Question of the Week: Desert Island Albums?

Question of the Week: Desert Island Albums?

Let’s have a little fun with this one, eh?

The game is simple, you’re stuck on a deserted island and you may never get off, which five albums would you want to have with you?

Much like The Dark Knight Rises, you may have to suspend your disbelief to completely enjoy this week’s post, so let’s just say that this desert island happens to have an electrical outlet where you can plug in your pre-loaded iPod or vinyl record player or whatever (no internet, though, so don’t think you can try to take Spotify with you.

Here’s my five albums:

Relient K – MMHMM: This album has meant more to me over the years than any others, I don’t think that will change just because I’m stuck on an island.

Bleach – Again, For The First Time: I don’t want to be depressed about my situation, so I’m going to take some good feel music from this heart on their sleeve band.

Anberlin – Cities: I want to remember that there was amazing art back home, even if all I see here is sand, water and palm trees.

House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End: I’m going to have to hope that my wife and kid are on the island with me and take this album that means a lot to us as a family.

Emery – The Question: Where were you when…I needed someone to teach me how to make a boat out of palm trees?

Your turn: go!

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  1. Keith Fillmore // July 24, 2012 at 6:07 am // Reply

    A mix of old and new:

    Josh Garrels “Love & War & The Sea In Between”

    Earthsuit “Kaleidoscope Superior”

    Kansas “Leftoverture”

    Boston “Boston”

    Spock’s Beard “V”

  2. You said dessert island in one of your paragraphs Tyler. I would be really excited if I didn’t think it was at typo. :)

    Anberlin – Cities
    Because as long as I’m alive I want this CD within my reach.

    Relient K – MMHMM

    • Epic fail. Hit the enter button on accident! Haha! Last three:

      Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres
      Because this was my favorite album for the longest time growing up and I still hold it close to my heart.

      House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End
      Because it’s amazing. Duh! I could almost swap this out for Cold Hard Want because of how good it is, but we’ll have to see how time treats that record.

      The Classic Crime – The Silver Cord
      Because it’s fun, heartbreaking, and triumphant all at the same time and still gets better with every listen.

      Deas Vail – All the Houses Look the Same
      Because I want something to sing along to and I have so much fun singing along to this beautiful record.

  3. Whoops that was six. My bad!

  4. Oh man, this is a tough one! Can’t I just bring my whole cd binder? lol

    Here are 5 that come to mind, in no particular order:

    1. Peter Furler-On Fire
    I loved his old stuff, and really enjoy the new stuff too. Plus he’s just a really nice guy.

    2. Newsboys-Take Me To Your Leader
    Because it’s awesome.

    3. Newsboys-Going Public
    Again, awesome.

    4. Aptcore’s 1st album.
    The name escapes me (self-titled?) but it’s got a good vibe, and I need variety if I’m stuck on a desert island.

    5. Petra-Not of this World
    Quite possibly my favorite Petra album. (can you tell I’m a sucker for old-school music?)

    If I could pick 2 extras I’d pick Audio Adrenaline-Don’t Censor Me, an dcTalk-Free At Last.

    • your list does not surprise me…I’m just glad that you chose the two best newsboys albums and didn’t try to pretend that Thrive belonged on there or something haha

      • I knew my list wouldn’t surprise you. Don’t be hating on Thrive though-I actually really like that album! Limiting it to 5 albums, I can’t put it on this list, but I do really like that one. I’m glad you appreciate my Newsboys picks though, despite your disdain for Thrive. ;)

  5. If I’m on an island with only 5 albums, I’d probably want to have a variety of styles for my picks.

    Heath McNease & Playdough – Wed, White, and Wu
    Because Wu-Tang beats with cleaned up, spiritual and sometimes goofy lyrics is amazing.

    Mae – The Everglow
    My favorite album of all time.

    Chasing Victory – Fiends
    Best mixture of hardcore and rock that I have ever come across, and it deals with our inner demons like no other album I’ve heard before.

    Relient K – Mmhmm
    The epitome of Relient K cannot be left off the island.

    Heath McNease – Thrift Store Jesus
    Some of the most honest lyrics dealing with struggles, depression, and faith that I have ever heard.

    Honestly, I’m kind of surprised at myself for selecting 2 albums featuring Heath McNease, but these are the albums that never get old and never go out of my rotation. The Classic Crime’s The Silver Cord is an extremely close 6th.

  6. tyler guest // July 24, 2012 at 7:52 am // Reply

    this is pretty easy :)

    1. Tenth avenue north~ the light meets the dark
    Very Spiritual fulfilling album Spiritually.

    2. Tenth avenue north- over and underneath
    Same as #1 , very amazing album.

    3. Building 429- Listen to the sound
    The album that got me into Christian Music

    4. For king and country- Crave
    Love the songs.

    5. Anthem Lights- Self titled
    Sounds good what can i say?

    If this was a later question i would put The struggle on it ;)

  7. Seventh Day Slumber – ‘Take Everything’

    Sanctus Real – ‘Pieces of a Real Heart’

    Falling Up – ‘Captiva’

    Oh, Sleeper – ‘Children of Fire’

    Hawk Nelson – ‘Hawk Nelson is my Friend’

    A mix of styles, with worship music, story telling, contemplative lyrics and powerful meanings all together.

  8. Innocence & Instinct – RED

    Outta Space Love – Group 1 Crew

    Children 18:3 – Self Titled

    Rehab – Lecrae

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Complete Recordings

  9. Well, we al know that this is going to be really toguh to answer, but I’ll try:

    1. Underoath–Define the Great Line: Underoath’s the first heavy band I liked, and this is stil my favorite album of theirs. Even though I like this album more, I might consider Lost in the Sound of Separation over it because it changes pace more in it, and if I can only take 5 albums, I’ll need musical variety.

    2. Wolves at the Gate–Captors: Yeah, this just came out, but it’s still one of the best combinations of singing and screaming I can think of. I just love how it’s done, and I’m almost positive I’ll love this or a long time.

    3. Switchfoot–Oh! Gravity: Again, I want there to be a lot of different types of music available to me on this island. This CD has some great faster (“Oh! Gravity,” “Burn out Bright”) tracks, but also a good amount of slow stuff (“Head over Heels (In this Life),” “Faust, Midas, and Myself”) as well. This is definitely my favorite Switchfoot album.

    4. The Classic Crime–The Silver Cord: Yet again, I want fast and slow stuff available to me. OF course, this is my favorite album from these guys, and I love “Abracadavers,” “Medisin,” and the general combination of songs on the album. That, and since it has 15 songs, it means more music, since a lot of albums rarely top 13.

    5. Thrice–Vheissue: This is the one I’d be least likely to take, I think. However, it’s got a great mix of fast (“Hold Fast Hope”) and slow (“Red Sky”), much like the Switchfoot and The Classic Crime albums.

    • Now that I think about it, can I cheat and pick Play Your Old Stuff for Underoath? It’s a 3-disc re-release of The Changing of Times, They’re Only Chasing Safety, and DEfine the Great Line. I’d also replace Vheissu with Anberlin’s Dancing Between the Fibers of Time. It’s not a multi-disc deal like Play Your Old Stuff, but it’s just about the best 13-track mashup of Anberlin’s early stuff that you could make. I wasn’t able to pick one Anberlin album (kind of sad), but I’d definitely take this one.

    • i’m not a switchfoot expert like most people around here, but oh gravity is my favorite sf song, least favorite sf album.

      • I wouldn’t call myself an expert on them. I probably wouldn’t have them as a top-5 band, maybe not top-10. However, I can say that “Head over Heels (In this Life)” is my favorite song of theirs, and one of my favorite slower songs ever. I love it.

      • Fantastic list except I can think of at least 4 Switchfoot albums that are better than Oh! Gravity. ;) I really don’t know how I missed Vheissu though and I’d totally add that onto my list in the place of Caedmon’s Call or Deas Vail. Also I like the idea of bringing Anberlin’s best of album to a desert island with me so I can have both A Whisper and a Clamor AND Paperthin Hymn. (my two favorite songs perhaps of all time) :)

        • I still haven’t listened much toSwitchfoot’s earlier stuff (everything before The Beautiful Letdown). I’ve listened a big, but just haven’t been all that impressed by it as a whole. Oh! Gravity has a few songs I’m not really into (most notably, “Amateur Lovers”), but I love “Head over Heels (In this Life)” more than anything else Switchfoot’s ever done. I might have a preference for a couple of the newer fast songs than for “Oh! Gravity” and “Burn Out Bright,” but they’re solid songs and I think that album has the best mixture of their faster and slower stuff.

          Personally, I felt the faster songs on Hello Hurricane were lacking, and I’m not crazy about the slower ones on Vice Verses.

          • I”ve never been a huge fan of slower songs, but the slow songs on Vice Verses are actually the best songs on a fantastic album. “Thrive” is amazing.

        • Oh, and as for Anberlin. I like “Paperthin Hymn,” but didn’t care much for “A Whipser and a Clamor.” The only issue I have with that compilation is that it’s missing “Reculsion.” That’s probably one of my top-5 songs, but they at least have perhaps my favorite, “Dismantle. Repair.” I also thought that “Forieng Language” was a poor choice for that album, and I don’t remember “Haunting.” I think I missed out on that song (was it on Lost Songs? I never got that).

          • Oh! Gravity has my all time favorite Switchfoot song (that’d be “Dirty Second Hands”) and a few of the others are also among my top songs by them. Just as a whole the record doesn’t have that inspirational feel for me both musically and lyrically. I think they kind of wore out the anti-materialism theme by the end of it and it just didn’t impact me as much emotionally as the two albums that came before it…but I still think it is a good album.

            Regarding the Anberlin compilation, I personally think “Foreign Language” and “Change the World (Lost Ones)” should have been swapped for “Reclusion” and “(The Symphony of) Blase’” although I guess they wanted four songs from each album. Still “Cadence” would have been a much better choice from Blueprints than those two I think. And yes “The Haunting” is from Lost Songs. Was pretty happy to see it on the best of compilation because it’s a fantastic song although it’s easy to see why it wasn’t on Cities.

  10. #1-Phinehas-Thegodmachine

    #2-Relient K-Mmhmm

    #3-I am Empire-Kings

    #4-Haste the Day-Attack of the Wolf King

    #5-Heath Mcnease-Thrift Store Jesus

    • #3 is a little surprsing. I thought that Kings was OK, but it wore off really quickly for me.

      #4, I would be leery on. I loved that album, but I tihnk I would take Dreamer or Pressure the Hinges over it. Of course, leave it to Tooth & Nail/Solid State to do me a favor and have a Best of the Best compilation of Haste the Day stuff as well, haha.

      • Kings is one of those albums for me that I will listen to until I die. Attack of the wolf king was really one of the first albums to truly get me into heavy music.

        • I see. That’s how Underoath’s Define the Great Line was for me, in respect to both Kings and Attack of hte Wolf King. I’ll always love it and “You’re Ever So Inviting” was the first heavy song I really bought into.

          Still, as someone who was in on Haste the Day before Attack of the Wolf King, I’d still place it third, but that’s me. I know the power of being sentimental towards music, haha. I still can’t decide if I like Pressure the Hinges or Dreamer more, though.

          • I have the whole Haste the Day discography and i love Dreamer and Pressure the Hinges but AOTWK is definitely my favorite.

          • Did you get the deluxe edition or whatever of Attack of the Wolf King? The live tracks on it are terrible, which made it all the more surprising that Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day was such an outstanding release–easily my favorite lvie album ever.

          • I didn’t get the Deluxe but i did buy the Black Eyed Peas cover because its amazing. And Haste the Day vs. Haste the Day is also great, I would have done anything to go to that show.

          • It’s decent, I’ll give it that. I’d say that there are quite a few covers I like more–not by Haste the Day, but in general. The deluxe edition of the album came with 2 live tracks, but they were terrible. They edited out all the crowd noise, which made it really awkward whne they started telling the crowd to sing along or get loud or anything. It was met with silence, haha, so it was like they were playing a live concert for themselves.

    • most of these are…really, really recent. short memory? haha

      • No just young and i’ve only been obsessed with music for around 3 years so yeah i’m more of a recent person.

        • I’m also kind of surprised to see Kings there. But seeing what it’s surrounded by on your list kind of makes me want to give it a second chance.
          Attack of the Wolf King narrowly missed my list and would definitely be my hardcore album of choice on a desert island.
          Also I love how MMHMM is on half of these lists. That was the album that got me into rock music and 8 years later it still gets better with each listen.

  11. Robert Shell // July 24, 2012 at 9:07 am // Reply

    I’m never going to get this list where I’m at peace with it, so I’m going for the gut reaction list.

    1. Project 86 – Drawing Black Lines
    2. Blindside – A Thought Crushed My Mind
    3. Living Sacrifice – Reborn
    4. Hands – Give Me Rest
    5. Relient K – Mmhmm

    • YES #4. Give Me Rest is an excellent album, truly showing the diversity of Hands. I’m noticing as I read these lists I want to listen to all of them…today. right now. good thing I work at a radio station where listening to music all day is expected.

  12. 1. Owl City – All things Bright and Beautiful
    2. Michael W. Smith – Freedom
    3. TobyMac – Tonight
    4. Group 1 Crew – Outta Space Love
    5. Skillet – Comatose

  13. Rob neiman // July 24, 2012 at 12:51 pm // Reply

    1) Switchfoot- Vise Verses
    -Happy fun music-uplifting and would be good to suntan to
    2) DC Talk- Free At Last
    Good memories of the tour, rocking out in my living room etc-This would remind me of home
    3) Group1crew Outta Space Love
    Great up-beat music to brighten my spirits on those dark and gloomy days on the island
    4) KJ52-Dangerous
    uplifting, fun and serious. Nice to have a variety of tracks and styles to listen to
    5) Larry Norman-Something New Under the Sun
    Classic (period)

  14. Loser of Greatness // July 24, 2012 at 12:56 pm // Reply

    I’m surprised at how new many of these albums are. I don’t think that I could pick something that has been out less than, maybe 4 years. It’s got to be something that, for me, has stood the test of time.

    • some people are trying to pick albums that haven’t been released haha

    • A couple of mine are about 6 years old (Oh! Gravity, Define the Great Line), 1 is 7 (Vheissu), 1 is just going on 4 (The Silver Cord), and 1 is only about a month old (Captors).

      I was thinking of a reason to not include Captors, but I have nothing to complain about with the album. It’s lyrically deep, the dual vocalists play off each other perfectly, and the instrumentals are very solid. I often hear new stuff, think it’s awesome, and then let it go after a few months, but Captors is one of only 2 albums I can think of that I have even MOMENTARILY thought that perfection might have been achieved (the other being Oh, Sleeper’s Children of Fire).

      I’m not going to fault anyone for choosing newer stuff, though. New is new, and it sounds better when it’s new, for the most part. I’m sure I can name several albums that I loved when I first heard them, but haven’t cared to listen to much at all in a good, long while. It’s hard to see that in the moment of new, though.

      On the other side of that as well, there’s the question of overvalued nostalgia. As I can name new things that fell by the wayside, I can name things that I have said I loved based on good memories, but I wasn’t quite as impressed when I went back to it.

      • The newest album I have on my list is approaching 4 years old and the oldest I have is 13 years old. :)

        But in general I really do think as artists progress music gets progressively better. So I can see why a lot of newer records would be on here. I was tempted to put David Crowder or SONS on this list but like Loser of Greatness said I don’t know if they stand the test of time yet. We’ll see.

  15. Jake Lipman // July 24, 2012 at 1:02 pm // Reply

    1)Underoath-Define the Great Line- I would rather have the last 4 albums but this one is probably the one I listen the most
    2)Emery-In Shallow Seas we Sail- great album with great vocals
    3)As Cities Burn- Son I Loved You at Your Darkest- cant beat epicness
    4)Close Your Eyes- Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts- one of the best punk hardcore albums I’ve heard
    5)Times of Grace- The Hymn of a Broken Man- one of the most hopeful and inspiring albums I have ever heard

  16. 1) House of Heroes- The End Is Not The End: I need one rock album. FYI MmHmm is my alternate choice

    2) Demon Hunter- Summer of Darkness: While it’s a “dark” album it is their best album and I need one metal album. On an island the song “Not Ready to Die” will help…

    3) Shai Linne- The Attributes of God: While it isn’t my favorite album the fact is there probably won’t be a bible on a deserted island. So why not have one of the best theology rap albums that is solely about God?

    4) David Crowder Band- Give Us Rest: I need a worship album and since this is 2 CDs in one album and considering the theme of the record this is a no brainer

    5) Josh Garrels- Love & War & The Sea In Between: The wild card album because what could be more appropriate than being on an island and listening to this long and aquatic folk album?

  17. Loser of Greatness // July 24, 2012 at 1:10 pm // Reply

    Here’s my list.

    1) Great Big Universe by Satellite Soul – So completely underrated by everyone but me.
    2) International Anthems for The Human Race by All Star United
    3) Carried Along by Andrew Peterson
    4) PFR (Self-Titled)
    5) Sunny Day by John Cox

    That’s my list today anyway.

  18. 1. Wolves At The Gate-Captors
    Because Steve Cobucci is just too talented.
    I am a huge TFK fan and this is a beast album.
    3.Nine Lashes-World We View
    No explanation needed.
    4.Demon Hunter-True Defiance
    Great classic metal vibes
    5.Family Force 5-Business Up Front Party In The Back
    Gotta have some fun while your stranded

    • Great list! But ironically I’d really like an explanation of the one that needs no explanation. Hahaha! I really wish I saw what so many see in Nine Lashes…I guess they just aren’t my thing?

      • he DID say he is a huge TFK fan…does that not explain his love for Nine Lashes? haha jk…kinda

      • Nine Lashes is just my style of music some catchy riffs with incredibly powerful lyrics. Give them a try. It takes a few listens but check their best tracks out (ex: Get Back, Adrenaline, Anthem Of The Lonely, Believe your Eyes). As far as good videos goes check out RED’s “Already Over” video and FF5′s “Zombie” video

      • Ronnie Hamilton // July 24, 2012 at 3:46 pm // Reply

        I love Nine Lashes, but nu-metal is one of my favorite styles (Nine Lashes, Red, TFK, etc).

    • Yep, Captors is amazing. I’m not crazy about TFK, and I haven’t listened much to Nine Lashes. True Defiance is a really good album, maybe Demon Hunter’s best. I’m not a fan of hip-hop or rap or anything, but I’ve listened to that FF5 album quite a bit lately because it’s so goofy that it makes me love it.

      I don’t think I’ll ever find a better video than that of “Kountry Gentleman.”

      • I’m just not a huge nu-metal fan but I do love TFK and I think RED is so much more artistic than people give them credit for. I’ll try Nine Lashes again but I couldn’t begin to get into them the first time.

        Would Flyleaf count as “nu-metal” at all? If so they’re one of my favorite bands of all time, but they’re still one of the few I really enjoy in their genre.

      • As far as good videos goes check out RED’s “Already Over” video and FF5′s “Zombie” video

  19. Ronnie Hamilton // July 24, 2012 at 2:28 pm // Reply

    House of Heroes – Suburba (I think all of you who picked a HOH album picked TEINTE, but in my opinion this album is far better.)

    Red – Innocence and Instinct

    Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres

    Anberlin – Cities

    Relient K – Mmhmm

    Just missing the list are dc Talk – Jesus Freak, Newsboys – Take Me To Your Leader, David Crowder Band – Can You Hear Us, Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay, Mae – The Everglow

    I’m surprised I wouldn’t take a Switchfoot album since they are one of my favorite bands, but I don’t think they have an album that beats these. If I could make a compilation, then it would easily be on this list.

    • I was just gonna say I cant believe no one put down Jesus Freak

    • My mind was kind of blown reading your list Ronnie! For the longest time I had 40 Acres, Cities, and MMHMM down as my three favorite albums of all time in that order. Thought I was reading my list for a second. :) So cool seeing someone else who loves 40 Acres as like I do. Caedmon’s Call is never mentioned these days which is tragic because they never got the notoriety they deserved…hope they got one last album in them. :)

  20. House of Heroes – The End is Not the End
    I still haven’t gotten sick of it, so we’ll assume I never will.

    Theocracy – As the World Bleeds
    It’s a terribly hard decision between this and Mirror of Souls, but this one has more songs.

    Stellar Kart – Expect the Impossible
    Always puts me in a better mood.

    Switchfoot – Vice Verses
    It’s a fantastic album. What more can I say?

    Becoming the Archetype – Celestial Completion
    This list needed more metal, and BTA is uniquely awesome

    • Loser of Greatness // July 24, 2012 at 6:12 pm // Reply

      How could I have missed Theocracy…OK scratch my list and put down 5 copies of As the World Bleeds.

  21. 1. Project 86 – Songs To Burn Your Bridges By
    2. DC Talk – Jesus Freak
    3. Third Day – Revelation
    4. David Crowder* Band – Give Us Rest
    5. Kutless – Sea of Faces

    Ones that missed the list:
    Demon Hunter – Triptych
    Emery – In The Shallow Seas We Sail
    Falling Up – Crashings
    Kutless – Sea of Faces
    Needtobreathe – The Reckoning
    Pillar – The Reckoning
    Red – Until We Have Faces
    Shane & Shane – The One You Need
    Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin
    TobyMac – Tonight

  22. Ok, This is going to be difficult, mostly because I choose songs over albums But here we go…

    1) The Beatles “1″ – Because I love The Beatles and this has a variety of stuff throughout there career…especially since I only get 5 albums!
    2) House of Heroes “The End is Not the End” but I wish I could squeeze some Suburbia songs on there too! But I love HOH and need something!
    3) Anberlin “Cities” -Overall this is my favorite Anberlin album, but it is missing some of my favorite songs of theirs!’
    4) Shane and Shane “Psalms” I love Shane and Shane (and finally saw them in concert this weekend) and Psalms is the best of their albums in my opinion!
    5) And lastly is Needtobreathe “The Outsiders” I don’t think I could live the rest of my life without “Girl Named Tennesse” “Let Us Love” or “The Outsiders” so this is a must!

    There are so so so many more I would like to take, but I can only take 5, so I hope I’d be happy!

  23. There are so many albums that I like, but if I can take 5, then these will be it-

    1. Music Inspired By The Story: Such a great record filled is poetic imagery and stunning musical arrangements from both Nichole Nordeman and Bernie Herms respectively. Such an epic album that won Special Event of the Year at the Doves, this album is perhaps one of my favourites of all time!
    2. Steven Curtis Chapman- Speechless- Filled with some of my favourites songs from Steven (Speechless, Great Expectations, The Invitation, Dive, The Change…), a great balance between reflection and joyous pop melodies.
    3. MercyMe- Almost There- My favourite song from MercyMe, ‘I Can Only Imagine’, and also my favourite album from them too.
    4. Meredith Andrews- The Invitation- My favourite worship album of 2008 (yes, even better than Michael W. Smith’s ‘A New Hallelujah’ and Chris Tomlin’s ‘Hello Love’), ‘You’re Not Alone’ is still one of my favourite songs of 2008, with poignant lyrical moments as Meredith sings from Christ’s point of view. Filled with lyrical richness leading to Meredith’s first three songs (‘You Invite Me In’, ‘Lift Up Your Head’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ one of the strongest three starting tracks ever!), ‘The Invitation’ is a must for any worshipper!
    5. Tim Hughes- When Silence Falls- Filled with some of my favourite worship songs of all time (‘Beautiful One’, ‘Giver of Life’, ‘Consuming Fire’, ‘Whole World in Your Hands’), Tim’s infectious worshipful melodies have led me to appreciate his musical ability. One of my favourite worship artists!

    Other albums that missed the cut (to round up my top favourites to 10):
    Tenth Avenue North- Over and Underneath
    Chris Tomlin- Arriving
    Natalie Grant- Awaken
    Third Day- Come Together
    Delirious?- King of Fools

    • I want to meet up with you on this island! “The Story” is one of my favorites too, yet I did not put it on my list. The songs are written so personally like bible character actually wrote them. Plus, the artist that performed them did great too. My favorite would have to be Mark Hall and Megan Garret’s – Who but You.
      I honestly forgot about Meredith Andrews, but I love “You’re not Alone”

      • Cool, another person who likes CCM/pop/rock!

        Yeah, Meredith Andrews is one of my favourite worship artists, also along with Tim Hughes, Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin. ‘The Invitation’ is one of my favourite worship records of all time.

        It’s a pity that you can only bring 5 to the island (because I have so many favourites)!

        Read your list before, nice mix of rock/dance/instrumental. I also forgot about Michael W. Smith’s ‘Freedom’. Great album!

    • Keith Fillmore // July 25, 2012 at 6:22 am // Reply

      I’m listening to The Story as I type. Great album. 2 discs, 18 songs, makes a great choice.

  24. 1.Evanescence – Fallen
    2.Lara Landon – Beloved
    3.Beckah Shae – Destiny
    4.Sarah Macintosh – Current
    5.Music From The Story

    All are Epic Albums in every sense of the word. Yes it’s a mostly CWR list, but who cares, they’ve all got great voices.

  25. This is hard… But if I have to narrow it down it’d be:

    1. Hawk Nelson–”Smile, It’s The End Of The World” for obvious reasons. It’s the best of HN.

    2. Newsboys–”Shine-The Hits” a compilation album with a lot of their awesome old stuff. My brother and I grew up on this album! Also, I’ll need some nice upbeat songs, like Breakfast, if I’m going to be stuck on this lonely island.

    3. Switchfoot–”The Beatiful Letdown” my first, and favorite Switchfoot album. Not a huge SF fan, but this one is special to me because my brother got it for my eleventh birthday, and we always used listened to it together.

    4. Sanctus Real–”The Face of Love” actually, it’s a tie between this one, and “Fight The Tide” but I don’t need them both, soo, it’ll have to be this one.

    5. Hawk Nelson–”Saturday Rock Action” because it’s still awesomely Hawk Nelson, but it’s also a little different from their signed albums. What, you didn’t think I’d only have one Hawk album with me, did you?

  26. 1 – Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane
    2 – NEEDTOBREATHE – The Reckoning
    3 – Relient K – Five Score and Seven Years Ago
    4 – Mat Kearney – Young Love
    5 – Electric Light Orchestra – ELO’s Greatest Hits

  27. What I’m hearing is that I should probably buy TEINTE by HOH

  28. Anorexia/Nervosa by Showbread
    The End is Not The End By House of Heroes
    Love & War & The Sea in Between by Josh Garrels
    Captiva by Falling Up
    Conquering the Fear of Flight by Wavorly

    This was hard I feel like Anberlin’s Cities, Falling up’s Your Sparkling Death Cometh, The Silver Chord by The Classic Crime, Needtobreathe’s The Outsiders, Florence & The Machine’s Ceremonial, John Mayer’s Continuum, One of Switchfoot’s and one of Relient K’s should be in there

  29. Loser of Greatness // July 26, 2012 at 3:28 pm // Reply

    So what is the explanation for the absence Theocracy’s As the World Bleeds on this list?It has recently been flip-flopping with “The End is Not the End” in my greatest album of all-time spot. But they seem to get remarkably little attention, even among Christian Music enthusiasts like y’all.

    Yeah, I know it hasn’t been out a year yet. I don’t care. It is pure greatness!

    • Because i’m not a metalhead, I think others have listed it though

      • Loser of Greatness // July 27, 2012 at 7:38 am // Reply

        Beware: Genre discussion below:

        Is Theocracy metal? I think that I would put it closer to HOH on the spectrum than Demon Hunter.

        • I’ve admittedly never listened to them. I will have to, as I know they’ve been brought up in my presence before (here:

          But if I’m going to take any new releases with me, it would be Wovles at the Gate’s Captors (on my list) or Oh, Sleeper’s Children of Fire (not on my list, but still fantastic).

          • Children of Fire is up there with Attack of the Wolf King and Define the Great Line as my favorite heavy release of all time. I actually think it’s the best of those musically, but I tend to lean more towards AotWK because it’s a bit more upbeat. :)

          • Loser of Greatness // July 27, 2012 at 9:01 am //

            I expect a full report back after you have listened. One bit of advice, the first song, I Am, has a slow build up to an amazing chill-inducing crescendo. Don’t bail before you get there.

          • I listened to 4 songs, I think. Honestly, it was good, but not great. I’m certianly not sure how someone called them closer to House of Heroes than Demon Hunter though, haha. It was fine music, but I’ve never been a big fan of those types of vocalists. It makes me think of maybe someone like Stryper, if memory serves me right.

          • As for Children of Fire, I’ve internally debated my ranking of it. I think it’s a top-5 album musically. I’d say that Captors is better personally though. I’ve got to really sit down and listen to see if anything I have tops either. They might be my all-time top-2 albums, but neither has the depth of Haste the Day or Underoath–at least, not yet.

          • I thought Captors lacked diversity, but that was mostly made up for by amazing lyrics and all around good musicianship. Musically as a whole I wouldn’t put it near my top 5, but I can see myself listening to it more than any other album this year just to help keep me focused on the Lord.
            Yesterday I listened to the album while reading the lyrics on their facebook page and then read the passages they’d attached to the end of each song’s lyrics. Felt so encouraged afterward! I’ve heard few albums (including worship records) that are as Christ-centered as that one.

          • I find that kind of odd to say. I admit that there was SORT of a consistent (or redundant, if you want to call it that) formula, but I didn’t find the album lacking in musical diversity.

            I think that the only thing it didn’t have that you would find on Attack of the Wolf King or Children of Fire or any other number of heavy albums is a slow song, such as “White as Snow,” “Means to Believe,” or The Color Morale’s “Fill; Avoid.” In the cases of those, I feel like they are more bland and obligatory at times than usically great. I like the songs, but they never get regularly played by me.

            When I go from track to track on Captors, you get a good bit of variance, in my opinion. Heck, you can start a Wolves at the Gate song, and you might not even know which genre you’re listening to initially. You get compeltely different experiences when you start “Safeguards,” “Slaves,” and “Amnesty,” at least to me.

            When you compare that to maybe Children of Fire, while I also LOVE, you get either a nifty guitar piece to start (“Dealers of Flame,” “Endseekers,” “Chewing the Stitch”) or you get some harsh vocals (“Shed Your Soul,” “The Marriage of Steel and Skin,” “Children of Fire”).

            I guess we just have differing opinions on that, but I absolutely love both albums.

          • I need to listen to the album more because I love it the more I listen. I definitely wouldn’t go as far as to say it was redundant, (because that would imply I didn’t enjoy it) I just felt like they could’ve been more ambitious. I thought they did a good job switching things up in “Slaves” which is incidentally my favorite track. I also WAS a little disappointed there wasn’t a ballad song because of how melodic it was in general. Steve Cobucci’s vocals were just asking for one and the closest they came was “Safeguards”. (which happens to be another one of my favorites)

          • I’ve had a tough go at really picking a favorite. It seems to change every few days. Right now, I’d say I’m pretty into “Awaken,” but ask me Monday, and it might be “The Harvest,” haha.

        • I was thinking more like 80′s hair metal than heavy metal…maybe more for fans of Blessed By A Broken Heart…I know a lot of people are really into Theocracy, but I can’t handle the vocals…I do kind of enjoy their energy (sampling on spotify right now) I just can’t take the whole package.

          • Yeah, I was thinking in the same vein. The vocals are just…right there with the hair metal, in my mind.

          • I grew up playing the Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega Dreamcast so I just can’t take Blessed By A Broken Heart or Theocracy seriously since all the music in those games was similar. Also kind of reminds me of anime too…just the connotations. Hahaha! Theocracy is an incredible group of musicians though I will say. :)

          • Loser of Greatness // July 28, 2012 at 8:50 am //

            Keith, it’s cool that you gave it a shot. I really thought the greatness was more universal. Definitely 80s feel, but updated. They probably wouldn’t admit it, but there is some signficant Stryper influence in there (but it is nowhere as cheesy as if I picked up an old Stryper album). The band has quickly become a favorite in our youth group, among a bunch of students that weren’t even alive in the 80s.

          • Gosh… How did I never hear about these guys! They are reminiscent of Stryper (but a lot better). Only thing I don’t love is the harmonies. Maybe the harmonies will grow on me though. I’ve really gotten into 80′s and 90′s style metal & rock. I love the vocals. But the best classic metal album I’ve heard is Bride’s 1992 album Snakes In The Playground.

          • I’ve got nothing against them. I’d listen to them if I had the stuff played before me, but they’re not one I’d listen to much myself. It’s all right music, but nothing I think I’d really have a craving for at any time.

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