New Song! Becoming The Archetype – “The Planet Maker”

New Song! Becoming The Archetype – “The Planet Maker”

Becoming The Archetype I Am Album Cover

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Just weeks away from the release of their pummeling fifth album, I AM, metal provocateurs BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE are pleased to share another new track, “The Planet Maker,” exclusively via MetalSucks.


Armed with sweeping guitar leads and dueling growled and soaring vocals, “The Planet Maker” is a progressive ode to the guitar gods and gives fans another taste of what to expect when I Am hits stores September 18th from longtime label Solid State Records.


“‘The Planet Maker’ is our most proggy song on the record,” explains band nucleus Seth Hecox. “It reflects our love of progressive rock/metal and good, original songwriting. The song includes screaming and singing. It’s our most marketable singing on the record and the melody is in a style that is slightly new for BTA.”


Listen to ‘The Planet Maker’ at MetalSucks:


“There are also some killer solos on this song, satiating the guitar nerds and the girls that require guitar gods to inhabit the bands that they unconditionally love,” Hecox deadpans. “To match the lyrics and concept of ‘The Planet Maker,’ there are some spacey elements to the music. The riffs harken to a sci-fi interest and feeling of new beginnings of a metaphysical nature.”
After building a career on dazzlingly artistic metal offerings and fresh off their most inventive album yet in 2011’s Celestial Completion, BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE have created their most baffling album yet in I Am. It’s an album that is baffling first and foremost because it’s not meant to be baffling. An album that is less about reinventing heavy music than it is reinventing BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE. Which isn’t to say listeners won’t find the band doing its usual mind-warping and genre-bending, but as Hecox explains, the point of this album wasn’t to transcend the artform of metal music, it was to master it.


“I AM is 100% head banging riffs,” Hecox says. “Gone are the sitars and horns of Celestial Completion. Instead, we’ve crafted an album full of the heaviest and most technical songs we’ve ever written.”


I AM is available for preorder now:

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  1. Well, you’re just all up on the heavy today, huh? I’ve never loved this band, and still don’t. The cleans seemed like they weren’t from them, but the instrumentals were good.

  2. Interesting concept for the song but the execution was “alright.”
    “Time Bender” and “The Eyes of the Storm” are better than this song.
    Only time will tell if this new lineup will work since only one original member is remaining, the bassist and the drummer are new too.

  3. What’s this oddity, might I actually enjoy a BtA song?

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