Kutless Concert Review

Kutless Concert Review


To celebrate the release of their new album, Believer, Kutless played a free concert at the Mall of America on February 28th. As I’m not in the area often, a friend and I went there early to look around and to just hang out. We walked around for a bit, visited some shops, and had a nice lunch. At about 1:30 (yeah, I know the concert didn’t start until 7), my friend and I made our way to where we were going to wait in line. There was already a small crowd gathered so we were not the only crazy ones who had the idea to get there early! We hung out with others and blasted our Believer CD because we were awesome and pre-ordered it. I ventured over to Starbucks to get a “White Chocolate Mocha” for myself and I was in line behind someone ordering 5 different drinks. I didn’t know that those drinks were for the Kutless guys until I saw the lady walk over to them. Let me just say, they order some intense drinks!



At about 4:20, the mall cops started letting us into “the cage” (a part of the rotunda was encircled with gates) in small groups. For a Christian concert, there were a ton of mall cops around. Everyone agreed that it was probably the easiest night they would have all week because it was a Christian concert.



Can I just say that I love Twitter? I do. If you don’t have one, I encourage you to get one. It was how I found out about a contest that the Mall of America was holding. All I had to do was write in the comments section of their blog about my favorite Kutless song and why. I would then be entered into a drawing to win a special Meet and Greet with the band. Well, I won! So at around 6:30 my friend and I went into “The Green Room” at the Mall where we got a couple minutes alone with Kutless. As I walked in, Nick (lead guitar/background vocals) thanked me for “such a nice review”. I told him it wasn’t difficult to do as Believer was a great album. We talked about the review, the album, and some other random stuff. Before I knew it, we were asked to pose for a picture and were about to leave. Before we left the room, I had them sign my poster and they all gave me a hug. Then my friend and I made our way to our seats.

Jeff and his box


As far as concerts go, this one was very short, around 40 minutes. But it was a free concert, on a Tuesday night, in the biggest mall in America. It was also an acoustic show and all Jeff was able to hit was a box. There were around 3,500 people in attendance on this particular night. As it was in a mall, there was ample time for ministry to occur. Jon Micah spoke about God, especially in the meaning behind their new songs before they were played, in between songs. I’ve always loved the heart of Kutless and the meaning behind their songs; so it was nice to hear the meaning behind the new stuff. Way too soon after it began, the concert ended. My friend and I made our way to the back of the signing line. (What can I say? We’re big fans.) There were 300 of us that were allowed to go through the autograph line, and being at the back, we had the opportunity to talk to those around us. I informed a couple of people who was who in the band and I spent nearly the entire time it took to go through the line having a conversation with a self-proclaimed Atheist. We talked about several different religions and their beliefs from Christianity, to Buddhism, to The Flying Spaghetti Monster. We talked about who Jesus was and I kept trying to “say the right things”. There were a lot of people around us listening in and asking both of us questions. Like I said, ample time for ministry. As much as I enjoyed seeing Kutless again, having this conversation was probably the highlight of my night. I have no idea if what I said changed him in any way, but I pray that there is a change within him. At any rate, he got his picture with Kutless that he’ll be able to look back on. :)

We got up to the guys, and this time, I had them sign my CD. We talked about all the generic stuff (how good the concert was, how their families are doing, etc) and I told Dave congratulations on being a dad. And then I told him that I was a creep and tweeted his wife saying “congratulations” as well. Dave, Jeff, and Nick seemed to get a kick out of that one.

Jon Micah and Dave

We left the area and found some other fans to talk to. As we were going over how awesome the concert was, the Kutless guys walked to where us fans weren’t allowed. As they were on their way, I told Nick I was praying for them. It’s something I do for them. Their ministry has helped me a lot in life and I thank God every day for placing what He has on their hearts. It’s also the most important thing we as fans can do (for any band). James even said on a radio interview, earlier in the day, that that is what they ask for most: prayers for them, their families, and their ministry.

As always, it was great to see Kutless in concert, especially on the night of their newest release. Even though it was a short acoustic set; it’s one night that I’ll remember forever. I was able to worship God with 3,500 other people in a place where one doesn’t normally think of as a venue for a Christian concert. Who knows how many hearts were changed that night.

Set List:

1. Strong Tower

2. Come Back Home

3. Holy Is The Lord

4. Even If

5. Sea Of Faces

6. Mighty To Save

7. God Of Wonders

8. Hero

9. Carry Me to the Cross

10. Everything I Need

11. What Faith Can Do

Probably my favorite piece of merch ever.

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  1. Joshua Andre // March 6, 2012 at 9:59 pm // Reply

    Love the review Emily, makes me want to be there!! Kutless’ album is awesome, and I’m sure it would definitely translate in a live setting!

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