MxPx – Both Ends Burning DVD (Review)

MxPx – Both Ends Burning DVD (Review)

Released Digitally 12/1/2011 and Physically 12/8/2011

Where to even begin? That’s not only what my thought is at the moment, but it must have also been running through the mind of the person tasked with editing MxPx’s latest documentary, Both Ends Burning. It’s hard to imagine that this band has really been around as long as it has, kicking it hard since the mid-90′s, and it surely has to be disappointing to fans around the world that they’re no longer touring full time, though we’re all excited that they’re working on a ninth studio album that should be released in 2012.

Until then, MxPx has given their fans a treat with their latest documentary, Both Ends Burning. Having watched several MxPx documentaries in the past, including B Movie, Triple Threat and even the DVD from the deluxe edition of Secret Weapon, I wondered what more the band could possibly deliver that we hadn’t seen before?

The funny thing about MxPx is that they’ve been around so long and have such a solid reputation and history as a pop punk rock band that there is always more that you can dig out from them and yet not be entirely surprised by any of it. It feels like MxPx is a band that you just kind of know already, if you’ve spent real personal time with them or not, they’re like a distant relative that even if you aren’t close in distance, you hear from them and hear stories and you still feel close.

Both Ends Burning is really a mish-mash of a lot of different types of video footage about the band, from interviews, to clips of live shows to tour footage and a look into the lives of the band on the road. You get to see the band flying high in bi-planes and riding low in a swamp in Indonesia, showing you just how different the life of a legendary touring band can be compared to the 9-5 lives of a lot of the working class.

One thing that you’ll notice is that there’s a lot of bands that have looked up to MxPx through the years as punk rock pioneers, having inspired musicians from bands like Relient K, A Day To Remember, Simple Plan, Flatfoot 56 and others who commented on whatever history they had listening to or hanging out with MxPx.

There’s a lot more that could be said on this documentary that lasts about 1 hour, 16 minutes (not including the bonus materials that I am not reviewing because I haven’t seen them) but I’d rather you check it out for yourself, as any MxPx fan should want to do. This is a good time of year for nostalgia and MxPx is certainly a band that can do it for you.

You can order Both Ends Burning directly from the band at the MxPx Store.

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