New Song! The Classic Crime “Heaven and Hell” (Lyrics Video)

New Song! The Classic Crime “Heaven and Hell” (Lyrics Video)

The Classic Crime have posted a third song from their new album Phoenix, this one being called “Heaven And Hell”, check it out below!

Here’s Beautiful Darkside

Here’s “You And Me Both”

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3 Comments to “New Song! The Classic Crime “Heaven and Hell” (Lyrics Video)”

  1. I’m kind of sad because these songs keep underwhelming me. I want to hear something great, and I’m not quite getting that. It’s all solid, but a little safe at the same time.

    • i think tcc works better in album form…we’ll find out soon enough i guess

      • Perhaps that will be the case. I think I was just hoping that there would be a bit omre put into these songs. They’re more mellow than I hoped for. I’ll continue holding out for another song in the vein of “Abracadavers.”

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