My Best Swagbucks Tips!

My Best Swagbucks Tips!

I am always talking about how much I like Swagbucks as a great way to get gift cards for Amazon, which is a great way to afford all the great music that we cover that is available at Amazonmp3. There are a lot of ways to earn Swagbucks, so I thought I’d give you my best tips on how to earn faster and get more money for Amazonmp3! Remember that it takes 450 Swagbucks to earn an Amazon gift card for The United States, Canada and The UK.

1. The first thing is pretty obvious even upon signing up to the site, which is that you get Swagbucks for searching. You don’t win on every search, but you can win Swagbucks (usually around ten) a few times a day. The best way they say is to just search naturally, using their google based search engine for your daily searches.

2. An easy way to get a Swagbuck every day is to simply vote in the daily poll, takes just a couple seconds and you’re done.

3. You can get a couple more Swagbucks every day by clicking through the No Obligation Special Offers (NOSO) every day. It takes maybe half a minute and you get two more Swagbucks.

4. If you’re an extreme or even moderate coupon expert, you should know that you can get 10 Swagbucks for every coupon you use at your grocery store.

5. If you want to really increase your Swagbucks you can filter through the Special Offers section for various ways of earning them. Although there are many where you can sign up for services and get Swagbucks in return, I would rather suggest that you only do the free offers, such as watching videos or adding a Facebook app.

6. Finally, the best way to really amp up your Swagbucks is to consistently do these things AND get your friends to do it too. If you refer friends to Swagbucks (like how I am referring you right now) you can earn Swagbucks when they earn Swagbucks. In fact, you can earn up to an additional 1000 Swagbucks by getting credited just as many Swagbucks as they earn for searches!

There are a few other ways of earning Swagbucks that you may like more than I do, including finding codes in their blogs or filling out surveys (which are difficult to qualify for) and playing stupid little games. Find what is right for you and stay on top of it daily. You won’t get rich by any means, but if you find yourself online without much to do on a daily basis, then this is a great way to afford the music you’ve been wanting!

UPDATE: I’ve been doing Swagbucks TV the last few days and it is a great way to get up to 75 swagbucks a day…perfect if you have a TON of free time on your hands, terrible if you are only online for a short time each day or have a slow connection.

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7 Comments to “My Best Swagbucks Tips!”

  1. Another great way would be to use the “Tasks” feature. It takes quite a while, but it builds up pretty steadily.

  2. Justine Obi Wan Johnson // January 12, 2012 at 8:43 am // Reply

    baha Well some of them are hard…but take a half an hour sometime and do a couple pages…it builds up because they save the bucks until you have twenty, even if you stop several times. I’ve earned thirty-plus SB in a day before.

  3. I do like using it. I actually got 5 $5 Amazon gift cards in a month there before (which is the max for a month). I suggest Swagbucks TV cause you can let it run in the background when you do other tasks. :)

  4. And I like the game Crusher. I probably get 20 points a week playing it.

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