Question of the Week: Have You Ever Been Wrong About A Band?

Question of the Week: Have You Ever Been Wrong About A Band?

I’ve written hundreds of reviews and for the most part I agree with what I’ve written because I know what I like, but from time to time I actually look back and disagree with my original thoughts on an album or a band.

It can go either way, you can either really love a band at first and realize that they were just a flash in the pan without the substance to carry on past a few weeks like a teen romance or you can think a band is just awful only to realize that you were foolish to realize their eventual brilliance.

I’ll tell you a few of my own stories and then I’d like to hear your own miscues in the comments.

Today there will be a new album out from my very favorite bands, House of Heroes, but I was not instantly sold on the band. I first heard of them when I was at some Christian bookstore when their Say No More album was released. Despite the somewhat creepy album cover I gave them a listen. Quite frankly, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what they were trying to accomplish with the varying lengths of edginess within a single song. A couple years later they released a free EP with songs from The End Is Not The End. I scooped them up only to realize through the song “If” that I was missing out on some amazing music. I have since then gotten everything they ever put out, including B-sides, covers and EP’s and of course this brand new amazing album. My bad, you guys.

Another band whose talents I originally dismissed was Ruth, whose music seemed a little too simple for me when I first heard Anorak. I thought it was mildly pleasant, but nothing to write home about. As time wore on, I realized that their pleasant melodies were worth playing more often than I realized, which I’m thankful for since I also got to meet Dustin Ruth and he is a great guy to talk to and has been kind enough to do some interviews for CMZ.

I’ve been wrong the other way too. This usually has to do with being a long time fan of a band and generally accepting that whatever they do is going to be great, so when they come out with something lame I gave them the benefit of the doubt despite it not being my favorite work.

One of those was Showbread’s Who Can Know It? I mean, sure, the band was always known for their raw intensity and they stripped that all away, but why ignore that? Do not ignore that, Tyler. There was also the slow fading of Newsboys, who still put on a great live show, but whose releases just don’t compare to the Going Public, Take Me To Your Leader, Step Up To The Microphone days.

There’s my short list, can you admit to ever being wrong about a music selection or rejection?

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26 Comments to “Question of the Week: Have You Ever Been Wrong About A Band?”

  1. Happened to me with NEEDTOBREATHE. I heard Lay ‘Em Down and I was like “WHAT IS THIS WEIRDNESS??” I thought the voice was all wrong, and the music was just awful. But as time wore on, I realized, yes, it is weirdness, but it is AWESOME weirdness!! It’s a classy, addictive weirdness, that I can’t get enough of.

    • Lay ‘Em Down is “weirdness”? I certainly never thought so! That song is southern rock at it’s finest. :)

      • I know…it was just my first impression…that song is AWESOME!

      • Yeah. Never thought “weirdness”. I’ve always loved his voice. Although at first my dad thought he was trying too hard to sound different.

  2. I’ve definitely been wrong about bands before..

    Mae is who first sticks in my head. Back in 2009 people were still raving about “The Everglow” being one of the best albums of the decade so I eventually did a blind buy. I remember a few songs standing out to me, but for the most part thinking, “Umm…one of the best of the decade? This seems really bland and all the songs sound kind of the same.” It wasn’t until a year later that I gave it another try and it immediately hit me on first listen how beautiful the record is. Mae is just more subtle than most other bands. I then got the rest of their discography and fell in love.

    And of course, mewithoutYou is another band that I was wrong about. I remember when “it’s all crazy!” came out I decided to see what this band sounded like that I’d heard so much about. The snippets were just…weird. And to make things worse my friend had “Allah, Allah, Allah” in his music library so that really weirded me out.
    But I was intrigued nonetheless so after reading multiple rave reviews on “Brother, Sister” I picked up the album (I don’t do as many blind buys now) and spun it while reading the lyrics. I was wowed, but not completely sold. Then I spun it again. And again and again and again.
    Now “Brother, Sister” is my favorite album behind “Cities”.

    AND I can probably put every melodic metalcore band in existence on here. I used to be outspoken about my hatred for “screamo” (specifically Underoath) and then ironically got into metal via Underoath although Thrice and Emery helped coerce me into screamier music. Now I put Oh, Sleeper and The Chariot among my favorite bands which I never thought I’d do.

    • On the flip side of the coin there are a few albums I would have put on my all time list that have become less enjoyable as time goes on. As Cities Burn’s “Come Now Sleep” is definitely one of my favorite albums, but the older I get the more depressing that album gets to me despite it really helping me stay grounded in my faith at the time I purchased it. Also I would’ve put Wavorly’s “Conquering the Fear of Flight” in my top 10 of all time at one point, but for whatever reason I can hardly get through that record now. That’s really rare for me though because my musical tastes expand more than they change. For example, I’ve had Relient K’s “MMHMM” for 8 years and it STILL gets better to me with every listen.

      I also had a similar reaction to Emery’s “I’m Only a Man” that you had with “Who Can Know It?”, Tyler. I desperately wanted to give the band a benefit of a doubt, but then after multiple listens I never could get into it. Not that it’s a bad album by any means, but it just doesn’t touch “In Shallow Seas” or “The Question” for me. Or “We Do What We Want” for that matter. :)

      • Im only a man is my 3rd favorite after WDWWW and ISSWS. I never really got into The question as much as everybody else did.

        • You know neither did I at first. I find it more enjoyable to listen to as a whole album than single songs. Overall I think In Shallow Seas We Sail is their best without a doubt. Musically the band was just in the zone.

  3. My first introduction to Newsboys was their worship songs (He Reigns, It Is You, etc.). I didn’t know their name or even what songs were theirs, it was just some music on That Christian Station That Isn’t Southern Gospel (welcome to Arkansas). I slowly got introduced to more of their music through sampler CDs and after finding That Other Christian Station That Isn’t Southern Gospel (Air1). Then I bought a used copy of Not Ashamed. Then I bought some others. Now they’re one of my favorite bands.

    There’s also bands that just didn’t interest me the first time I heard them because they weren’t what I was into at the time. Demon Hunter probably being the best example.

    And bands that I liked at first, and continued liking, but that turned out to be a bit softer than their first impression led me to believe like Switchfoot, Tree63, and Petra .

  4. Ronnie Hamilton // July 10, 2012 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    I was wrong about Third Day. A friend of mine gave me a copy of his cassette of their self titled. I didn’t care for it. It may have to do with the fact that I really liked boy bands and Boyz II Men at the time (hey, this was back in 97 or so). Now I love Third Day.

    Needtobreathe, Owl City and Anberlin were three artists that I thought were just ok when I first heard their debuts. But as time went on, all three have fallen in my top 30 (which is good considering my account says I have listened to over 900 artists).

    I really didn’t like Group 1 Crew at all when I first heard them. I thought they were a lame attempt at Christian music hiphop. I was wrong there. They too are in my top 30.

  5. Ronnie Hamilton // July 10, 2012 at 4:09 pm // Reply

    And pretty much any hardcore/metal band out there. I used to hate the sound. I couldn’t stand the screaming. Now I love it. Memphis May Fire is one of my favorite albums this year. Showbread, POD, Project 86, Devil Wears Prada and others are all artists that I look forward to their new releases.

    • I’m in the same boat. I never liked it, but then I had a friend show me Underoath, and I remember playing Gears of War on Xbox LIVE with “You’re Ever So Inviting” pretty much on a loop for hours. Now, most of what I lsiten to is of the heavy variety, though I still listen to quite a lot of non-heavyu music as well.

      I love Memphis May Fire’s new album (though not as much as Wolves at the Gate’s), and I like The Devil Wears Prada quite a bit. I like a few Project 86 songs, but never really listen to them, and I’ve never gotten into Showbread or P.O.D. myself.

  6. The first time I heard Group 1 Crew was on WOW Hits 2007, with their song ‘Can’t Go On’. I loathed it so much I skipped over it many times on the WOW cd. Then I heard ‘Forgive Me’ and ‘Love Is a Beautiful Thing’ from their debut cd, and also ‘Movin’

    I thought they were alright, nothing special, but it was only until I heard the album ‘Outta Space Love’ that my opinion of them completely changed! Now they are one of my favourite bands/groups! I can’t wait for “Fearless” on September 10th!

    Currently right now, needtobreathe and Owl City are growing on me!

  7. Most of my favorite bands I hated at first. The most notable one was probably Children 18:3. I saw their video for All My Balloons on TVU late one night, and was laughing so hard at it (and not in a good way). “What IS this band?”

    But my brother thought they were good and ended up buying their debut CD. Now they’re in my top 5 favorite bands.

    • I kind of felt the same about Children 18:3. I also first experienced it on TVU with “All my ballons”, and I don’t know if it was the crazy facepaint or the style of the song but I thought it was never going to go over. Now i Have every album and I have seen them in concert 2 times. Definitely one of my favorite bands. I guess it helps that I enjoy some punk rock now and then. In the past i was very close minded.

      • Haha. Me too. We were probably all watching the same TMW. That one I liked at first (I was into anything ‘out there’ at the time). But now I can’t stand the vid & the song isn’t anything special. But I love Children 18:3 as a whole.

  8. I’d have to say Tobymac is that way for me. I’ve been a fan since way back when he was with dcTalk and have generally loved everything he has done. But I’d have to say that with his newer stuff, album “Tonight” and song “Me Without You” have been huge disappointments. I feel like I don’t even know him anymore.

  9. I used to hate Owl City because I thought his lyrics were large bunches of nonsensical fluff. And then I heard the other nonsensical fluff that played on the secular radio and came to appreciate Owl City. A lot.

    I also used to hate downhere (I know, right? I can’t believe it)because when I heard “My Last Amen” and couldn’t stand it. Then I heard “Let Me Rediscover You” and “discovered” that Marc Martel had a really awesome voice.

    Then there’s Skillet. I absolutely couldn’t stand “Hero.” And then I heard their “Comatose” album and now I’m getting into them little by little.

    Seabird is also in my list. I didn’t really like Seabird at first too. I thought Aaron Morgan’s voice was weird. Then I heard “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” and “Rescue” and began to like their songs.

    • I like Aaron Morgan’s voice. It’s got a uniquness that separates Seabird from other bands.

      • Me too. His voice has always appealed to me. But I bought their Rocks Into Rivers album & was disappointed. But Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful is one awesome song.

    • Skillet? Wow. I loved Skillet from the start. Collide is their best. Comatose is good. Awake is depressing. But I loved “Hero’ & still love it.

  10. I was so wrong about Children 18:3. When I first heard “You Know We’re All So Fond of Dying” on the radio, I just didn’t care. Later i heard “All My Balloons”, and it just made me laugh, but that was the first song of theirs I liked. Then, a bit later, my sister decided to buy the album. By then, i at least thought I liked the band. We heard good things about their album, so we expected to love it, but at first, we just thought it was okay. We stubbornly listened to it until we loved it, and I still consider it my favourite album I ever bought. I remember months after we bought it that I didn’t think I could love it any more, and then I did. They’re one of my favourite bands.

    Then, there was Blindside. I didn’t like them because I thought they were too heavy. I didn’t like harder music then. Blindside is actually the band that got me to be more open to heavier music. I love them now.

    Ivoryline is the other way. I loved their first album, but i didn’t really get into Vessels. It had some good songs on it, but I just never really liked it as a whole. A couple of the songs kind of annoyed me for some reason. I suppose I should maybe give them another chance, but I’m just not really interested in them anymore.

    • I am in the same boat with Children 18:3. I disliked them for so long, and didn’t even really listen to them, but for whatever reason I thought I wouldn’t enjoy them, then just within the past week I have fun I really like them…It’s kinda weird for me.

  11. Ronnie Hamilton // July 12, 2012 at 12:40 pm // Reply

    I’ve been kinda the opposite with Children 18:3. I get really excited about their releases, buy them, and then barely listen to them. For some reason I don’t enjoy them as much as I think I do, if that makes sense.

  12. When Angels & Serpents Dance by P.O.D. I remember trying SO HARD to convince myself that it was awesome. And I ACTUALLY DID for like 3 days. haha. I don’t do that anymore. I think it was ’cause I didn’t want to waste 12 bucks. It is the WORST album in my library.

  13. tyler guest // July 19, 2012 at 7:16 am // Reply

    I at first thought tenth avenue north was bad. BIG mistake. There my favorite band now.

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