Question Of The Week: Who Is Your Favorite Unsigned Band/Artist?

Question Of The Week: Who Is Your Favorite Unsigned Band/Artist?

I’m going to make this week’s question nice and simple. Who is your favorite unsigned band or artist? I’m talking about independent bands that have never been signed to any major label or prominent indie label. Maybe they’re a local band or a touring band that just hasn’t caught their big break yet or they don’t want to be tied down to a label. Who ya got?

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  1. A local Denver band named Readyouandme. They’ve played Heavenfest here in Colorado and their words and music are better than 90% of CCM.

  2. Are the Rocketboys still unsigned? They’re fantastic.

  3. Good Luck Varsity is probably my favorite unsigned band. They just released a new album which you can hear here.

  4. Well now I can say The Classic Crime.

  5. The two that come from the top of my mind are Lavoy (indie rock) and Thera (post hardcore/ hard rock). Both from Alaska =)

  6. Beckah Shae and her husband Jack Shocklee

  7. Josh Garrels, I’m pretty sure he’s entirely independent, but man I tell ya, his music is just SO incredible :)

  8. there are a few independent artists that are good:
    The Sonflowerz (for fans of BarlowGirl)
    Justin Kintzel (for fans of Starfield)
    Brett Younker (for fans of worship music!)
    Elizabeth South (for fans of Natalie Grant)
    Jonathan Seller (for fans of Jadon Lavik)

  9. I’d have to say Skyhawk Drive is probably my fave right now. They are starting to get a bit more popular now, playing at some of the Christian festivals this summer and what not. But they’re lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard in a while.

  10. Not sure I have a favorite unsigned artist (although if Josh Garrels has always been independent he’s definitely near the top) but there’s a few incredible independent artists that released records this year that are fresh on my mind.
    Second Story Feedback
    Come What May

  11. And By Love is pretty cool unsigned rock band. Their cover of Somebody I Used To Know is super cool!
    And Attalus is a great indie rock band too!

  12. The Wrecking
    Jon Bauer
    Out of Hiding
    Laura Cooksey
    Tiffany Thurston
    Roma Waterman

  13. Loser of Greatness // July 5, 2012 at 7:06 am // Reply

    Love Out Loud (If they are still unsigned)
    Their EP “Catch Me if You Can” is soooo good, intelligent pop rock (but not too intelligent).

  14. Fades Away…

  15. WILLET!!!! These guys are AWESOME!!!

  16. skyhawk drive

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