Rank ‘Em! – Family Force 5′s Discography

Rank ‘Em! – Family Force 5′s Discography


Welcome to “Rank ‘Em”, where every week we look at a different band or artist and collectively rank their major releases!

This may include LP’s and important EP’s, but not “best of” albums or anthologies.

Last week you voted Underoath’s Define The Great Line to be their best.

This week we’ll be taking a look at Family Force 5′s work because we’re cray like that.

Business Up Front, Party In The Back

Dance Or Die



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5 Comments to “Rank ‘Em! – Family Force 5′s Discography”

  1. Dance Or Die
    Business Up Front
    III.V (minus the acoustic songs)
    Dance or Die With a Vengeance

  2. Business Up Front
    Dance Or Die
    Dance Or Die With A Vengeance
    Junk In The Trunk

  3. Easiest ranking yet, Business Up Front, Party in the Back is their best by a long shot.

  4. Best album:

    1. Business Up Front, Party In The Back
    2. Dance Or Die
    3. III

    Best songs:
    1. Love Addict
    2. Dance Or Die
    3. Wobble

    Next weeks ranking request: Falling Up, P.O.D., The O.C. Supertones

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