Question of the Week: Did You Attend A Christian Music Festival This Summer?

Question of the Week: Did You Attend A Christian Music Festival This Summer?


This has been a crazy year for Christian music festivals, with some big ones making major changes and even Cornerstone saying farewell, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a ton of these things going on throughout the country. I wasn’t able to attend a music fest this year due to the birth of my daughter, but I want to hear about your experience, did you see anything amazing at a Christian music fest this Summer?

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13 Comments to “Question of the Week: Did You Attend A Christian Music Festival This Summer?”

  1. Didn’t go to a concert this Summer (June, July, August)… :( cause we live in Australia, and bands rarely travel downunder…

    We did go see Casting Crowns in January (review:, and MercyMe and Michael W Smith in April (review: though…

    hopefully more bands come out to Australia, and then we can see them…

  2. Why yes, I did! :P I just attended Lifelight Festival with the editor of the magazine I work for (Cardboard Magazine). I interviewed John the Raptist and Jenny and Tyler, saw a ton of great bands, and sucked in wayyy too much dust. :)
    That would be my experience in a nut shell.

    • I too was at LifeLight (We were the big military campsite all by ourselves in front of Souled Out).. and SonShine – both pretty awesome. Also, Bash On The Farm, a smaller two day local festival. Sadly had to bow out of Cornerstone – the lineup was pretty bad and it’s a six hour drive, just wasn’t worth it for me and my youth group kids.

      • Nice! I go to college about an hour from Lifelight Festival…so I got to go for the first time. :) SonShine, on the other hand, I have never attended; my best friend has gone quite a bit and a girl that I go to college with has been there for 8 years straight, I think.

  3. I went to Creation NW and saw a bunch of people

  4. Haven’t gone to much of anything since Highschool, so no.

  5. Normally I go to Lifest every year, but with moving I wasn’t able to make it. I did go to Kingdom Come Fest though.

  6. Cornerstone. Squad Five-O!!!

  7. I went to Creation NE and Kingdombound and creation is always amazing! I definitely recommend it.

  8. Went to enfeugo festival in al, celebrate freedom in ga and night of joy in fl. All were awesome!

  9. I went to Big Ticket Festival in Allegan, MI, Ignite Chicago, & Hopefest in Centreville, MI. Hopefest had mostly local Midwest independent artists, but it was a nice turnout despite not having “big name” artists. I also went to Uproar last Friday to see TFK & P.O.D. It was a secular show w/ Staind, Godsmack & Shinedown. I don’t think I’ll ever do a huge show like that again. Really scary drunk or high people…no thanks. We left after Staind.

  10. I went to two. I went to Hills Alive, which was ok…fave bands were Shane and Shane and Icon for Hire, two bands that are very very different from each other!

    Then I went to Lifelight, and that was amazing…didn’t go to many main stage bands but rocked it out at the Souled Out and 360 Stage. Saw a lot of great bands like House of Heroes and Abandon Kansas and Children 18:3 and Aaron Gillespie, who was by far my favorite.

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