Listen! Group 1 Crew – “Fearless” (Full Album Stream)

Listen! Group 1 Crew – “Fearless” (Full Album Stream)


Group 1 Crew will be releasing their brand new album, Fearless, next week, but you can listen to the whole album through the weekend by submitting your email at their website!

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8 Comments to “Listen! Group 1 Crew – “Fearless” (Full Album Stream)”

  1. meh… it’s alright. I guess I was expecting more upbeat faster dance songs like the last couple of albums… there are a few, but too many ballads and midtempo songs for my liking

  2. I love the album, and the new direction the band is expanding into! Well done, Manwell and Blanca!

  3. Even though I’m not feeling their slower songs, I still think it will be a good album. I guess we should just get used to a new G1C sound every album.

    • what’s wrong with the slower ballads? Some of my favourite songs are the slower ones- Steppin Out, Not The End Of Me, Forsaken, Fearless, He Said…

      It’s in these songs where Blanca shows off her vocal abilities, and reminds me of Natalie Grant and Britt Nicole, vocally at times!

      • I haven’t listened to the songs, just the clips, but G1C really shines on songs like Manipulation, Can’t Go On & Movin’. I’d prefer an album like that as opposed to an album full of songs like He Said and Closer.

  4. The comments on here got me worried that I wouldn’t like this one, because I enjoy their upbeat songs the most. I’m listening to the clips on iTunes right now, and so far I’m loving what I’m hearing. There are enough upbeat songs on there, and the slower ones still have a good vibe to them. There seem to be some songs that could fit in easily with Top 40 radio.

  5. I just got done listening to His Kind of Love and had a hard time finishing it. I hope the rest of the album is better than this, because from what I’ve heard so far is some of the most bland, generic and boring music I’ve ever heard. I’m being nice when I say it’s radio fodder. G1C is so much better than this. They used to have a unique sound that I loved, but now they sound like every other artist on the radio.


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