Newworldson – Newworldson (Review)

Newworldsong – Newworldson – Inpop Records – Released Feb 23 2010 – Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Coming out with their sophomore label release, Canadian band Newworldsong’s brings us some strange combination of pop rock, soul, r&b and reggae, which is pretty much the last thing I would have suspected when I first heard of them.  With the vocals often reminding me of Michael Tait (DC Talk, TAIT, Newsboys) when singing all out and Arrested Development (sorry, you’re going to have to go way back into the vault to look into that band) when withdrawn, I’m never quite sure what to expect from song to song with this band, except that it will be diverse.  Though there are some really fun and genuine songs, with “In Your Arms” leading the pack, it can be a bit much and grows a little thin over time, making for a rather ordinary release.

Grade: 3/5

1. You Set The Rhythm
2. Listen To The Lord
3. In Your Arms
4. There Is A Way
5. Do You Believe In Love
6. That’s Exactly (How I Like It)
7. Rocky Road
8. Commander
9. Total Eclipse
10. O Lament
11. Jamaican Praise Medley
12. Weary

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