Lecrae – Gravity (Review)

Lecrae – Gravity (Review)


Reach Records

Released September 4, 2012

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Gravity is a fundamental part of physics. You might associate this concept to Newton sitting under an apple tree and an apple falling on his head, but a physics lesson isn’t what Lecrae offers on his 6th full-length album, Gravity, which I think is the most important album of his career. After the success of Rehab, the BET Awards cypher, and his transitional and raw Church Clothes mixtape, one wonders how he’ll merge the solid hip-hop of the mixtape with the diverse sound of Rehab. And as far as I can tell, he pulls it off quite successfully.

As an avid hip-hop listener, production is always a high priority and Gravity has plenty of astounding beats including the hard-hitting smoothness from J.R. on “Gravity,” the rude-boy dancehall “Violence” from Tyshane (who also did “Black Rose”), the epic “Power Trip” which sounds like Tha Kracken but is surprisingly by DJ Official, the blazing “Fuego” by Dirty Rice, and “Falling Down” and “I Know” by The Watchmen. Consisting of Alex Medina, J.R., and Wit, The Watchmen has a bright future of them as a team. Since it’s been argued that Christian hip hop is always a step behind in quality, Gravity proves to the mainstream what Christian hip hop can sound like. Other than the highlight features on the album (Swoope, Sho Baraka, & Tedashii destroy their verses), it seems that Lecrae has continued to grow since Church Clothes and made his lyrics more transparent & personal than ever before.

When Lecrae’s mixtape dropped earlier this year I gave it a perfect rating. I forgave its shortcomings because the production, delivery, and lyrics were something we haven’t seen very much from Lecrae. However on Gravity there are some very minor issues that I felt needed to be addressed. Such as the hooks on “Violence,” the repetitive use of the title in “I Know,” the solid but forgettable “Confe$$ions,” the chorus on “Higher,”and the inclusion of “No Regrets” which was on Church Clothes. But these problems barely hinder the album overall, which is close to perfection.

Loosely inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes, Gravity is so far the most important CHH album ever made and bridges the gap between Christian and the secular rap scenes. And the most surprising thing is that Lecrae will probably hold two spots on my Top 10 albums list this year.

Grade: 4.75


  1. The Drop (Intro)
  2. Gravity ft. J.R.
  3. Walk With Me ft. Novel
  4. Free From It All ft. Mathai
  5. Falling Down ft. Swoope & Trip Lee
  6. Fakin’ ft. Thi’sl
  7. Violence
  8. Mayday ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Ashton Jones
  9. Confe$$ions
  10. Buttons
  11. Power Trip ft. PRo, Sho Baraka, & Andy Mineo
  12. Lord Have Mercy ft. Tedashii
  13. I Know
  14. Tell The World ft. Mali Music
  15. Lucky Ones ft. Rudy Currence
  16. No Regrets ft. Suzy Rock (Itunes Bonus Track)
  17. Higher ft. Tenth Avenue North (Itunes Bonus Track)
  18. Fuego ft. KB & Suzy Rock (Itunes Bonus Track)

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  1. Very nice. I love CHH, but it seems every album has songs that I skip. Not this one. I love the inclusion of Th’isl on “Fakin” and “Fuego” is just that, on fire. “Violence” is another of my favorites.

  2. Here’s the deal…my hometown is Gravity…:)

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