New Song! The Classic Crime “Glass Houses” (Lyrics Video)

New Song! The Classic Crime “Glass Houses” (Lyrics Video)

Check out the fourth song posted by The Classic Crime from their forthcoming album “Phoenix” due out August 14th!

Here’s the other three songs:

“Heaven And Hell”

Here’s “Beautiful Darkside”

Here’s “You And Me Both”

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14 Comments to “New Song! The Classic Crime “Glass Houses” (Lyrics Video)”

  1. Chills

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but while I like this, I don’t like this as much as I would like to like this…one more “like,” for good measure.

    I just expected this band to be one of my favorite non-heavy bands around, but it’s not happening. I’m a little disappointed, but it’s still good. I just want it to be better.

  3. Just received my kickstarter advanced copy and this is definitely an album where you have to listen to the whole thing to get the full experience. Every song flawlessly flows together.

    • That’s very encouraging. Wish I’d been able to contribute to the campaign! I’d love to be jamming it out right now. :)

      • After a day of listening non stop I now think its better than The silver chord.

        • From what I’ve heard, which isn’t the whole thing (just these 4 songs), I don’t believe you, haha. None of them would be better than my top-5 songs on The Silver Cord, however I laid them out. I just don’t see it happening, unless the unrealeased tracks are the best BY FAR.

          I’m expecting this to be their #3 album for me.

          • Keith i assume you’re into the heavier tracks on the silver cord. If so you wont find any heaviness here just art. Although you might like young again.

          • I haven’t been blown away by the songs so far but I also haven’t played them more than once or twice. I’m gonna go on and believe that it’s better listened to all the way through.
            But man…better than The Silver Cord? That’s HIGH praise.

          • Of course I loved “Abracadavers,” but some of my favorites are “Medisin (probably my favorite on the album),” “God and Drugs,” and pretty mcuh every song, to be hoenst. I don’t know of a song on there that I don’t like, though I haven’t listened to “R&R” and “The Ascent” much, so I’m not sure what my feelings are for them.

            Yeah, I do like the heavier tracks from The Classic Crime, and if none of them are around at all, I’ll probably be disappointed.

          • The first three songs you mentioned are probably my favorite TCC songs of all time. i also love “Just a Man” and “The Way That You Are”. Really I love pretty much every song on The Silver Cord. I’ve always loved how that album seems to change moods as it progresses.

          • I love a lot of their slow songs, a few from every album, but I alos like the faster ones, so if they’re absent in Phoenix, I worry that it’ll feel like I’m only getting half of what I should. I don’t like that thought.

          • I’m listening to the album through for the 3rd time right now as I type….I will say it is….getting better. Let me admit that I am a huge fan of everything they’ve ever done and I am probably a little biased. However, I will say that I somewhat agree with Keith here. There is no way this is “better” than Silver Cord. It actually does feel like something is missing….that rough, edgy song that makes you want to stand up and scream “The Classic Crime is the greatest band ever!”

            Dakota is also right in saying that this album is “just art” though. It is beautiful in it’s own way. I’m no longer comparing it to previous albums and just enjoy the creativity that is Matt’s voice and artistry that is, well, The Classic Crime. Don’t sell this album short before giving it a true shot and don’t limit yourself to seeking “another Silver Cord” either or you will be disappointed and miss out.

          • Im not saying its worlds above Silver cord.its actually about tied with it, but theyre both so different that you cant compare the two

          • It’s really hard for me to give an album I like a lot of attention when it pretty much flows through a bunch of slow songs throughout. That’s probably what’ll affect me most. I don’t listen to slow songs while driving. I rarely listen to them while walking through school, and I don’t listen to that stuff while gaming. It pretty much becomes nothing but a late-night, pre-sleep album for me without anything heavy-hitting like “The Poet,” “Abracadavers,” or even a song like “Four Chords.”

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