponsored by Mt. Dew but it makes its normal cd appearance on this track which has the same caffeine content. The track distinguishes that Christ is the reason to party and that “Jesus is the reason I jump around.”

The second song on this cd is one of the most sought after collaborations today. LeCrae lends his amazing talent to “They Like Me” and teams with Mr. Tweezy to address one of the most controversial topics in Christianity and secular circles: race. They drop the message that, as Children of God, we are not black or white, but all covered in red. After years of waiting for this pair to produce a song, they offer one with zero disappointment.

“Superhero” comes next as the Gospel presented in a language that every comic book geek will understand. We’ve heard superhero/Jesus comparisons before but this song sets itself at the top of the pile. The lyrics come in classic rap fashion with a play on words in every line.

The title track, “Dangerous”, is the first single to come from the record and address the dangerous lifestyle that so many people live trying to take care of themselves. KJ-52 made sure this new cd clearly defined his mission, to promote Christ. Without Christ, our life is a “long, hard road to nowhere”. This song is comparable to LeCrae’s “Prayin For You”.

“Facemelt” introduces a new term to your vocabulary and is a rock infused anthem that explains the gravity of God’s might. This is the first song that didn’t produce a paragraph of praise. “Shake Em Up” is a shout out to the haters that somehow exist. 52 proudly proclaims (with another special guest) that they are sticking with Jesus through thick and thin. Simply: don’t let your critics break your faith.

It wouldn’t be a proper KJ-52 album without a fun, goofy song. “Do the Bill Cosby” fills that spot on the record as the “dumb dance song”. Guess it’s time to retire the Tweezy Dance and put on our ugliest sweaters and bring on the puddin’.

“So Far Apart” brings us back to a serious tone. The sstartof this song made me do a double take to make sure I was still listening to the same cd. It’s more mellow that the rest of the album so far but it doesn’t make it any less better. It encourages the listener to stick with God in the valleys. “Brand New Day” continued down the alternate avenue with a song that sounded more Adam Young than Jonah Kirsten.

“Speed That Light” brings back the rap with a lyric set echoing Matthew 5 and the Great Commission. With a few guest vocals, the question arose in my head, “When will KJ start a rap group like 1-1-6 Clique?” “That Was My Life”: Rap? Check. Rock? Check. Story of Change? Check. This track is a filler song that reminds the listener that they can change and leave the evil.

While touring with Newsboys on Winter Jam last year and doing guest vocals for the reprise of ‘Jesus Freak’, Michael Tait and friends must have rubbed off on Mr. Friday Night Freestyle. “Go”, the closing track, sounds like a missing track from the Miracles cd put out last year.

All in all, this cd is definitely worth adding to your collection. Die hard KJ-52 fans will be satisfied with his consistency, charisma, and willingness to venture into uncharted territory while new comers to the rap game will be greeted with one of the industry’s leading artists. And, as history reveals, these 12 songs may not be the only music from KJ this year. He has a habit of releasing remixes and bonus tracks after a new cd has time to breathe. No word yet has been given but I suggest you keeping looking here on christianmusiczine for any news from the KJ camp.


Score: 4.725 /5


  1. It’s Goin Down
  2. They Like Me (ft. LeCrae)
  3. Superhero
  4. Dangerous
  5. Facemelt
  6. Shake Em Up
  7. Do the Bill Cosby
  8. So Far Apart
  9. Brand New Day
  10. Speed That Light
  11. That Was My Life
  12. Go


Favorite Song by Lyric: Shake Em Up

Favorite Song by Sound: It’s Goin Down


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