Question of the Week: What Was Your First Album?

Question of the Week: What Was Your First Album?

Petra More Power To Ya

The year was 1990, I had just moved from one shabby end of town to the other shabby end of town and not only were iPods far from coming into existence, but compact discs had not yet come across my radar.

I went with my dad to the local Christian book store in our small town, where he was kind enough to offer to buy me one cassette tape, anything I chose.

I probably spent an hour going through the demo tapes they had available, looking for the one I would buy, the one that would become the very first album I would own.

I don’t remember how I chose it, but looking back I’m sure that the space ship on the cover had to have been my number one reasoning, I was after all a ten year old boy.

The album was Petra’s More Power To Ya and I still remember the lyrics to several songs on the record, songs that I haven’t heard in well over a decade, because when something is your first, it’s easy to become attached to it, even if it is a bit ridiculous.

What was your first album?

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24 Comments to “Question of the Week: What Was Your First Album?”

  1. My first album that I think I purchased was probably Carman- Mission 3:16. I think to date, the most albums we have from a particular artist is Carman.

    After our exposure and appreciation for CCM, my brother and I started buying other albums from Delirious?, Steven Curtis Chapman, as well as some WOW Hits compilations. From there our musical tastes increased and it has been further broadening til today!

  2. Keith Fillmore // August 28, 2012 at 5:57 am // Reply

    Budgie “Never Turn Your Back On A Friend”. Didn’t know anything about CCM in 1974. First Christian CD was Jars Of Clay’s first album.

  3. First Cassette: dc Talk “Free at Last”
    First CD: Audio Adrenaline “Bloom” and the first one I bought was Newsboys “Going Public”

    • i got all of those early on too.

      actually, I had to get Going Public many times. The first time, it was a special festival edition cassette. That one broke. I got a replacement regular edition cassette, which I leant to someone who lost it, blamed it on it being stolen and not only did not replace it for me, but bought herself a copy and kept it. Eventually I bought a CD version, which I still have to this day somehow.

  4. Cassette: Petra: “This Means War!” Wore out (2) cassettes before getting it on CD . . . ;)

  5. I don’t know which came first, but there were a few albums I listened to a lot in 1999/2000 when I first started getting into music. I would have been six years old.

    Compilation – Wow Worship: Blue
    Plus One – The Promise
    Tim McGraw – Everywhere
    Jars of Clay – Jars of Clay (classic)
    Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want
    Caedmon’s Call – 40 Acres (still one of my favorites EVER)
    Almost There – MercyMe

    Also anyone remember HitClips? I remember listening to those things a lot as a little kid. MAN such nostalgia! :)

  6. The first one I remember buying myself was Shine: The Hits by the Newsboys. I also remember getting Underdog by Audio Adrenaline from my parents when I was in grade school. Or it might have been a DC Talk album. I can’t really remember.

  7. The first regular full-length album I bought was 12 Stone’s self titled. I was at a festival and couldn’t find any merch tables (seriously?), then I saw a little setup with an assortment of CDs for sale at $17 each (remember when you could get away with that?). Had stuff like 12 Stones, Third Day, MercyMe, T-Bone, I think Evanescance, Plus One, Jars of Clay, etc. Oddly none of the CDs they were selling were by bands that were playing at the festival. Because I was new to this stuff the only one I recognized was 12 stones, cause I’d heard one of their songs like a week before. So that’s the one I got. I remember listening to it the next day and getting a little freaked out because it seemed like every song besides the one I’d heard was full of screaming. lol it seems so tame now. Of course before that I’d gotten Jonah33′s EP and bought more CDs later that summer. But 12 Stones was the first full-length non-compilation album I bought with my own money. Oh, it also came with a little green portable radio (that sucked) and some coupons for other Wind-Up CDs. And a little metal container thing I ended up decorating with CD stickers.

  8. The first album that was all mine was Switchfoot’s The Beautiful Letdown.
    My brother gave it to me for my tenth birthday.
    Before that I sort of shared my brother’s Newsboys album “Shine: The Hits” and that definitely has to be my favorite album from my childhood. I still listen to those songs and know the lyrics to almost all of them.

  9. Growing up in a conservative pastor’s home, I was pretty limited on what music was “permitted” ha. The first two albums that I owned were purchased for me: 4Him, The Basics Of Life and Pray For Rain (PFR) in 1992. Both albums (cassettes) were purchased by my mom (who also gave me my love of music) and caused quite a bit of controversy in our home, ha ha.

    That started my musical journey that quickly lead to my discovery of DCTalk’s Free At Last and when I realized what I was missing, Nu Thang and their self-titled album. Jesus Freak changed everything in 1995 and in 1996 I discovered Skillet! I’ve been in love with “Christian Rock” ever since.

    Let me take this moment to say, Thanks Mom! =)

  10. Alastair Heinrichs // August 28, 2012 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    MxPx – Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo. I still know every single word to this album. Still amazes me.

  11. First cassette: The Beach Boys- Greatest Hits (I was a 7-8 year old Haole kid in Hawaii)

    First Christian cd: War of Ages- Pride of the Wicked.

  12. I’m pretty sure my first one was Leave this Town by Daughtry. I still love that album. But my first Christian CD was Comatose by Skillet. Got It for my 13th birthday.

  13. Plus One’s The Promise is the first one I can remember, at least as far as Christian albums go. Old Backstreet Boys albums might have come first, not sure.

  14. Cassette: I believe it was the “Sound of Music” soundtrack, I was obsessed with that musical as a kid, so my parents finally bought it for me.

    CD: The BodyGuard

    First Christian CD: Much Afraid by Jars of Clay

  15. In Another Land – Larry Norman

  16. Loser of Greatness // August 28, 2012 at 7:41 pm // Reply

    My Dad went to the Christian bookstore and it was recommended that he buy me Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart for Christmas. It just so happened that a month or two earlier, they were in Billings for a free concert. My friend and I went…and laughed at the “cheesy Christian rock.” 25 years later and I’m posting on a Christian Music Blog…and I still appreciate Sheep in Wolves Clothing.

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