Rank ‘Em! – Underoath’s Discography

Rank ‘Em! – Underoath’s Discography


Welcome to “Rank ‘Em”, where every week we look at a different band or artist and collectively rank their major releases!

This may include LP’s and important EP’s, but not “best of” albums or anthologies.

Last week you voted Skillet’s Comatose to be their best.

This week we’ll be taking a look at Underoath’s work in honor of their impending demise and determining which album is the best!

Act of Depression

Cries of the Past

The Changing of Times

They’re Only Chasing Safety

Define The Great Line

Lost in the Sound of Desperation

Ø (Disambiguation)

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8 Comments to “Rank ‘Em! – Underoath’s Discography”

  1. Can’t get into their first two albums at all so I’m gonna do their last five:

    5. The Changing of Times
    Definitely not my favorite but a good album nonetheless.

    4. Disambiguation
    Aaron was sorely missed on this record and the tone of the album was depressing as heck. On the upside Spencer’s vocals sounded amazing.

    3. They’re Only Chasing Safety
    I agree that this one’s a classic, but I’m not in the camp that believes it’s their best.

    2. Lost in the Sound of Separation
    Why is this record hardly ever mentioned? Though it didn’t change things up too drastically, it was a worthy (and even epic) follow up to Define the Great Line. I also think Aaron sounds best on this record.

    1. Define the Great Line
    A legendary album and one of my favorite heavy albums of all time. So well put together from start to finish!

    Underoath will be missed. :(

  2. This is probably the most obvious rank em

  3. Just a heads up Tyler, its Lost in the Sound of Seperation, not Desperation

  4. All right, I said before that Underoath is my favorite band ever, so this will be a LENGTHY post.

    1. Define the Great Line: Unquestionably a top-3 album for me of all time, maybe even the best. This album (specifically, “You’re Ever So Inviting”) got me into heavy music, and it is STILL a favorite today. It might have a bit lower low than Lost in the Sound of Separation with a couple of not-so-great closing tracks, but the top songs on the album are just too good to be dragged down by Rebecca Black, let alone an average Underoath track. I need to list multiple favorites from this album because they are worth mentioning. Favorite Tracks: “You’re Ever So Inviting,” Writing on the Walls,” “Moving for the Sake of Motion”

    2. Lost in the Sound of Separation: I really feel like just calling this 1B and Define the Great Line 1A, because both are just fantastic albums. Both would eaily make a top-10 heavy album (and albums overall) for me, and both would PROBABLY be top-5. “The Created Void” is probably the only MAYBE lull in the album, and it’s more because the other songs are so good I forget about it, not because it’s necessarily inferior. There’s just so much to love on this album that I think I should stop now. Favorite Track: “Desperate Times Desperate Measures”

    3. They’re Only Chasing Safety: I’m actually listening to this as I type. It’s a really good album, and I thought it was a fantastic bridge from Taylor to Chamberlain, in terms of screaming style (the high screams actually had me thinking that Dallas Taylor was the screamer on this album for some time, until I started reading up on Underoath a bit). Even as I type this, I think this album is better than I think, with “I Don’t Feel Very Receptive Today” being both a decent track AND still the worst on the album. Several standouts tracks are present as well, including the obvious “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White” and “It’s Dangrous Business Walking Out Your Front Door.” Favorite Track: “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White” BARELY over “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”
    4. Ø (Disambiguation): Aaron’s vocals were probably the most gripping part of Underoath when I caught on with them. Their loss was probably the biggest knock I had against this album, but it was still pretty good. “Paper Lung” was a really good track, and “Vacant Mouth,” “Catch Myself Catching Myself,” and really every song was solid. The reason this album is behind They’re Only Chasing Safety is that even though it is more consistently good, it doesn’t have a GREAT track or several really good ones like They’re Only Chasing Safety does. Favorite Track: “Paper Lung”

    5. The Changing of Times: Dallas Taylor’s screams do not appeal to me as well as Spencer Chamberlain’s. The electronic elements aren’t great, but I can accept them, if not like them at times. I listen to this album the least of the LPs, and it’s not even close. Favorite Track: “When the Sun Sleeps”

    For these final two (well, they’re the first two, really, at least chronologically), I have only listened to them a couple of times, and not in several years, so my memory with them is a bit fuzzy. I might be a bit off in my assessment of them.

    6. Act of Depression: The first two albums from Underoath really were not albums I liked. I could listen to them, but I don’t have the love for them I do for the rest of their discography. Act of Depresstion had two more tracks than Cries of the Past, and I liked “Heart of Stone” and “Watch Me Die” a bit, definitely more than what I liked on the following release. Favorite Track: “Watch Me Die”

    7. Cries of the Past: Like with Act of Depression, I only listened to this a couple of times. It’s just not a style that I am a big fan of, and the lack of a standout that I could at least SOMEWHAT enjoy puts it at the end. Favorite track: “Giving Up Hurts the Most”

    • Oh, and since this isn’t long enough to qualify for “Wall of Text” status, I’ll add a top-10 of favorite tracks:

      1. “You’re Ever So Inviting,” Define the Great Line
      2. “Writing on the Walls,” Define the Great Line
      3. “Moving for the Sake of Motion,” Define the Great Line
      4. “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White,” They’re Only Chasing Safety
      5. “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,” They’re Only Chasing Safety
      6. “Desperate Times Desperate Measures,” Lost in the Sound of Separation
      7. “Down, Set, Go,” They’re Only Chasing Safety
      8. “Breathing in a New Mentality,” Lost in the Sound of Separation
      9. “A Fault Line, A Faulty of Mine,” Lost in the Sound of Separation
      10. “Paper Lung,” Ø (Disambiguation)

      • My favorite Underoath song is “You’re Ever So Inviting” with “Salmarnir” attached to the end. Define the Great Line is one of those I just have to listen to all the way through if I’m going to listen to one song. Probably because the whole album is like on long song. That’s what makes it so amazing to me. :)

  5. Best album:
    1. They’re Only Chasing Safety
    2. Define The Great Line
    3. Disambiguation
    4. Lost In The Sound Of Seperation
    5. The Changing Of Times

    Best song:
    1. Reinventing Your Exit
    2. Writing On The Walls
    3. Desperate Times Desperate Measures
    4. In Division
    5. When The Sun Sleeps

    This is one of the bands that kept my relationship with God up in my teenage years and still! Very sad to see them go… I will miss you!

    Next weeks ranking request: Impending Doom, The O.C. Supertones, Inhale Exhale

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