Question of the Week: Who Is The Most Original Artist In Christian Music?

Question of the Week: Who Is The Most Original Artist In Christian Music?


If there’s something that any artist should strive for it should be originality, but that term can come in a lot of different flavors. Do you have an original voice? Do you have original songs? Do you have original lyrics?

That’s fine, but what I want to talk about is bands and artists that make music that is just different than anything else out there. I have a few nominations.

Showbread: Can you think of another band that fits under the category of raw rock? Can you think of another band that so dramatically changes their sound from album to album? I doubt it.

Family Force 5: Is there another band out there that is in any way comparable to these southern gentlemen? They brought the crunk before you even knew what it meant, didn’t they?

White Collar Sideshow: They aren’t the biggest name out there, but they might be the strangest. Playing with masks on their faces and a variety of sounds coming out of them that don’t belong on a normal stage, these guys differentiate themselves from the pack.

MxPx: Okay, okay, calm down. There might be a million pop punk bands out there now, but these guys were forerunners in the industry and if it weren’t for them there wouldn’t be bands like Children 18:3 or Hawk Nelson for you to enjoy. Just pretend it is the early 90′s and you’ll totally agree with me on this one.

What about you, who do you think has a completely original sound?

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  1. okay. without being biased here, I gotta say it’s Switchfoot.There is so much intensity in their music…there’s emotion in there that does not appear in a lot of other music. They’ve also got a good variety of style within their musical scope. I appreciate them.

    • Ehh, I would disagree. Yes, there is energy in it, but “energy,” is hardly an original trait. You can find it all OVER hardcore and metalcore and the like, and even within their own area, you can find it in several songs from The Classic Crime and some Anberlin. Energy’s pretty much the lowest common denominator in stuff like what Switchfoot offers.

      • I agree with you on energy not being an original trait…however, I did not say a thing about energy being what made Switchfoot original.

  2. tobyMac used to have a really unique sound before he decided to copy Owl City. :/

  3. tyler guest // August 14, 2012 at 7:20 am // Reply

    I gotta say needtobreathe. Most unique voice and powerful lyrics.

  4. The Chariot, hands down. No other band I’ve seen has ever had their intensity that they bring with their live show. You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

  5. Showbread. Hands down. There are no other Christian artists who come close to doing anything similar to what they do. Always doing something new, constantly changing and never the same thing twice.

  6. The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi by The Receiving End of Sirens is a highly original concept album about Johannes Kepler’s tonal theory of the planets. I don’t know how much of a Christian band they might be considered, but I’m fairly certain the lyricist is at least a Christian (which is what matters to me).

  7. Well it would be mewithoutYou, but it’s debatable whether they’re considered “Christian” or not. I definitely second The Chariot and Showbread. When taking image and everything into account I’d definitely put Children 18:3 in there as well and I’d put Fair in there just because I think Aaron Sprinkle has such a unique voice.
    Also, and this hasn’t been released yet, but Abandoned Pools new song, “Sublime Currency”, is some of the most original stuff I’ve heard in a while. (I’d definitely check it out, it’s amazing) Based on the snippets of the album the whole thing sounds like it’s going to be very unique. And ironically I just realized it’ll be released Aug. 28th when The Chariot and Showbread’s new records are released. Happy original day!!

  8. Showbread and The Chariot are excellent choices, but I would also include Heath McNease. He’s gone from hip-hop to indie folk and back to mixtapes and cover albums. And he just released his full album based off of C.S. Lewis using his indie folk sound. And his lyrical content ranges from deeply spiritual to utterly ridiculous.

  9. Ooo! Also Josh Garrels is a VERY original artist. Don’t know how I left him out!

  10. For me, Future of Forestry is definitely up there, especially with their Travel EP’s. Gungor is another one. Daniel Amos and The Swirling Eddies were pretty radical musically and lyrically when they were going strong. Most of their stuff still holds up today as high quality and fresh.

    Also, I’m listening to Heath McNease’s new album right now, and he’s got a great sound you don’t hear in much popular Christian music.

  11. Josh Garrels, Switchfoot, Family Force 5, Mewithoutyou, Anchor & Braille, The Hawk In Paris, Audio Adrenaline, Showbread. House of Heroes, Five Iron Frenzy.

    • You know, House of Heroes IS pretty original. I guess their sound is just so darn appealing I don’t think of them that way, but they really are.

  12. Emery-Fallling Up-Five Iron Frenzy

  13. Jay Tholen…if you don’t know who he is, look him up. Original is his FIRST name. :)

  14. Hands.Hands down (just wanted to say that). But Yeah i’d say they’re pretty original.

    • Hands!! Good call. Never heard anyone like them. Also agree with the above post about Future of Forestry. Almost mentioned them!

  15. Mat Kearney – He cleverly combines rap with contemporary music.

  16. I think Kye Kye is a really unique, cool sounding band. Both their Young Love album and the Remix (and I usually HATE remixes) are amazing, and they don’t really sound like any other Christian band out there!

  17. I’d like to hop in and say Neon Horse.

    But there are a lot of unique artists out there, and that makes me happy. I think I’ve got some new bands to check out!

  18. Thousand foot krutch. They pretty much founded Nu Metal. If there is someone out there who can even compare vocally to Trevor McNevan I’d like to hear it

  19. Satellites & Sirens has a really unique sound. Also Falling Up, especially the albums Dawn Escapes, Exit Lights & Captiva…

  20. Seconded on Showbread and Falling Up. Two bands that cannot be tamed.

  21. Okay…we’ve already mentioned this band, but they get the crown for most original just by listening to snippets of their new album. (Spoiler alert: it’s The Chariot)

  22. Gungor is original.

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