Red Hits The Studio!

Red Hits The Studio!

Red has posted a video from their first day in the studio, working on their fourth studio album. Expect  it to come out early 2013!

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11 Comments to “Red Hits The Studio!”

  1. I feel like almost everything in the alternative metal genre is painfully predictable, however I really like RED’s sound. They just need to completely defy their peers and switch things up a bit. Not holding my breath, but if they actually experiment a lot on this record it could be absolutely incredible.

    • It is true that they sound different than other artists. However, that is also their downfall. Nearly all of their non-radio songs sound exactly like each other. Their tunes mesh together as much as the notorious Monster Monster album from The Almost.

      • different than other artists not named Linkin Park?

        • Haha. RED does have a very similar sound to Linkin Park, but I do think RED’s sound is a bit bigger and more epic. They seems really influenced by classical music which I really love. But they definitely need to change things up so they stand out more from their (mostly mediocre) peers.

          And Ian, I didn’t think Monster Monster was very notorious at all except Tyler has vented about it before. Haha! Most people I know love that record actually. It’s definitely not my favorite record but I don’t think it’s remotely bad. Just a tad forgettable. :)

          • that that record record was was written written just just like like this this

          • So you’re saying there was a lot of reverb? (har har) ;)

          • Just going to put this out there (not sure if Tyler adressed this already): I’m not really turned off by repetition, but if there was a major flaw to Monster Monster, that would be it. In my opinion, the rest are minor. Another side note within a side note: I know that others like that album too.

          • I was saying precisely what Joel is saying…for some reason Aaron thought that saying the same word twice in a row was a great way of emphasizing the lyrics…on…like…every…song.

  2. I’ve tried soo hard to get into this band, but I just can’t! Which is weird, cause I like so many bands that are supposedly similar to them!

  3. Ronnie Hamilton // August 7, 2012 at 6:37 pm // Reply

    I’m excited for this one. They are my most played artist by far. It seems like Red stays fairly regular with releases. They take two years to come out and are usually in the first quarter.

  4. I’m a bit worried about whether Red will continue to be often played on my iPod after the (IMO) partial mediocrity of Until We Have Faces. Nothing in the clips betrayed a sound that moved away from UWHF. It seems that bands that are in the “mainstream” don’t experiment near as much as they should (those in the rock genre).

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